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Articles & Magazines

Fine Homebuilding: Free & Paid Articles & Videos On Energy Efficiency
Fine Homebuilding magazine as both free and paid articles and videos on energy efficiency, as well as a wide range of other topics.

Home Energy: Subscription Magazine On Energy Efficient Homes
Home Energy magazine supplies objective and practical information on residential energy efficiency, performance, comfort, and affordability. $75 USD/Year
Audio & Podcasts

Energy Circle: 7 Better Building Science Podcasts To Have in Your Queue
Energy Circle describes the home performance and building science podcasts you should have in your queue.

Energy Efficiency Markets: Podcasts On Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency Markets newsletter offers access to their Podcasts on various energy efficiency topics.
Books & Publications

Saturn Resource: Purchasable Books On Residential Energy Efficiency
Saturn Resource Management sells a wide range of books on energy efficiency, many targeted to the building industry and trades.
Conferences & Shows

eeGlobal: Energy Efficiency Global Forum & Exposition
Energy Efficiency Global Forum and Exposition is the showcase for the energy efficiency industry, professionals, academics and policy makers from around the world.
Databases & Reference

Global Buildings Performance Network: Resource Site On Research Into Energy Efficient Buildings
Global Buildings Performance Network resource site stimulates collective research and analysis from experts worldwide to promote better decision-making and help the building sector effectively reduce its impact on climate change. It has been designed to enable key stakeholders from the building sector to gather around a common participatory tool and a common purpose: sharing and curating global best knowledge and data on building performance policies that can deliver the abatement potential of buildings globally.

NRCan: Canadian Energy Use Statistics Reports
Natural Resources Canada provides a umber of statistical reports on energy use in homes, commercial building, household equipment, and more.

NRCan: Sources of Canadian Energy Information
Natural Resources Canada Provides information and links to more resources on Canada’s energy system and its future.

OSTI.GOV: Online Database Of Energy Research & Development Results
OSTI.GOV is the primary search tool for DOE science, technology, and engineering research and development results and the organizational hub for information about the DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information. It consolidates OSTI's home page and our now retired primary search tool SciTech Connect. OSTI.GOV makes discoverable over 70 years of research results from DOE and its predecessor agencies. Research results include journal articles/accepted manuscripts and related metadata; technical reports; scientific research datasets and collections; scientific software; patents; conference and workshop papers; books and theses; and multimedia. OSTI.GOV contains over 3 million records, including citations to 1.5 million journal articles, 1 million of which have digital object identifiers (DOIs) linking to full-text articles on publishers' websites. It also has more than 445,000 full-text DOE-funded STI documents. OSTI.GOV provides access to this DOE STI by offering numerous easy-to-use search capabilities and customization options; and for the DOE community, additional citation information is available to help researchers evaluate article impact and find related research.

Energy Conservatory: Links To Information & Resources On Energy Efficiency
Energy Conservatory offers links to energy efficient technical & training organizations, diagnostic tools & products, home energy ratings & energy efficiency financing, periodicals & trade journals, conferences & trade shows, and building products.

Energy Guy: Links To Resources For Energy Professionals
Energy Guy provides links to resources for reducing utility costs in existing buildings and resources for sustainable operations of existing buildings.

LBL: Links To Information & Resources On Energy Efficiency
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory offers links to a wide range of information and resources on energy efficiency, organized by category.

NRCan: Links To Information & Resources On Energy Efficiency
Natural Resources Canada provides links to information and resources on many topics relating to energy efficiency.
Discussion Forums

Building Performance Community: Discussion Forums On Home Energy Retrofit Best Practices
Building Performance Community discussion forums cover topics related to best practices for energy auditing and retrofitting.

NRCan: Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships For Builders
NRCan provides the Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships (LEEP) service to builders to help them reduce their time and risk in finding and trying innovations that can help them build higher performance homes better, faster and more affordably.
Mutimedia & Visual

Better Buildings Better Business: Conference Presentations
Better Buildings Better Business offers online access to past presentations from their annual conference on energy efficiency.

BPC: Online Videos on Building Performance
Building Performance Community has online videos cover a wide range of topics relative to home performance.

CEA: Online Videos on Building Energy Efficient Homes
Community Energy Association online videos provide brief overviews of why home energy efficiency is important and how can it be achieved in every new build.

IMT: Top Energy Efficiency E-Learning Resources of 2018
Institute for Market Transformation provides access to their top 2018 e-courses, webinar presentations, and online discussions that provide a window into best efficiency practices, case studies, technology, and financing.

NRCan: Online Videos On Energy & Efficiency
Natural Resources CaNada online videos on YouTube cover topics on energy and energy efficiency.

NREL: Gallery Of Images, Photos & Videos Related To Renewable Energy
US National Renewable Energy Laboratory Image Gallery, is a collection of photographs, scientific images, and videos related to renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

RESNET: Presentations From 2001-2009 Building Performance Conferences
US Residential Energy Services Network offers online access to 2009 conference presentations on home energy auditing and home energy rating. Links to presentations from their 2001 to 2008 conferences can be found at bottom of page.

