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Basics & Theory

CPSC: Biological Pollutants In Your Home
US Consumer Products Safety Commission factsheet covers what indoor biological pollution is, if the home or lifestyle promotes its development, and how to control its growth and buildup.

Tox FAQs: Fact Sheets Describing Hazardous Substance
ToxFAQs, developed by the US ATSDR Division of Toxicology, is a series of guides and summaries about hazardous substances found at waste sites.
Industry Sectors

BC Gov: Resource Site On Environmental Protection & Sustainability
BC Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy site supplies information and regulations on Climate Change, Pesticides & Pest Management, Plants, Animals & Ecosystems, Waste Management, Air, Land & Water, Research, Monitoring & Reporting, Natural Resource Stewardship, plus links to much more.

BCEIA: BC Environmental Industry Association
BC Environmental Industry Association, local trade association focusing on contaminated sites and hazardous waste offers company directory, industry news & events, and links to other organizations and resources.

HMA: Hazardous Materials Association Of BC
Hazardous Materials Association Of BC site has information on the organization, listing of member companies, links, and brief overviews of asbestos, lead, mould and PCBs.
Information Sources

BC Gov: Resource Site On Hazardous Wastes
BC Ministry of Environment provides info on legislation, regulations, policies, procedures, protocols, analytical methods, technical & administrative guidance, and more.

CCME: Searchable Summary Table Of Chemicals
Canadian Environmental Quality Guidelines online Summary Table provides the ability to search by chemical or chapter.

Hazardous Substances Data Bank: Toxicology Data For Chemicals
US National Library of Medicine offers searchable toxicology, environmental health, and chemical databases.

Hazardous Waste BC: Resource Site On Hazardous Waste Management
BC Environmental Industry Association site on Hazardous Waste Management in British Columbia contains Fact Sheets on generation, transportation and processing of hazardous waste materials, plus industry specific reference information and tips on how to ensure full compliance with BC Ministry regulations.

HazMat Management: Canadian Magazine For The Hazardous Materials Industry
HazMat Management, is an industry magazine with both print and online editions, where one can access news, events, articles, a buyers guide, an e-mail newsletter and more.

Perkins & Will: Substances Adversely Affecting Health & Environment
Perkins+Will online database describes building materials containing substances that are publically known or suspected to be associated with an adverse finding in relation to human and environmental health.

US EPA: Environmental Resource Site
US Environmental Protection Agency offers resources on acid rain, asbestos, hazardous waste, lead, mercury, mold, pesticides, radon, water, wetlands, and more.
Issues & Performance

GBA: Potential Toxins in Common Products
Green Building Advisor says regulations canít keep up with the barrage of potentially dangerous contaminants entering the market.

WorkSafe BC: Exposure Registry Program
WorkSafe BC has developed an Exposure Registry Program as a way for workers, employers, and others to register a worker's exposure to a harmful substance at work.

WorkSafe BC: WCB Hazardous Substances Guidelines
WorkSafe BC guidelines detail the criteria for workers exposure and handling of asbestos, rock dust, biohazards, lead, pesticides, and toxic gases.

BC Housing: Managing Environmental Risks During A Renovation Project
BC Housing bulletin Managing Environmental Risks During a Renovation Project examines the main sources of hazardous substances in a renovation project and outlines steps you can take to protect your employees and homeowners from exposure. (PDF)

BC Housing: Video On Managing Environmental Risks During Renovation
BC Housing online video Managing Environmental Risks During a Renovation Project covers the most common environmental risks that contractors, tradespeople and building occupants may be exposed to during the renovation or repair of an existing building.

BCBEC: Hazardous Materials In Buildings
BC Building Envelope Council online slide show presentations describes issues, considerations and procedures for hazardous materials in buildings. (PDF)

BCBEC: Hazardous Materials In Construction
BC Building Envelope Council online slide show presentation Hazardous Materials In Construction describes risks posed by hazardous building materials (Hazmats) to the public, contractors and building professionals. It covers key hazmats of concern, hazardous materials legislation, and when hazmats become an issue. (PDF)

BCEIA: Hazardous Waste Management For Construction
BC Environmental Industries Association fact sheet for construction industry describes hazardous wastes, and sources of further information. (PDF)

GBE: GreenScreen For Safer Chemicals Promotes Less Toxic Building Materials
Green Building Elements says the GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals tool can be used in the LEED green building certification program to clarify the role green materials can play in sustainable building projects.

Product Care: Canadian Disposal Organization
Product Care is a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization, which provides recycling services across nine Canadian provinces. It encourages individuals and businesses to reduce their waste and reuse when possible, and they provide recycling solutions for post-consumer products. It works to protect the environment by providing free recycling locations for consumers to bring products like paint, household hazardous waste, lights and alarms.

RCBC: Fact Sheet On BC Landfill Bans
Recycling Council Of BC fact sheet covers reasons for bans, banned products, bans in place, and links to more resources. (PDF)

RCBC: Toxics Toolkit For Household Hazardous Waste
Recycling Council Of BC online guide covers product identification, safe storage, proper use, best choices for product selection, labels, alternatives, and disposal. (PDF)

Remodeling: Picking Right Respiratory Protection Device For Remodeling
Remodeling magazine describes how to pick the right respiratory protection device for your remodeling work.
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