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LafargeHolcim: Foundation For Sustainable Construction Awards
LafargeHolcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction awards celebrate innovative, future-oriented and tangible sustainable construction projects from around the globe.

SAB Magazine: Canadian Green Building Awards
Sustainable Architecture & Building Awards recognizes excellence in design and execution of Canadian buildings of all types, including new construction, renovations and interior design projects.

SBIC: Beyond Green High Performance Building Awards 2018
Sustainable Buildings Industry Council announced the 2018 Beyond Green High Performance Building Awards that recognize initiatives that shape, inform and catalyze the high-performance building market, as well as the real-world application of high performance design and construction practices.
Conferences & Shows

Building Energy: US NESEA Show For Renewables & Green Building
US Northeast Sustainable Energy Association presents BuildingEnergy Boston, a conference and trade show for professionals and practitioners in the fields of high-performance building, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. It brings more than 1,500 industry leaders and emerging professionals together to learn from and share ideas with each other.

Built Green Conference: Annual Conference On Green Building
Built Green Conference & Expo is an annual event for building industry professionals: builders, architects, designers, vendors, consultants, engineers, realtors, government agencies, and students. The primary focus of the conference is to educate the local and regional building industry on quality green building practices, products, and projects, as well as inspiring groups to continue to strive to build more sustainable communities.

CaGBC: Building Lasting Change 2020 Expo
Canada Green Building Council presents it's annual expo Building Lasting Change 2020 (formerly known as the CaGBC National Conference and Expo). It will be held at the Toronto Beanfield Centre, June 3-5, 2020. This year's event examines providing solutions and exploring opportunities around how we can collectively take action through retrofit and zero-carbon buildings, and resilient design and adaptation that enhances the well-being of building occupants and the livability of our communities.. Participants will have access to the latest knowledge and insights from Canadian and global experts in green building design and retrofits, government policy, real estate finance, market transformation, and technology innovation. It is the premier green building event that connects sustainably-minded businesses, organizations and individuals, and encourages them to look beyond their day to day work and embrace the bigger picture.

EEBA: High Performance Home Summit
Energy and Environmental Building Association new High Performance Home Summit will feature presentations from leading builders, building science experts, architects, raters and designers that represent the cutting edge of residential construction. It willl have leading building scientists delivering the most relevant and next-level content available, but the new Summit will also incorporate and share focus with real world success stories from those who are reaching for and getting to that next level. EEBA is unlike any other event - you will hear timely, accurate and relevant information that can transform your practice and provide you with the knowledge to succeed in building homes that deliver superior resource efficiency and performance.

Green Living Show: Annual Toronto Consumer Show
Annual Green Living Show at Metro Toronto Convention Centre Toronto, is Toronto's largest green consumer show dedicated to educating the public about easy and workable solutions for leading a sustainable lifestyle. Visitors can shop the wide variety of exhibitor booths while gathering information and inspiration from a diverse selection of demonstrations, presentations, and activities.

IILFI: Living Future 2020 Sustaining Hope Through Crisis Conference In Seattle
International Living Future Institute Hosts its 14th Annual Living Future UnConference in Seattle, WA., on May 5 - May 8, 2020. It is the forum for leading minds in the green building movement to make strides toward a healthy future for all. ILFI's focus this year on Sustaining Hope Through Crisis will allow the green community to bring their unique backgrounds, experiences, and personalities together to instigate united and thoughtful movement toward a living future. Celebrate 14 years of innovation and partake in out-of-the-ordinary sessions, listen to inspiring keynote speakers, and join the movement that starts at the unConference.
Display Homes

CMHC: Canadian EQuilibrium Housing Projects Demonstrate Sustainability
CMHC EQuilibrium is a Canadian sustainable housing demonstration initiative showing homes that combine resource- and energy-efficient technologies with renewable energy technologies in order to reduce their environmental impact. Twelve demonstration projects across Canada will be open for public tours.

Fine Homebuilding: Overview Of A High Performance Spec House
Fine Homebuilding magazine article describes how a team approach created an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly house for a growing market.
Event Listings

CRGBC: Calendar Of Upcoming Green Building Events
Cascadia Region Green Building Council provides calendar of upcoming events that provide an opportunity to learn in a group scenario, expand your network, and discuss ideas, concepts and projects with like-minded individuals across various industries.

GVRD: Listing Of Green Building Events & Courses
Metro Vancouver lists green building events and courses in BC and Canada with links to more information on each, plus links to other sites that offer event listings.
Jobs & Labour

CaGBC: Current Green Job Openings In Canada
Canada Green Building Council provides a list of job openings at CaGBC as well as a list of job postings from member companies and organizations.

