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Articles & Magazines

Eco Structure: US Magazine On Green Buildings
Eco Structure is a green building industry magazine for architects and builders interested in sustainable design and construction offers archives of past articles, newsletter, and links to more information.

Greenspace: Vancouver Magazine On Green Building & Products
Greenspace, an annual Business In Vancouver magazine, covers sustainable development in the GVRD, industry news, issues, articles, and listings of green products and services.

HGTV Remodels: Online Videos & Articles On Green Building
HGTV Remodels offers online videos and articles covering the basics of energy efficiency, and green building products and procedures.

ILFI: Trim Tab Magazine On Green Building
International Living Future Institute online e-magazine Trim Tab is published every three months. It contains provocative articles, interviews and news on issues, designs, and people that are truly transforming the built environment.

Journal Of Green Building: Industry Magazine On Green Building
Journal of Green Building publication presents practical green building articles and peer-reviewed research for the architect, builder, engineer, and all related professionals of the built environment. Subscription required.

Sustainable Architecture & Building: Magazines For Buildings & Homes
Sustainable Architecture & Building has two magazines, SABMag covers sustainable non-residential construction, SAB Homes focuses on green home building.
Audio & Podcasts

Green Building Audio Tours of Vancouver Green Buildings
Open Green Building Society online Green Building Audio Tours describe some of Vancouver's most popular green buildings.

Green Diva: Podcasts On Green Building & Products
Green Diva Meg takes a light-hearted approach to sustainable living, hosting a weekly, one-hour radio show along with co-host Green Diva Mizar. Listen to great interviews with high-profile celebrities and leaders in the green living movement, hear practical and low-stress ways to be green in style, and laugh along with the Green Divas as they stumble along the big sustainable highway.
Books & Publications

BuildingGreen: Inquire Within, Realizing Regenerative Design
BuildingGreen says the book Becoming a Regenerative Practitioner: A Field Guide, describes self-actualizing as being about realizing the potential of one’s true self to create and manifest benefit through one’s work in the world. In addition to self-actualizing, the guide identifies four other practice areas that a regenerative practitioner needs.

GBA: New Books On Green Building
Green Building Advisor reviews four new books on sustainable home construction and net-zero buildings.

Green Biz: Vancouver Offers Insights into Livability, Sustainability
Green Biz says studying Vancouver provides valuable insights into how best to achieve livability, sustainability and happiness.

GreenBiz: The Six Best Sustainability Books of 2016
GreenBiz describes six of the best 2016 books to read on climate, cities and more.

Taunton: Purchasable Book on Musings of an Energy Nerd
Martin Holladay's new book, Musings of an Energy Nerd, is filled with the in-depth information that builders, designers, and homeowners need to make homes more energy-efficient. $20 USD

CICA: Links To Resources On Green Building
US Construction Industry Compliance Assistance offers links to green building general information, energy efficiency, water usage, building materials, indoor environments, building sectors, deconstruction & recycling, specifications & codes, organizations, state-specific information, low impact development, and landscaping.

Eco Street: Directory Of Green Resources
Eco Street has links to resources and information on green & sustainable living and offers a directory, blog, forums, books, and competitions.

GBA: Encyclopedia of Articles and Videos On Green Building
Green Building Advisor's Green Basics site provides an encyclopedia of articles and videos on green building, including sections on Design, Planning, and Building Science; Building Lot & Siting; Envelope and Structure; Mechanical Systems; Green Remodeling Projects.

Green Building Pages: US Sustainability Links & Resources
US Green Building Pages offers links to building professionals, organizations, non-profit resource centers, environmental building news, funding opportunities, and more.

Green Files: Links To Global Green Resources
Green Files by Internet expert Marcus Zillman, is a global directory of resources and sources covering the area of green environmental systems for the home, business, and our global environment.
Discussion Forums

Green Building Talk: Green Building Forums For Residential & Large Buildings
Green Building Talk offers multiple forums to discuss and promote green building principles, practices, and issues on all types of projects. for anyone interested in green building.

Guardian: 30 Green Leaders You Should Follow On Twitter
The Guardian list their selection of 30 green leaders you should follow on Twitter.
Multimedia & Visual

Architect Magazine: Online Videos On Green Building & Design
Architect Magazine online videos cover a range of green building projects and topics.

BPC: Online Videos on Building Performance
Building Performance Community has online videos cover a wide range of topics relative to home performance.

CMHC: Online Videos On Green Housing
CMHC online videos describe features, benefits and considerations of various green housing components.

Earth Techling: iPad & iPhone Apps For Greening Your Life
Earth Techling describes some iPhone and iPad green apps that help minimize your impact on the earth.

HEP: Home Diagnosis TV Online Videos
Home Energy Pros Forum online videos from Home Diagnosis TV feature Corbett and Grace Lunsford's TV series about measured home performance and building science.

HGTV Remodels: Online Videos & Articles On Green Building
HGTV Remodels offers online videos and articles covering the basics of energy efficiency, and green building products and procedures.

iGreen Build: Online Videos On Green Building & Products
iGreenBuild provides featured green building videos focusing on green building techniques. Select video from Green Building Product Videos panel on right side.

Sustainability Illustrated: Online Videos On Sustainable Development
You Tube channel Sustainability Illustrated offers free access to sustainability knowledge and processes.

Sustainability Television: Online Videos & TV On Sustainability
BC Sustainability Television offers online TV and video productions, member and sponsor content, and online communities.

US EPA: Free Newsletter With Green Tips For Consumers
US Environmental Protection Agency free monthly email newsletter provides green tips to use in homes, communities, and offices.