RESNET: Presentations From Past Building Performance Conferences
Residential Energy Services Network, the trade association for the residential building performance industry, offers online slide shows and documents from presentations made at their industry conferences held in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

US DOE: Online Videos On Energy Topics
US Department of Energy online videos on You Tube cover various topics on energy and energy efficiency.

Energy Circle: 9 Building Science & Energy Efficiency Blogs To Read
Energy Circle lists the nine blogs they've been reading to keep up to date on building science knowledge and energy efficiency news.

Energy Design Update: Subscription Newsletter On Energy Efficient Technologies
Energy Design Update newsletter presents unbiased news and advice about developments in technology and regulation, objective product reviews, design and building tips, practical research reports, and tutorials. $1740 USD

US DOE: Blog Series on Advanced Building Construction
US Department of Energy new blog series Advanced Building Construction seeks to address several long-standing challenges that have kept new and existing buildings from unlocking their full potential to reduce energy. The first post provides an overview, with other posts focusing on opportunities to improve new construction, off-site/prefabricated components, workforce needs, and next generation building materials among other related topics.
Technical Reports

Building America: Data Portal For Energy Efficiency Research & Reports
Building America has been performing research in residential energy efficiency for more than 20 years. Their online Data Portal makes this research more available, utilized and searchable.

Building America: Online Presentations From 2013 Technical Update Meeting
US Department of Energy provides online access to presentations on high performance homes and technology from the 2013 Technical Update meeting of the Building America program. The presentations cover eight key critical questions including retrofitting, ventilation for multi and single family, electric homes, HVAC, air distribution, modeling, and heat pump water heaters.

NRCan: Online Publications On Energy Related Topics
Natural Resources Canada provides online Energy Efficiency publications covering energy efficiency products, housing, buildings, industry, statistics & analysis, reports, transportation, and more.

US DOE: Presentations From Better Buildings Summit
US Department of Energy allows you to access presentations from their recent From Better Buildings Summit. These include resilience project financing, grid-interactive efficient buildings, communications strategies, energy security planning, and more.

WSU: Factsheets & Guides On Energy Efficiency
Washington State University Energy Program has online factsheets, guides, and information on energy efficiency for homes, buildings, and industry.
Web Sites

EEBA: Energy & Environmental Resources
Energy & Environmental Building Alliance supplies publications, reports, articles, EEBA Building Criteria for a quality house, and success stories covering new and renovation construction methods, building envelope, mechanical and other systems, indoor environment, green building and solar.

Energy Live News: Resource Site On Energy Efficiency News
Energy Live News offers up to date news and comments on all aspects of energy efficiency, from power generation to transport, building design and policy.

Energy Star: Resources For Energy Efficient Products & Buildings
Energy Star provides information and resources for energy efficient products, new homes, renovations, and larger buildings and plants.

Energy Vanguard: Blog On Building Science & Energy Efficiency
The author of the Energy Vanguard blog, Allison Bailes of Decatur, Georgia, is a RESNET-accredited energy consultant and trainer. He performs heat loss calculations, provides HERS rating services, and provides rater training and Energy Star training, among other services. His blog covers a wide range of building science topics relating to energy efficiency and green building.

NRCan: Online Guides on Keeping The Heat In
Natural Resources Canada is testing their new online format of the Keeping the Heat In guides.

NRCan: Resource Site On Energy Efficiency Homes
Natural Resources Canada now offers information and energy-efficient practices and products for homeowners, homebuyers and homebuilders. A more energy-efficient home is a more comfortable home that can save you money on utility bills while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Natural Resources Canada's EnerGuide Rating System, ENERGY STAR for New Homes and R-2000 initiatives help Canadians make good decisions when it comes to choosing energy-efficient homes. These initiatives also provide industry professionals and other stakeholders with tools and services to create a sustainable market for energy-efficient homes.

Seventhwave: Resources On Energy Use & Efficiency
Seventhwave (formerly Energy Center of Wisconsin) offers energy efficiency publications including reports, papers and presentations and fact sheets.

US DOE EERE: Resource Site On Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
US Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy offers a wide range of consumer and industry information.

US DOE: Resource Site On Energy Efficient Technology
US Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Emerging Technologies Program offers resources on energy efficient technology including appliances; building envelope; windows, skylites and doors; space heating and cooling; water heating; lighting; sensors and controls; building energy modeling; buildings to grid integration; and codes and standards.

US DOE: Search For Energy Education Resources
US Department of Energy online Education Toolbox allows users to find energy education resources such as videos, energy basics, lesson plans, and learning activities, which meet their specific needs.

Vancouver: How We Are Helping You Go Green
City of Vancouver provides resources on how to reduce your carbon footprint, and help green the city including programs to help reduce your footprint, opportunities for students and green volunteer opportunities.
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