Globe: Securing The Workforce Of Tomorrow
Globe Foundation report Securing The Workforce Of Tomorrow examins the labour force implications of a lowercarbon economy in British Columbia, including statistical analyses of industry and labour market trends for all sectors in every region of the province. (PDF)

Pembina Institute: BC Green Buildings Map & Jobs
Pembina Institute online BC Green Buildings Map identifies locations of energy efficient homes and buildings, and quantifies the number of green building jobs in the province.

Popular Mechanics: Future Of Green Jobs In America
Popular Mechanics Magazine examines whether green jobs are really becoming an important component of the new economy, or if it is just a lot of talk.

REW: Global Green Job Market Expected To Explode
Renewable Energy World article says there are now 2.3 million people working directly or indirectly in the renewable energy industries around the world.

UNEP: Report On Green Jobs: Towards Decent Work in a Sustainable, Low-Carbon World
United Nations Environment Programme report Green Jobs: Towards Decent Work in a Sustainable, Low-Carbon World describes emergence of a green economy and its impact on the world of work. It includes new data that shows a changing pattern of employment in which green jobs are being generated in many sectors and economies around the world as a result of measures to tackle climate change and to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. (PDF)

Univ Calgary: Green Jobs Fantasy
University of Calgary report The Green Jobs Fantasy: Why The Economic And Environmental Reality Can Never Live Up To The Political Promise, suggests a green job boom is a myth. (PDF)

Work Cabin: Canadian Outpost For Green Jobs
Work Cabin is a Canadian job board for green jobs, events, and more.
News Sources

BCCA: BC Green Building Market Update
BC Construction Association provides information about green building in BC including topics on training and education, technology, reports and studies, innovation, and upcoming events.

SmartBrief: Sustainability Industry News
SmartBrief, an industry news aggregator, provides links to sustainability industry news and information.
Policies & Positions

Architect Magazine: Vision 2020; Why & What We Must Change In Our Building Industry
Architect Magazine Vision 2020 describes what ten of our industry's top practitioners say on the critical changes that home builders must make between now and 2020.

ASHRAE: Sustainability Roadmap From 2006
American Society of Heating Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers Sustainability Roadmap provides goals and guidance necessary to assist the Society in defining a leadership position in sustainability. (PDF)

Automated Buildings: Are Industry Groups The Solution Or the Problem
Automated Buildings discusses how our industry and its organizations seem to be fixated on the one-on-one approach. Every building, every designer; every person will be individually responsible for solving this global problem. This approach is doomed to failure, and it begs the question; are industry organizations that promote it contributing at all to solving the problem, or are their activities really just creating an illusion that something significant is being done when it is not?

Automated Buildings: Moving Toward A Sustainable Building Industry
Automated Buildings Thomas Hartman article suggests a sustainable building industry will not only require new technologies, but also a vastly improved process for designing, constructing, and operating buildings.

BC Gov: Climate Action Team Recommendations For Green Building & GHG Reductions
BC Climate Action Team presents its recommendations for strategies and interim emissions targets for 2012 and 2016. Recommendations that affect the building industry are on page 21, and include: 9. Update BC Green Building Code at least every three years to ensure BC is a leader among North American energy codes. 10. Work with local governments on strategy to ensure high level of compliance with energy codes through proper building code enforcement. 11. Introduce new regulations under BC Energy Efficiency Act to adopt leading North American and international standards for energy performance of appliances and equipment. 12. Require that, by 2016, all new publicly-funded buildings in the province have net-zero GHG emissions and that by 2020 all new houses and buildings have net-zero GHG emissions. 13. By no later than 2012, require all houses and buildings to have a current energy efficiency rating or label when they are sold or transferred. 14. Introduce an aggressive energy efficiency and renewable energy program for houses and buildings, combining incentive and regulatory approaches and co-ordinated across governments and utilities. 2008 (PDF)

BC Gov: Local BC Governments Sign Climate Action Charter
182 local governments and the Islands Trust have now signed or declared their intention to sign the BC Climate Action Charter. The Charter recognizes the need for action on climate change, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the important role that the Provincial Government and Local Governments can play in affecting change. The Charter is a statement of commitment by the parties towards common climate change action goals.

iiSBE: International Initiative For A Sustainable Built Environment
International Initiative for Sustainable Built Environment is a Canadian database with resources on sustainable buildings, technologies, methods & tools, policies & programs, events, R & D, organizations, and much more.

