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Basics & Theory

Metro Vancouver: Waste Composition Study
Metro Vancouver and the City of Vancouver retained Tetra Tech EBA Inc. (Tetra Tech) to complete a joint-Demolition, Land-clearing and Construction (DLC) Waste Composition Study. The objective of this joint study was to establish current data on the composition of DLC waste disposed of at the following locations: Western 40 Hectares (W40Ha) site at the Vancouver Landfill (VLF) located in Delta BC; EcoWaste Landfill in Richmond, BC; and Out-of-region DLC waste facilities. (PDF)

TED: Creative Houses From Reclaimed Stuff
Builder Dan Phillips describes a dozen homes he's built in Texas using recycled and reclaimed materials in wildly creative ways.
Industry Information

BC Stats: Solid Waste Generation In BC 2010-2025 Forecast
BC Stats report Solid Waste Generation In BC 2010-2025 Forecast, highlights three projection scenarios with varying degrees of measures taken to divert waste from British Columbia landfills. The report includes a summary of the methodology and the results. (PDF)

Builder Magazine: Jobsite Recycling Has Many Challenges
Builder Magazine says the sad truth is that it often costs more to recycle construction waste than to take it to the dump.

CWRE: Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo
Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo focuses on collection, hauling, processing and disposal of waste; materials recycling; municipal recycling programs including blue box programs, MRFs, scrap metals, C&D, wood, plastic, paper, auto, tires, fiber and more.

Dovetail: Replace Is The Missing R In Waste Management Hierarchy
Dovetail report says the fourth "R" (Replace) suggests that wherever possible people should replace the use of finite, energy-intensive materials with renewable, low-energy biomaterials. Thus the modified hierarchy would be Reduce, Replace, Reuse, and Recycle. (PDF)

DRC: Deconstruction & Building Materials Reuse Conference
Deconstruction and Reuse Conference is the annual Build Reuse conference on deconstruction, building materials reuse, and recycling.

GBA: Creating Circular Economy for Construction Industry
Green Building Advisor says construction and demolition waste headed for landfills is set to rise sharply.

GBA: Getting To Zero Waste, San Francisco vs New York
Green Building Advisor says garbage, or what environmental engineers call solid waste, presents some of the most difficult challenges to urban sustainability. San Francisco and New York are a tale of two cities.

TreeHugger: 10 Recycling & Waste Management Trends In Near Future
TreeHugger describes 10 recycling and waste management trends to look out for in the near future.
Industry Sectors

Build Reuse: Building Materials Reuse Association
Build Reuse is a North American non profit educational organization whose mission is to facilitate building deconstruction and the reuse/recycling of recovered building materials.

NZWC: Canadian National Zero Waste Council
Canada's National Zero Waste Council is a cross-sectoral leadership initiative to advance a national waste prevention and reduction agenda. Founded by Metro Vancouver in collaboration with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, focuses efforts to reduce waste generation by influencing the design of products and packaging, and encouraging behaviour change.

RCBC: Recycling Council Of BC
Recycling Council of BC serves BC residents and businesses wanting pollution prevention and waste management information, and offers links information, hot line, and links to BC recycling companies and organizations.

Recyclers World: Listing Of Recycling Associations
Recyclers World a US recycling resource site lists trade associations by name and location only.

ReDO: Reuse Development Organization
US Reuse Development Organization promotes reuse as an environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economical means for managing surplus and discarded materials.
Information Sources

BC Hydro: Where To Recycle Old Appliances & Electronics
BC Hydro says it's never been easier to sell or trade your older household electronics and appliances to someone who might get some use out of it.

CIRIA: UK Construction Waste & Resources Site
UK Construction Industry Research and Information Association site seeks to achieve waste reduction and improved resource productivity in the building and civil engineering sectors. It is aimed both at those who are able to influence company policy, design and procurement decisions and those who are responsible for procedures on site.

GBA: Waste Management For New Construction & Remodeling
Green Building Advisor provides information and links to more resources on waste management for new construction & remodeling.

