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Basics & Theory

BC Gov: 2008 Green Legislation For Local Governments
BC Government new 2008 Bill 27 legislation helps municipalities and regional districts create more compact, sustainable and greener communities. They will be able to use development permits to promote energy and water conservation and the reduction of greenhouse gases, and encourage alternative transportation options for off-street parking. Developers who are building small housing units (29 square metres or less) will be exempt from paying Development Cost Charges. Local governments will have the ability to waive or reduce these charges for green development including small lot subdivisions and affordable rental housing. 2008.

BC Gov: BC Building Code Requirements For Energy Efficiency
BC Building and Safety Standards Branch provide resources which are designed to help code users understand and comply with BC Building Code new requirements for the minimum energy efficiency of buildings and their equipment and minimum ventilation requirements for houses and some residential apartments.

City Of Vancouver: Greenest City 2020 Action Plan
Vancouver will soon lead the world in green building design and construction, thanks to the innovative Greenest City initiative. As part of this initiative, the City is working to reduce the amount of energy consumed by the city's new homes 33% by 2020, with the goal of making all new buildings "carbon neutral" by 2030.

ICC: International Green Construction Code For Commercial Buildings
International Code Council new International Green Construction Code is an integrated green code for traditional and high-performance commercial buildings.
Industry Information

BC Gov: Climate Action Team Recommendations For Green Building & GHG Reductions
BC Climate Action Team presents its recommendations for strategies and interim emissions targets for 2012 and 2016. Recommendations that affect the building industry are on page 21, and include: 9. Update BC Green Building Code at least every three years to ensure BC is a leader among North American energy codes. 10. Work with local governments on strategy to ensure high level of compliance with energy codes through proper building code enforcement. 11. Introduce new regulations under BC Energy Efficiency Act to adopt leading North American and international standards for energy performance of appliances and equipment. 12. Require that, by 2016, all new publicly-funded buildings in the province have net-zero GHG emissions and that by 2020 all new houses and buildings have net-zero GHG emissions. 13. By no later than 2012, require all houses and buildings to have a current energy efficiency rating or label when they are sold or transferred. 14. Introduce an aggressive energy efficiency and renewable energy program for houses and buildings, combining incentive and regulatory approaches and co-ordinated across governments and utilities. 2008 (PDF)

CRGBC: Code Barriers Affecting Green Building Projects
Cascadia Region Green Building Council report Code, Regulatory and Systemic Barriers Affecting Living Building Projects, presents a case for fundamental reassessment of building codes. It says federal stimulus funds for green building and infrastructure projects are important drivers in the shift in how buildings are designed and constructed, but there needs to be a greening of regulatory systems to fully meet sustainability goals. (PDF)

Dovetail: Codes & Potential Game Changers In Green Building
Dovetail report outlines several recent changes in national scope programs and examines a rapidly developing trend toward inclusion of green standards in code requirements. It takes a look at the recently enacted California Green Building Standards Code and its implications for building materials selection and use in the Golden State and beyond. (PDF)

Green Building Law: Are Challenges To Green Building Codes On The Rise?
Green Building Law Update says a trend seems to be developing across the US in the green building world. Traditional builders and manufacturers are fighting against green building codes and programs, and you can expect an increase in these types of challenges in 2011.
Information Sources

FCM: Green Munucipal Fund Program
Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Munucipal Fund Program is an online resource site that provides examples of bylaws, policies and procedures implemented by Canadian municipalities in all seven sectors funded by the Green Municipal Fund: brownfields, energy, planning, transportation, waste, water and multi-sector.

ICC: 2009 Green Residential Building Study Companion
International Code Council 2009 Green Residential Building Study Companion, is a study guide to assist the user in the review and application of the ICC 700-2008 National Green Building Standard, and the referenced code sections in the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code. $46 USD

Columbia Law School: Model Municipal Green Building Ordinance
Model Green Building Ordinance by the Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia Law School is for use by municipalities looking to promote the construction and design of new buildings that make efficient use of energy, water and materials. (PDF)

Dovetail: Building Code Barriers To Green Innovation
Dovetail report explores the barriers to green building design approval and makes recommendations for streamlining approval processes. It says it is critical to supplement existing building codes with provisions for innovation in order to create opportunities to introduce technological and other improvements more rapidly. (PDF)

GreenBiz: Could Stretch Codes Supercharge the Green Marketplace?
GreenBiz says stretch codes have emerged as a promising solution that jurisdictions can use to drive better energy performance in the built environment and set a long-term vision for efficiency stringency in buildings further into the future.

ICC: Building Industry Groups To Streamline Green Building Tool Coordination & Development
International Code Council, ASHRAE, American Institute of Architects, Illuminating Engineering Society of North America and the US Green Building Council will collaborate on the development of Standard 189.1, the International Green Construction Code and the LEED green building program.
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