IMT: Understanding the Business of Real Estate
Institute for Market Transformation has drafted the guide Understanding the Business of Real Estate: Information for the Successful Implementation of a Building Performance Policy. It aims to enhance city personnel perspectives on how the real estate industry functions—including how different market actors work together throughout the various phases of a building’s lifecycle—and foster more meaningful conversations with stakeholders.

Lighthouse: Top Green Building Strategies For Government
Lighthouse Sustainability Centre online slide show presentatio0n Top Green Building Strategies For Government covers trends in green building policy. predictors of success, top policies and lessons learned. (PDF)

REFBC: Accelerating Progress Towards Sustainable Built Environment
Real Estate Foundation of BC online report from their Sustainable Built Environment Initiative, Accelerating Progress Towards a Sustainable Built Environment, summarizes a workshop that brought together 72 leaders, planners and experts from 52 organizations from diverse sectors of the built environment to answer the question: How can we work together to accelerate progress on built environment sustainability in BC?. (PDF)

SBC: Policies For Building A Winning Green Building Strategy
Light House Sustainable Building Centre report Building A Winning Green Building Strategy: Successful Policies for Government, Industry and the Environment presents select findings, including examples of policy successes and lessons learned, from a review of more than 200 green building related policies from across Canada, Mexico and the United States. (PDF)

Sustainable Prosperity: Municipal Role In Building Canada's Green Economy
Sustainable Prosperity report Building Canada's Green Economy: The Municipal Role makes a range of policy recommendations aimed at building a green economy at the municipal level and recommends governments work together, particularly as cities face critical funding challenges. (PDF)

Sustainable Prosperity: Towards A Green Economy For Canada
Sustainable Prosperity white paper Towards A Green Economy For Canada seeks to promote and support a dialogue among decision-makers in both the public and private sectors on what the green economy means, and what it could mean for Canada. (PDF)

US DOE: Buildings Of The Future
US Department of Energy says researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory made a blueprint for buildings that are more comfortable, efficient and intelligent than today.

Vancouver City: Greenest City 2020 Action Plan
City of Vancouver Greenest City 2020 Action Plan outlines how the city plans on becoming the greenest city in the world by 2020. (PDF)

Vancouver City: Staff Presentation On Proposed Zero Emissions Building Plan
City of Vancouver online staff presentation describes their propose Zero Emissions Building Plan. (PDF)

World GBC: Green Building Business Case
World Green Building Council report The Business Case for Green Building: A Review of the Costs and Benefits for Developers, Investors and Occupants, examines whether or not it's possible to attach a financial value to the cost and benefits of green buildings. Today, green buildings can be delivered at a price comparable to conventional buildings and investments can be recouped through operational cost savings and, with the right design features, create a more productive workplace.
Statistics & Surveys

Allen Matkins: 4th Annual Green Building Survey Of Construction Industry
Allen Matkins/CTG/Green Building Insider 4th Annual Green Building Survey of green building professionals in the construction industry summarizes current attitudes toward green building, and it's risks, costs, certification processes, and trends. (PDF)

Belief Net: Quiz On How Green Are You
Belief Net offers this fun quiz to see if a person is an Anti-Tree Hugger, a Green-in-Between, or a true Eco-Hero.

Builder Magazine: For Consumers Green Building Means Energy Efficiency
Builder Magazine article summarizes JD Power survey showing buyers of new construction that were shown a long list of green features selected energy-efficient heating and air-conditioning units, energy-saving appliances, energy-saving lighting, and temperature-controlling windows as the most important.

CaGBC: Building Solutions to Climate Change
Canada Green Building Council report Building Solutions to Climate Change: How Green Buildings Can Help Meet Canadas 2030 Emissions Targets outlines four key recommendations aimed at meeting Canadas climate change targets while fueling the growth of Canadas sustainable building industry.

CaGBC: Canada Green Building Trends 2014
Canadian Green Building Council report Canada Green Building Trends: Benefits Driving the New and Retrofit Market shows our green building market is growing steadily with owners seeing strong benefits from building green. (PDF)

CaGBC: Green Building In Canada: Assessing Market Impacts & Opportunities
Canada Green Building Council report Green Building in Canada: Assessing the Market Impacts & Opportunities details the wide economic impact that the green building industry has had in Canada over the past decade.

CSC: Implications For Canadian Construction Workforce In Green Building
Construction Sector Council (CSC) report Green Sustainable Building in Canada: Implications For The Commercial And Residential Construction Workforce discusses implications for the commercial and residential construction workforce. It describes the changes in the construction industry that have resulted from recent green/sustainable building trends, as well as the impact of these changes on the skills and knowledge requirements of the workforce. (PDF)

Environmental Leader: 2008 Survey Says US Consumers Will Pay More For Renewable Products
Environmental Leader summarizes a 2008 study, sponsored by DuPont and Mohawk Industries, showing nearly seven out of 10 US consumers are willing to pay more for products made with renewable resources.