Globe: Forum 2018 Presentations on Materials & Resources
Globe Forum 2018 online presentations on materials and resources describe how the circular economy and emerging trends such as digitalization could help us reduce waste and increase resource efficiency.

Metro Vancouver: Presentations From 2018 Zero Waste Conference
Metro Vancouver provides online access to the presentations from their 2018 Zero Waste Conference.

My Recyclopedia: Resource Site On Recycling
My Recyclopedia contains online listings of household products and items with the environmental story behind each item, recycling facility listings, and tips on how to reduce and reuse in daily living.

RCBC: BC Recycling Hotline
Recycling Council of BC hotline is a toll-free service that provides information on waste reduction, recycling, disposal and pollution prevention throughout the entire province.

Recycle Xchange: Canadian Resource Site On Recycling
Recycle Xchange is a Canadian information exchange for recycling and waste management professionals including a marketplace to exchange or recycle scrap metal, plastics, paper, glass, rubber, textiles and electronics.

Recyclers World: Listing Of Waste & Recycling Publications
Recyclers World US directory lists waste & recycling publications, providing only their names and location.

Recyclers World: Listing Of Waste & Recycling Resources
Recyclers World provides a US directory listing waste & recycling events, associations, publications, and new & used equipment.

Resource Recycling: Industry Magazine On Recycling & Compost
Resource Recycling is a North American recycling and composting journal.

Salvo Web: Architectural Salvage Information & Exchange
US Salvo Web offers architectural salvage information, forums, articles & news, directory, major finds, links to other resources, and opportunities to buy and sell items in its open exchange.

US OSHA: Online Resources On Demolition
US Occupational Safety and Health Administration site provides information and resources on the health & safety aspects of demolition.
Issues & Performance

BC Gov: Provincial Recycling Regulation For BC
BC Government allows online access to the Recycling Regulation, including amendments up to May, 2010.

BD&C: New ISO Standard for Optimizing Building Reusing & Recycling
Building Design & Construction says a new ISO standard has the goal of optimizing building use to realize a structure’s full potential throughout its life cycle.

CRGBC: Quantifying Environmental Value Of Building Reuse
Cascadia Region Green Building Council report Quantifying the Environmental Value of Building Reuse provides analysis of the potential environmental benefit of building reuse. (PDF)

GBA: Saving Energy By Recycling
Green Building Advisor article describes how recycling is an easy way to save energy, as well as natural resources.

Metro Vancouver: Solid Waste Management Plan
Metro Vancouver provides information on its Solid Waste Management Plan that will minimize waste generation; maximize reuse, recycling and material & energy recovery from solid waste; and extract maximum benefit from the disposed waste stream. (PDF)

TRUE: Rating System for Total Resource Use & Efficiency
Green Business Certification Inc has unveiled the TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) zero waste rating system. It helps businesses and facilities define, pursue and achieve their zero waste goals through project certification and professional credentialing.

Buildipedia: Top 5 Salvageable Materials
Buildipedia says demolition asset recovery is a sought-after service these days, and lists the five at the top of the list that offer high resale value.

CSA: Guideline For Design For Disassembly & Adaptability In Buildings
Canadian Standards Association Guideline CSA Z782-06 addresses the reduction of adverse economic, environmental, and social impacts of building construction through design for disassembly and adaptability that can be used to identify design approaches and potential waste-reduction solutions, to develop system-specific disassembly- and adaptability-conscious details, and to adopt specific strategies. $79 CDN

CSRD: BC Construction & Demolition Waste Reduction Toolkit
Columbia Shuswap Regional District online Construction and Demolition Waste Reduction Program and Toolkit provide options for the disposal of your material, such as recycling and/or reuse including the costs to do so. (PDF)

Dovetail: Organics Recycling
Dovetail report Organics Recycling describes issues and considerations for addressing food waste and improving sustainability. (PDF)

Encorp: Overview Of BC Industry Product Stewardship
The eight stewardship agencies in BC (Encorp Pacific Canada, Tire Stewardship of BC, BC Used Oil Management Association, Product Care Association, Electronic Stewardship Association of BC, Brewers Association of BC, Post Consumer Pharmaceutical Stewardship Association and Call2Recycle) produced this brochure. The Product Stewardship model is comprised of several key players working together to ensure that products no longer being used by consumers are managed in an environmentally friendly manner. (PDF)

ENN: Switzerland Promotes Neighborhood Exchange Boxes
Environmental News Network says the Neighborhood Exchange Boxes program in Switzerland allows passersby turned salvagers and recyclers to sift their way through other people's unwanted discards, and also add their own unwanted items to the box.

