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Basics & Theory

IRMI: 13 Myths Of Construction Safety
International Risk Management Institute article challenges some of the traditional safety thinking such as the use of incentives, safety programs, lower bids, disciplinary programs and safety associations.
Education & Training

ASTTBC: Construction Safety Certification Program
Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of BC administer the Construction Safety Certification Program for Construction Safety Officers and Trades Safety Coordinators.

BCCSA: Certificate Of Recognition Program
BC Construction Safety Alliance offers the Certificate of Recognition program for construction safety. Companies who achieve and maintain certification are eligible for a 10-15% rebate from WorkSafe BC.

BCCSA: Online Construction Safety Training System (CSTS-09)
BC Construction Safety Alliance online Construction Safety Training System is a worker-specific safety program learning tool for individuals who are either new to the construction industry or have not had formal safety training. The certifications do not expire and are valid in BC, Alberta and the rest of Canada. Upon completion of the course, participants will be familiar with the following: The importance of knowing and following safe work practices and procedures; Typical hazards and associated prevention strategies; WorkSafeBC and other regulations for construction workplace health and safety.

BCIT: Occupational Health & Safety Courses & Programs For Construction
BCIT offers a variety of safety related courses & programs for our industry. For those outside of the Lower Mainland you should check the website of your local colleges for similar courses.

Buildforce Canada: National Construction Safety Awareness Course
Buildforce Canada online Construction Safety Awareness course was developed by the construction industry as a national course to give you an overview and encourage a general awareness of the health and safety issues you'll be faced with on any worksite in Canada.

WorkSafe BC: Online Course On Supervising For Safety
WorkSafe BC offers the free, nine-module online Supervising for Safety course for supervisors. The nine modules include: Safety Management Systems, Keys to Effective Safety Supervision, Communication Skills, New/Young Worker Education and Training, Substance Abuse, Musculoskeletal Injury Reduction, Workplace Evaluations, Incident Analysis, and Claims and Disability Management Programs.

WorkSafe BC: Toolbox Meeting Guides On Safety
WorkSafe BC provides free toolbox meeting guides as simple, clear formats for conducting effective toolbox talks. These guides include information on specific construction safety topics that should help encourage safe work practices.
Industry Information

CFIB: Comparing Provincial Workers Compensation Systems
The performance of provincial workers compensation systems is the focus of the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses second edition of its Small Business Workers Compensation Index.

CFIB: Small Business Assessment Of Workers Compensation Boards
Canadian Federation of Independent Business study Small Business Assessment of Workers’ Compensation includes all the provincial/territorial workers’ compensation boards. It provides a comparative analysis of seven major areas of workers’ compensation: cost of premiums; claims management; experience rating; classification and assessment; coverage; long-term fiscal sustainability; and customer service. (PDF)

PSC: BC Provincial Safety Committee Conference
Pacific Safety Center presents an annual BC Provincial Safety Committee Conference designed to fulfill requirements of safety committees. It includes sessions for everyone from new to experienced safety committee members.

Technical Safety BC: Lieutenant Governors Award For Public Safety
Technical Safety BC lists the winners of its Lieutenant Governors Awards for Public Safety. The awards were established to honour leadership, achievement and innovation in the promotion of safety in BC. Nomination package is available here.

WorkSafe BC: Annual Statistics On Claims, Assessments, Prevention, Service
WorkSafe BC Annual Statistics includes statistics covering key areas of operation, such as claims, assessments, prevention, and service. (PDF)

WorkSafe BC: Industry Safety Data For Your Use
WorkSafe BC provides open access to injury and industry stats, including claim costs and characteristics, as well as prevention and assessment information for each industry.

WorkSafe BC: Industry Safety Information Centre
WorkSafe BC online Industry Safety Information Centre allows you to create industry charts to see your injury prevention activities, accepted injury/illness claims, and changes to your industry size.
Industry Sectors

BCCSA: BC Construction Safety Alliance
BC Construction Safety Alliance is a non-profit safety association that develops health and safety programs, tools and resources for construction employers and workers in British Columbia. The BCCSA is dedicated to raising health and safety awareness and reducing injuries through safety consultation , risk-management, injury prevention and injury management.

BCCSA: BC Network Of Regional Safety Advisors Now Available
BC Construction Safety Alliance now has four regional safety advisors available to assist contractors who have safety questions or concerns, are looking to develop safety programs and materials, or want to prepare for COR (Certificate of Recognition).

WorkSafe BC: Health & Safety Services For BC Workplace
WorkSafe BC promotes workplace health and safety for BC workers and employers In the event of work-related injuries or diseases, WorkSafeBC works with the affected parties to provide return-to-work rehabilitation, compensation, health care benefits, and a range of other services.
Information Sources

AEM: E-book Provides Access To Safety Information On Mobile Devices
Association of Equipment Manufacturers has published its first safety manual e-book that enables equipment operators to conveniently access safety information wherever they carry their mobile devices. This first e-book is an electronic version of AEM's popular Hydraulic Excavator Safety Manual.

CCOHS: Occupational Safety & Health Links
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety provides OSH Links (formerly known as the Internet Directory) that is an extensive resource that can be used to find websites covering occupational health and safety subjects.

OHS Canada: Occupational Health & Safety Magazine
OHS Canada is a Canadian occupational health and safety magazine, serving people who make decisions about health and safety in the workplace.

WorkSafe BC: Construction Industry Safety Information
WorkSafe BC provides information and resources on Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, construction safety information, injury and illness prevention resources, and health and safety news.

WorkSafe BC: Free Interactive eBooks On Safety Issues
WorkSafe BC provides free interactive eBooks on safety issues. They can be downloaded to your iPad and viewed anywhere, even without an internet connection.