GBA: Consumers Associate Green Building With High Quality
Green Building Advisor summarizes McGraw-Hill's SmartMarket Report that affirms the importance of energy savings and clients' perceptions of durability and value.

GBE: Demand For Green Building Doubles Every Three Years
Green Building Elements says according to a recent report, green building continues to double every three years, with strongest acceleration in emerging economies, and clients and tenants worldwide are increasingly demanding sustainability for both energy efficiency and occupant benefit.

Globe & Mail: Recession Changed Green Marketplace
Globe & Mail summarizes a survey that showed while 35 per cent of Canadians "mainly" or "often" include environmentally friendly products in their purchases, only 18 per cent say they accept a higher price point for green products, and 78 per cent say they are unwilling to pay the top-up price that is often attached to the green option.

Globe Advisors: Market Report On BC's Green Building & Energy Efficiency Sector
Globe Advisors online 2012 Market Report: BC's Green Building & Energy Efficiency Sector provides industry insights on job creation and investment promotion in BC's clean economy. It presents a range of opportunities for creating new jobs, attracting investment, and expanding positive synergies. (PDF)

GreenBiz: Green Building Market and Impact Report 2011
GreenBiz says the findings of the fourth annual Green Building Market & Impact Report show that LEED buildings continue to grow -- although at a slower pace than hoped. Among the other top-level findings of this in-depth report include a look at the rapid expansion of Green Building Councils around the globe, how LEED for Homes defies expectations, as well as a look at how LEED buildings save energy, cut carbon dioxide, reduce commutes, save water, and much more. This report, created and researched by Rob Watson, executive editor of GreenerBuildings.com and a founding father of LEED, explores in great detail the growth of green buildings, and projects their impacts out for the next 20 years. (PDF)

GreenBiz: Study Shatters Stereotype Green Consumers
GreenBiz summarizes a new US national study of green consumers that is busting stereotypes about them: The environment is not their top concern, their kids are not influencing them to be green, and while many know what they should do to save the planet, they often do not do it.

II: Do Realtors Get Sustainable Construction?
Insulation Institute says a new report from the National Association of Realtors looks at realtors’ knowledge of sustainability in the industry and provides insights into the extent to which green features appeal to buyers.

Ipsos Ideas: What Ordinary Citizens Are Doing To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Ipsos Ideas provides a new study on behalf of Icynene examining what North Americans are doing to cut greenhouse gas emissions at home. The study was completed in both United States and Canada and examined attitudes and perceptions concerning environmental measures taken at home. Free Registration Req'd

LePage: Canadians' Attitudes To Sustainability
LePage Report on Canadians' Attitudes to Sustainability reveals that while an overwhelming majority of Canadian homeowners view indoor air quality and using sustainable and green building products as important, only half are aware of products to improve indoor air quality. The report showed that British Columbians lead Canada in adoption of environmentally sustainable building products and in knowledge of products that contribute to indoor air quality, followed by those in Ontario and Quebec.

Light House: Reports On BC Sustainable Industry & Market
Light House quarterly Market Insights provide analysis of BC green & sustainable industry and issues such as local green building demand; local services, programs, and training; emerging policies and regulations; marketing green buildings and communicating sustainability.

McGraw Hill: Green Outlook 2011: Green Trends Driving Growth
McGraw-Hill Construction's report Green Outlook 2011: Green Trends Driving Growth , provides industry outlook on market size, trends and opportunity across green building sectors and regions. Aside from market size estimates, you will learn about the drivers motivating the market and influencing its growth, business benefits emerging from green buildings over time, products and specification trends, how green is spurring growth in jobs and how government policies are affecting the overall marketplace. (PDF)

NAHB: Green Homes Market Expected To Increase Five-Fold by 2016
Dodge Data & Analytics summarizes findings from a new Green Home Builders and Remodelers Study at the 2012 National Association of Home Builders International Builders' Show that shows green homes comprised 17% of the overall residential construction market in 2011 and are expected to grow to between 29% and 38% of the market by 2016.

