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Education & Training

ACBOA: National Certification Program for Professional Building Officials
Alliance of Canadian Building Officials Association through the years, have worked with the Construction Sector Council (CSC), the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and industry stakeholders to develop national standards and a certification process for building officials. Through them, you can become a certified building official.

ACBOA: Occupational Standards For Professional Building Officials
Alliance of Canadian Building Officials Associations occupational standard describes the skills, knowledge and abilities required to perform the duties of a Professional Building Official. 2007 (PDF)

BOABC: Accreditation Criteria For Building Departments In BC
Building Officials Association of BC document outlines requirements for obtaining and maintaining International Accreditation Service accreditation of governmental entities responsible for enforcement of the Building Code and other enactments related to Health, Safety, and Accessibility for persons with disabilities, fire protection of buildings and facilities as well as other enactments relating to enhancing the quality of life within their jurisdictions, such as fire, zoning or traffic laws. (PDF)

BOABC: BC Building Officials Certification
Building Officials Association of BC provides BC Building Code examination background, policy, and procedures for the minimum education and experience levels needed to perform a building officials duties well.

BOABC: Industry Needs & Perceptions Of Professional Development
Building Officials Association of BC summarizes results of their member survey on what the industry needs and perceptions are of professional development, the future provincial qualification requirements as outlined in the Provincial Building Act, and the role of the BOABC. (PDF)

CAHPI: Canadian National Occupational Standards For Professional Building Official
Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors collaborated to develop national standards for the public and private sectors of the building inspection industry. The occupational standard describes the skill, knowledge and abilities required to perform the duties as a professional home & property inspection. The occupational standards form the basis for training, curriculum development, career development and the certification of practitioners. (PDF)

CMHC: Canadian Home Inspectors & Building Officials National Initiative
CMHC report describes how CAHPI and ACBOA work together to build a recognizable and professional home and building inspection industry to better serve the general public and their clients. (PDF)

FNNBOA: First Nations Building Officers Certification Council
First Nations National Building Officers Association has a Certification Council responsible for the certification of inspectors working in First Nations communities.
Industry Information

BOABC: Calendar Of Upcoming Events For Building Officials Of BC
Building Officials Association of BC provides a calendar of its upcoming seminars, meetings and conferences.

BOABC: Strategic Priorities 2014 & Beyond
Building Officials Association of BC describes their strategic priorities for 2014 and beyond. (PDF)
Industry Sectors

ACBOA: Provincial Building Officials Associations Listing
Association of Canadian Building Officials lists provincial building officials associations, with links to their Web sites.

BOABC: Building Officials Association of British Columbia
BOABC is an association of local government Building Officials and those involved in building design, construction, testing, and research. It provides consistent Code interpretation; a forum for discussion; education, standards of Code knowledge and a technical certification program for its membership.
Issues & Performance

BC Gov: Competency Requirements For Building & Plumbing Officials
BC Government says the Building Act introduces qualification requirements for building and plumbing officials to support the competency and professionalism of those in this occupation, and to improve consistency in how the BC Building Code is interpreted, applied and enforced.
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