WorkSafe BC: Free Newsletters On BC Health & Safety Regulations & News
WorkSafe BC offers free newsletters for different industry sectors, with your choice of health & safety information; news releases; regulation, guideline & policy updates; and incident summaries.

WorkSafe BC: Free Online Construction Safety Videos
WorkSafe BC offers construction safety videos that can be viewed online, downloaded, or ordered on physical media.

WorkSafe BC: Safe Work Practices For House Construction
WorkSafe BC supplies this online booklet that outlines safety requirements for various phases of house construction. The directory on left side makes it easy to quickly find an item and then print it. (PDF)

WorkSafe BC: Safety Information For Apprenticeship Programs
WorkSafe BC Apprenticeship Portal provides health and safety resources aligned to the Industry Training Authority curriculum for BC apprenticeship programs. It will assist you if you provide apprenticeship training, employ an apprentice, work as an apprentice, or are learning a trade.
Issues & Performance

CSA: CAN/CSA-Z1001-18 Standard For Occupational Health & Safety Training
CSA standard CAN/CSA-Z1001-18 Occupational Health and Safety Training sets out how to provide consistent quality occupational health and safety training for workers, managers, and supervisors, as well as for health and safety committees and representatives.

CSA: Online Standards Referenced In OHS Regulations
Canadian Standards Association provides online access to CSA standards referenced in federal, provincial and territorial Occupational Health & Safety regulations. Free registration required

WorkSafe BC: Benefits and Lawsuits for Injury, Death, or Disease in the Workplace
WorkSafe BC provides information on workers' compensation benefits and lawsuit basics, lawsuit categories and costs, occupational diseases and lawsuits, and choosing to claim or sue. (PDF)

WorkSafe BC: Online Risk Management Resources
WorkSafe BC online Managing Risk site allows you to find risk management pages, with specific risk advisories providing additional information. The web pages also feature a database you can search to find risk advisories associated with your industry.

WorkSafe BC: Phone App To Access OSH Regulation
WorkSafe BC free app allows you to search and browse the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Regulation on your iPhone. It contains legal requirements that must be met by all workplaces under the inspection jurisdiction of WorkSafeBC.

WorkSafe BC: Procedures For Applying For Variances
WorkSafe BC provides information on how to submit an application for a variance to the OHS Regulation, the information needed in the submission, and the process that WorkSafeBC follows when reviewing an application and issuing a decision.

CHBA Calgary: Residential Construction Site Safety Best Practices Guide
CHBA Calgary online Residential Construction Site Safety Best Practices Guide aims to reduce the number of job site accidents and serve as a tool for builders, renovators and suppliers. It addresses common issues regarding residential construction for both established neighbourhoods and new developments. (PDF)

HBC: Six Steps To Mitigating Potential Loss Due To Construction Site Safety
Home Builder Canada magazine outlines six key risk factors and the steps you can take to mitigate potential losses due to accidents on construction sites.

J of C: How To Draft An Accident Response Plan
Journal of Commerce says an accident response plan is a core strategy that can help construction companies minimize their risk and ensure effective action when an incident occurs.

OFAAA-BC: Place To Find A Local Certified First Aid Attendant
Occupational First Aid Attendants Association of BC can provide a certified person within hours in the Lower Mainland, and have a free job referral service for other areas of BC. The Links section also lists some good first aid resources.

Worksafe BC: Amounts For Administrative Penalties
Worksafe BC tables contain guidelines used to determine the basic amount of an administrative penalty.

WorkSafe BC: Due Diligence Checklist
WorkSafe BC supplies this 2-page checklist that helps employers determine if they have the required documentation in their OH & S program. (PDF)

WorkSafe BC: Guide To WorkSafe BC For Small Businesses
WorkSafe BC online Small Business Primer: A Guide to WorkSafe BC, provides information and resources to help small businesses understand and follow regulations and procedures. (PDF)

WorkSafe BC: How Much Will My Insurance Cost?
WorkSafe BC online video describes their classification and rate setting system, and how you can calculate your insurance premium.

WorkSafe BC: Preliminary Premium Rates For 2018
WorkSafe BC announced that the preliminary average base rate for 2018 will be 1.55 percent of employers' assessable payroll. In 2018, 63 percent of employers in B.C. are projected to experience a decrease in their industry base rate, 11 percent will see no change, and 26 percent will see their industry base rate increase.

WorkSafe BC: Safety Inspection Process
WorkSafe BC online video of the safety inspection process helps you know what to expect when a WorkSafeBC prevention officer visits your workplace to conduct a safety inspection.

WorkSafe BC: Steps For Implementing Your Own Program
WorkSafe BC provides booklet that has all the details required for setting up your own health & safety program. Also included are sample forms to print for your own use. (PDF)

WorkSafe BC: Submitting Notice Of Project Is A Legal Requirement
WorkSafe BC says submitting a Notice of Project is a legal requirement that identifies: Who is responsible for health and safety on the site; The approximate start and finish date of the project; The approximate cost of the project; Other general information about the project. All new building projects and renovations having a capital expenditure of $100,000 or greater must be reported to WorkSafe BC through the Notice of Project process. Failure to submit a Notice of Project could result in increased enforcement activity and/or a financial penalty.
Product Supply

WorkSafe BC: Partners Program Offers Incentives To Employers
WorkSafe BC's Partners Program, also known as the certificate of recognition (COR), encourages employers to create an occupational health and safety management system that goes beyond the current legal requirements. The voluntary program recognizes employers that are proactive about improving workplace safety, and dedicated to continual improvement.

WorkSafe BC: Workplace Incident Cost Calculator
WorkSafe BC online Workplace Incident Cost Calculator shows examples of all costs related to certain accidents for different professions, including construction, hospitality, retail, sawmills, landscaping and trucking. Click on each profession to view related accident costs.
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