REFBC: BC Public Views On Sustainability & Built Environment
Real Estate Foundation of BC summarizes their public opinion poll, Public Views on Sustainability and the Built Environment, that is meant to help us understand the public perceptions on the built environment and sustainability. (PDF)

Statistics Canada: More Canadians Incorporating Eco-Friendly Home Technology
Statistics Canada 2011 Households and the Environment Survey showed more and more Canadians are incorporating eco-friendly technology in their homes. (PDF)

US EPA: Greenest Homes Are Houses Located Near Public Transit
US Environmental Protection Agency study has concluded the greenest homes are the houses located near public transit. Typical residents of a suburban neighborhood where car travel is a practical necessity use more energy for transportation than their house consumes, the study said. Residents of urban areas who rely on public transit use less energy in total, even if their homes use more energy than the suburban houses. (PDF)

USGBC: 2010 Green Building Survey Says Tax Incentives Important
US Green Building Council & National Real Estate Investor 2010 Green Building Survey shows if a city or state wants to encourage environmentally responsible commercial real estate development, one of the most powerful tools it can use is tax incentives. (PDF)

Yahoo: Study Shows American Dream Homes Turn Green
Yahoo Real Estate survey of current and aspiring homeowners indicates unlike bullish years gone by, the so-called American dream home isn't a supersized McMansion. It is a green, energy-efficient home built with sustainable materials that yield a lower carbon footprint. Or, more often, it is a home remodeled with energy-efficient appliances and eco-friendly home products.

Architect Magazine: Green Building Megatrends For 2014
Architect Magazine lists the top 10 green building megatrends that will shape the industry in 2014, according to Jerry Yudelson.

Architect Magazine: Seven Key Green Building Trends
Architect Magazine describes seven business opportunities and needs in high-performance design and building as provided by the Hanley Wood Sustainability Council.

BD&C: 10 Megatrends Shaping The Future Of Green Building
Building Design & Construction identifies 10 megatrends that will shape green building technologies, markets, government rules, and certification systems through 2020 and beyond.

BD&C: Green Building Trends for 2018 & Beyond
Building Design & Construction observed several driving trends in the incoming projects and client requests, and those trends indicate that 2018 will be a different sort of year for green buildings.

BD&C: Top 10 Green Building Trends For 2014
Building Design & Construction provides a list of the top 10 green building mega-trends likely to affect the green building industry and markets in the U.S. in 2014. This report is authored by Jerry Yudelson, one of the world's leading green building consultants, keynote speakers and authors.

Builder Magazine: Can Sustainable Be Attainable? Can Both Be Profitable?
Builder Magazine discusses how corporate responsibility and social impact became core strategic principles for the world’s largest home builder.

Custom Home: State of Sustainability in Single-Family Home Buildings
Custom Home Magazine says research indicates that the market share of sustainable single-family residential construction is continuing to grow.

Earth Advantage: Top Ten 10 Green Building Predictions For2012
Earth Advantage Institute describes its selections for the top ten green building predictions for 2012, ranging from urban density to smart grid-compatible high-performance homes.

Ecohome: Building For A Changing Climate
Ecohome says the effects of our changing climate aren't just coming anymore, they are here. How and where we build has to change as well.

EcoVision: Eight Great Green Building Trends Of 2013
EcoVision summarizes the Global Green Building Trends Report, describing eight green building trends to be aware of.

GreenBiz: 2019 State of Green Business Report
GreenBiz says the 12th annual edition of State of Green Business looks at key trends and dozens of metrics assessing how, and how much, companies are moving the needle on the world's most pressing environmental challenges.

GreenBiz: Business Case for Living Buildings in 2019
GreenBiz says the Living Building Challenge was launched in 2006 with an exciting and incredibly audacious question: Is it possible to upend the design and construction paradigm to design and create buildings that function as elegantly and beautifully as anything found in the natural world?

HIRL: Growth in Green Building is Good News for Manufacturers
Home Innovation Research Labs says manufacturers that want to capitalize on the trend toward more green, sustainable homes will want to seize on the opportunity to provide building products and solutions that help builders construct high-performance homes that are eligible for certification.

Living Building Chronicle: Five Green Building Trends for 2018
Living Building Chronicle describes their five green building trends for 2018.

USGC: World Green Building Trends In 2016, Motivators & Obstacles
US Green Building Council says new data reveals that client demand is the top trigger for green building activity, having grown from 35 percent in 2012 to 40 percent in 2015. This shows that building owners recognize the benefits of green, and this recognition is a major driver of green market growth globally.

Wealth Management: The Good Business of Green Buildings
Wealth Management says the construction of a commercial building requires heavy use of both materials and energy, and once a building is erected, it almost never stops consuming natural resources. Despite this, economic and environmental benefits beginning to accelerate the adoption of sustainable real estate practices.
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