Envirowise: Managing Packaging Waste On Construction Site
UK Envirowise has produced a packaging guide with steps to reduce the amount of packaging waste generated, coupled with greater re-use and recycling, result in significant cost and other benefits. This Good Practice Guide describes practical solutions to achieve these benefits, including the importance of waste segregation. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: Salvage Solutions
Fine Homebuilding says reclaimed materials play an increasingly visible role in residential architecture and interior design.

GBA: Deconstruction Versus Demolition
Green Building Advisor says with dumpster fees and material costs on the rise, deconstruction may be more affordable than demolition. It provides tips on doing your research and how to make some money off of your old debris.

GBA: Design For Disassembly
Green Building Advisor suggests we could design new buildings in a way that makes it easier to remove reusable components when the building reaches the end of its life.

GBA: Frugal Happy: Demolition
Green Building Advisor says before any new work can begin, the old must come out.

GBA: How to Boost Recycling
Green Building Advisor says to boost recycling we can reward consumers with discounts, deals, and social connections.

GBA: Managing Job Site Waste
Green Building Advisor says you don't have to generate the tons of trash typical of most job sites, and green job sites have less waste and more recycling.

GBA: When It's Better to Demolish an Old House
Green Building Advisor discusses the merits of buying a tear-down and offers some thoughts on recycling and landfills.

GBA: Why Deconstruction Makes More Sense than Demolition
Green Building Advisor says deconstructing homes allows the materials to be used on new construction while keeping material out of our landfills.

GreenBiz: Industry Collaboration is New Future for US Glass Recycling
GreenBiz says if a group adopted practices together, it could increase glass recycling and decrease emissions from glass in a significant way.

JLC Forums: Green Demolition & Deconstruction
Journal of Light Construction forum discusses reusing and recycling construction and demolition waste, and costs associated with salvaging and recycling old building materials.

Light House: Construction in Reverse, Lessons From Residential Renovation Pilot
Light House Sustainable Building Centre report Construction in Reverse: Lessons from a Residential Renovation Pilot summarizes a residential pilot in Vancouver that used deconstruction methods to achieve an 85% diversion rate. (PDF)

Metro Vancouver: Demolition, Land Clearing & Construction Waste Management Toolkit
Metro Vancouver online Demolition, Land Clearing and Construction Waste Management Toolkit is a reference guide for contractors, design professionals and building owners, to help them maximize the amount of construction and demolition waste diverted from disposal through salvage, reuse and recycling. (PDF)

Metro Vancouver: Free App To Find Locations To Recycle Or Donate
Metro Vancouver free iPhone/ iPad app called MVRecycle helps you find the most convenient locations to donate or recycle just about anything. Enter a material, hit search and you'll get a Google map showing where to take your stuff.

Metro Vancouver: Multi Family Recycling Project
Metro Vancouver says lessons learned from a pilot Expands Multi Family Recycling Project project that almost tripled the recycling rate at one large apartment and townhouse complex in Port Coquitlam will be applied at all other Metro Vancouver-owned housing facilities. (PDF)

Oregon DEQ: Waste Prevention & Reuse For Green Building
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s Waste Prevention Strategy study evaluated environmental benefits of a number of residential building and design practices that are intended to prevent solid waste by either using less material or reusing materials over the life of a home. Besides solid waste prevention, DEQ evaluated the other environmental benefits of each practice, such as greenhouse gas reductions through material savings and operational energy conservation, toxic emission reductions, and a range of other human health and ecosystem quality related benefits.