Wintergreen: Newsletter On Sustainable Design & Construction
Wintergreen from Steven Winter Associates is a free e-mail newsletter on techniques and approaches for sustainable design and construction.
Research Reports

Athena Sustainable Materials Institute: Product & LCA Reports
Canadian Athena Sustainable Materials Institute research organization reports on sustainable building products and life cycle assessment.

USGBC: Listing Of Green Building Research Reports
US Green Building Council has many great links to various research articles, on many different topics pertaining to information on Green Building in the U.S. in general.
Search Engines

Green Building App: Find Green Buildings Near You
Green Building App free mobile app helps you find learn about green buildings near you and around the world. View project images, read case studies and listen to audio tours. Search for buildings or companies, with results displayed on an interactive map.
Technical Reports

NWEG: Building Innovations Database For Green Building
Northwest EcoBuilding Guild online Building Innovations Database is a resource for technical permitting precedent on high-performance green building innovations throughout the US Northwest and nationwide.
Web Sites

BC Housing: Livegreen Sustainability Plan
BC Housing says sustainability is a key part of their business strategy. They recognize that their actions impact on local communities and ecosystems across the province. BC Housing's sustainability plan livegreen provides a roadmap to help fight climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and our environmental footprint. Nearly a decade into our livegreen journey they continue to deliver on their core mandate while reducing environmental impacts. (PDF)

Building Green: Knowledge Base Of Green Building Resources
Building Green site provides resource knowledge base, including a full archive of articles, webcasts, reports, blog posts, and infographics in the following sections: Sustainable Materials; Design Strategies; Building Science; Buildings & Project Types; Design Process; Codes & Certifications.

California Gov: Resource Site For Green Building Design & Construction
California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery offers information on green building design and construction including case studies, project design, programs and partnerships, and links to related web sites.

EarthTechling: Green Technology News & Reviews
EarthTechling is an online consumer publication focused on green technology, including clean energy, electric vehicles, green gadgets, green buildings, and green news, services, and products.

EcoPressed: Global Blog Content On Environmental & Green Building
EcoPressed site highlights the best environmental blogging across the WordPress community. It updates with the latest and greatest posts from WordPress bloggers focusing on environmental topics like clean tech, renewable energy, and eco-friendly innovation, along with posts from other independent green thinkers from across the Web.

EEBA: Energy & Environmental Resources
Energy & Environmental Building Alliance supplies publications, reports, articles, EEBA Building Criteria for a quality house, and success stories covering new and renovation construction methods, building envelope, mechanical and other systems, indoor environment, green building and solar.

Fine Homebuilding: Deans Of Green Weblog By Green Building Experts
The Deans of Green is a Fine Homebuilding weblog that offers regular comments and resources from credible green building and design industry experts.

Fine Homebuilding: Information & Resources On Green Building
Fine Homebuilding magazine offers information and resources on green building.

GBA: Resource Site For Green Building & Renovation
Green Building Advisor is an online resource serving the residential design, construction, and remodeling industry. It offers differing views on industry issues & ideas, information on green building technology & products, examples of green homes & projects, online community forums, and more.

GBI: US Industry Alliance Promoting Green Building
Green Building Initiative is a US not for profit organization whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of building practices that result in energy-efficient, healthier and environmentally sustainable buildings by promoting credible and practical green building approaches for residential and commercial construction.

GBIG: Green Building Information Gateway
USGBC website Green Building Information Gateway prides information and resources that offer greater transparency and understanding of the green dimensions of the built environment.

Global Green USA: Resource Center For Green Building
Global Green USA is a green building resource site providing information and links on green building programs, products, and procedures.

Green Builder Media: Information & Resources On Building Science
Green Builder Media building science website provides research, ebooks, videos and information on foundations, structure, insulation, electrical and more.

Green Building Brain: BC Green Building Resource Site
Green Building Brain website is a project of the Open Green Building Society, Vancouver Design Nerds Society, and Recollective. It offers information and resources on green building in Vancouver and BC.

Green Building Elements: Resource Site On Green Projects, Materials & Design
Green Building Elements offers information and resources on advances in green and renewable building materials, current projects in sustainable architecture and progressive urban planning, and local guidelines for creating green structures in different regions of the US.

Green Building Pages: Resource Site On Green Building
Green Building Pages has green products database organized by CSI Division and LEED Credits, product sustainability reviews, cross-referenced green building case studies, and links to sustainability resources.

GreenBiz: Resource Site On Green Buildings & Facilities
GreenBiz resource site has information on architecture & design, energy use, land use, building materials, facility management, interiors, waste management, and water use.

iiSBE: International Initiative For A Sustainable Built Environment
International Initiative for Sustainable Built Environment is a Canadian database with resources on sustainable buildings, technologies, methods & tools, policies & programs, events, R & D, organizations, and much more.

Inside The Housing Evolution: Canadian Blog On Green Building
Inside The Housing Evolution, a blog from Ottawa homebuilder Urbandale Construction, follows the latest trends in high performance housing from an insider's perspective.

Light House: BC Sustainable Building Resource Centre
Light House Sustainable Building Centre is a Vancouver information and resource centre promoting and offering sustainable ideas, projects, forums, resources, and links to more information.

Resilient Design Institute: Resource Site On Green Building
Resilient Design Institute provides practical guidance for making our buildings, communities, and systems more resilient in the face of global climate change.

SCI: Strategic Local Solutions For Green Buildings & Neighborhoods
Sustainable Cities Institute provides cities and sustainability professionals with timely, vetted, and practical resources to identify and implement solutions to advance their goals and strengthen their communities.

Vancouver: How We Are Helping You Go Green
City of Vancouver provides resources on how to reduce your carbon footprint, and help green the city including programs to help reduce your footprint, opportunities for students and green volunteer opportunities.
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