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Infrared Analysis
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Basics & Theory

AVIO: What Is Infrared Thermography?
AVIO describes infrared thermography as the process of using an instrument and a method to detect infrared energies emitted from an object, convert these emitted energies to temperature values, and display an image of the object showing the temperature distribution.

FLIR: Using Infrared Camera For Building & Home Inspection
Online video building thermography by FLIR shows how infrared thermogrphy can be an extremely usefull tool in the building industry.

GBA: An Introduction To Thermal Imaging
Green Building Advisor describes how an infrared camera can help diagnose a variety of home-performance problems, including air leaks, missing insulation, or thermal bridges.

Home Energy Pros: Assessment With Infrared Camera
Home Energy Pros online video shows how to use an infrared camera to find insulation defects, thermal bridges and air leaks in a 1970's home.
Industry Information

PICS: Potential of Thermal Imaging in BC
Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions paper Motivating communities to retrofit their homes: The potential of thermal imaging in BC, presents an argument for the combined use of thermal imaging technology with community engagement strategies as a way of scaling up and accelerating the uptake of home energy retrofits. (PDF)
Industry Sectors

CTAS: Canadian Thermal Analysis Society
The Canadian Thermal Analysis Society Society promotes exchange of information relating to new techniques, instrumentation and applications, as well as providing a forum for the discussion of mutual interest among thermal analysts in Canada.
Information Sources

Home Energy Pros: Forums On Infrared Thermography
Home Energy Pros discussion group is dedicated to knowledge sharing and discussion of infrared thermography for building sciences and energy applications.
Issues & Performance

RESNET: Revised Interim Guidelines For Thermographic Inspections Of Buildings
US Residential Energy Services Network revised Interim Guidelines for Thermographic Inspections of Buildings standard provides guidance on the use of infrared thermography for the inspection of low rise, three stories or less, wood or steel frame, residential and light commercial buildings. (PDF)

BRIK: Thermal Imaging Helps Locate Enclosure Air Leakage
BRIK online article from Journal of the National Institute of Building Sciences describes how an infra red scan can investigate large sections of an enclosure surface in a relatively short amount of time to identify likely leakage location. (PDF)

BRIK: Using Infrared In Flat & Low-Sloped Roofing Systems
BRIK online article from Journal of the National Institute of Building Sciences describes how different roof types and compositions need special considerations to perform infrared thermography correctly.

Fine Homebuilding: Infrared Cameras For Building Science & Home Performance
Fine Homebuilding online video explains how to use infra red cameras to identify missing insulation, air leaks, water leaks, and more.

FLIR: Infrared Thermography & Building Efficiency
FLIR online video presentation describes how infrared equipment works and shows examples of heat leaks that can be located.

JLC: 5 Examples of Thermal Imaging Detecting Problems
Journal of Light Construction describes five situations where the infrared camera supplied an essential clue to a home performance mystery.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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