RCBC: BC Local Government Options For Reducing Waste
Recycling Council of BC report provides guidance to municipal and regional governments across B.C. on the actions, tools and opportunities available to them to increase the 3Rs and move closer to achieving zero waste. (PDF)

Remodeling: Economics Of Deconstruction
Remodeling Magazine article describes how deconstruction prevents waste from being sent to landfills, and benefits clients might receive that may off-set the cost.

Resource Venture: Construction Waste Management Guide
Resource Venture, a Seattle waste management organization offers this online construction waste management guide covering job site recycling and waste prevention benefits, procedures, specifications, and more. (PDF)

Seattle Gov: Introduction & Resources On Deconstruction
Seattle Public Utilities Green Business Program provides a brief overview of deconstruction and links to more resources.

US HUD: Guide To Deconstruction & Community Benefits
US Department Of Housing & Urban Development guide provides a brief overview of deconstruction, components, benefits, case examples, and how to make it part of a community revitalization strategy. (PDF)

Vancouver City: Demolition Permit Required To Take Down A Building
City of Vancouver says in order to take down a building in Vancouver, you need a demolition permit. Requirements to reuse and recycle demolition materials depend on the type of building you are taking down.

Walls & Ceilings: Tips For Green Thumb Deconstruction
Walls & Ceilings magazine article explains what deconstruction is, benefits, and offers tips and examples of procedures. Free Site Registration Required

WBDG: Construction Waste Management
Whole Building Design Guide describes some of the many opportunities that exist for the beneficial reduction and recovery of construction materials that would otherwise be destined for disposal as waste.
Product Supply

ERA: Canadian Electronic Recycling Association
Electronic Recycling Association is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to reducing electronic waste through the reuse and recycling of unwanted computers. They collect all kinds of IT and electronic equipment (computers, laptops, printers, telephones, wires, switches etc.), then refurbish it and donate to various charities and non-profit organizations.

Freecycle: Exchange Stuff For Free
Freecycle, a movement of people who are giving & getting stuff for free in their own towns, was formed to reduce the accumulation of waste in communities.

Freecycle: Listing Of Canadian Freecycle Groups
Freecycle lists their Canadian networks of local people who offer free items for others to use. Items are posted on individual community discussion forums, and no commercial content or profit is allowed. Free registration.

iScrap App: Scrap Metal Yard & Salvage Yard Locator
The iScrap App allows users to find scrap yards and search for the most current scrap metal prices in the US & Canada.

OPEIC: Outdoor Power Equipment Recycling For BC
British Columbians now have a new recycling option with the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute of Canada recycling program for old or broken electrical outdoor power equipment. The program accepts products like electric lawnmowers, grass trimmers, and power washers at drop-off locations across the province.

Planet Reuse: Online Exchange To Sell Reused & Excess Construction Materials
Planet Reuse site connects anyone who has reused, reclaimed or excess constriuction material and equipment to sell with homeowners, construction professionals, designers and architects who are looking to conserve resources, save money and integrate green building practices on any size construction project or remodel.

Recyclers World: Listing Of Information & Material Exchange Directory
Recyclers World resource site provides listing of North American material exchanges.

ReStore: Vancouver Habitat For Humanity Used Building Materials Store
ReStores accept donations of new and used building materials and then sell them to the public at bargain prices. Profits pay operating costs and help build local Habitat for Humanity homes.

Seattle Gov: Cost Effectiveness of Jobsite Diversion Recycling
Seattle construction waste management program offers Excel spreadsheets for, and examples of, calculating the economics of recycling.

US EPA: US Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines For Buying Recycled Products
US Environmental Protection Agency Web site for the Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG)-a key component of the government's "buy-recycled" program includes sections on product listings, background information, related links, newsroom, product resource guides, supplier database, and suggest a product.

US EPA: US Guide For Buying Recycled Construction Products
US Environmental Protection Agency guide for buying recycled construction products provides list of recommended recycled content levels, and listing of more information sources. (PDF)
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