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BC Gov: 2018 Energy Efficiency Standards Amendments for Products
BC Government has issued the regulatory bulletin Energy Efficiency Standards Regulation Amendment that includes new and updated standards for to gas fireplaces, split-system heat pumps, fenestration, general services lighting, and consumer battery charging systems. (PDF)

BC Gov: Energy Efficiency Act & Standards
BC Government displays the current Energy Efficiency Act and Energy Efficiency Standards Regulation that includes interpretation, energy device, prescribed date, persons and agencies designated to test and verify, labels, placement of label, prescribed efficiency standards, testing and verification of energy devices, repealed, and exemption.

Canada Gov: Amending the Energy Efficiency Regulations
This Canadian government amendment would introduce or update minimum energy performance standards, testing standards, and reporting requirements to improve the energy efficiency of nine residential and commercial product categories, two of which are not currently regulated federally. Specifically, the Amendment is designed to (a) introduce minimum energy performance standards, labelling and reporting requirements for two new product categories; (b) introduce more stringent minimum energy performance standards and/or update testing standards for six currently regulated product categories; and (c) introduce reporting requirements for one new product category.

NRCan: 2016 Amendment 13 to Product Energy Efficiency Regulations
NRCan says Amendment 13 to the Energy Efficiency Regulations was published in the Canada Gazette, on December 28, 2016 and comes in to force six months after publication on June 28, 2017. These update existing energy efficiency standards for 20 product categories to align with requirements in force or soon to be in force in the US.

NRCan: Canadian Collaboration On Energy Efficiency Standards
Natural Resources Canada report Encouraging Market Transformation Through Collaboration on Energy Efficiency Standards defines how federal, provincial and territorial governments can collaborate to achieve greater harmonization on energy efficiency standards. The framework outlines: A set of common goals that energy efficiency standards support; The principles that define an effective and coordinated regulatory system and guide the development of joint priorities; and The way forward to implement the framework. (PDF)

NRCan: Canadian Energy Efficiency Regulations & Standards
Natural Resources Canada provides information on Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations including a guide, regulation announcements, bulletins, importer's corner, FAQ and links, list of contacts, and energy efficiency reports.

NRCan: Canadian Energy Efficiency Regulations For Products
National Resources Canada provides an introduction to Canadian energy efficiency regulations for products, and gives technical requirements for appliances, DHW heaters, HVAC systems, lighting, and other energy-consuming products.

NRCan: Canadian Regulatory Process For Energy Efficiency Regulations
Natural REsources Canada outlines the regulatory process for Canada's Energy Efficiency Act that provides for making and enforcement of regulations concerning minimum energy performance levels for energy-using products, as well as the labelling of energy-using products and the collection of data on energy use.

NRCan: Energy Efficiency Regulations by Province
NRCan lists energy efficiency regulations for energy-using products in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

NRCan: Forward Regulatory Plan For Energy Efficiency 2019 - 2021
Natural Resources Canada, between 2019 and 2021, intends to propose a series of amendments to the Energy Efficiency Regulations, with the approximate timing for pre-publication as noted here.

NRCan: Guide To Energy Efficiency Regulations In Canada
Natural Resources Canada lists details and procedures for energy efficiency regulations for various appliances and building products.

NRCan: Market Transformation for Energy-Using Equipment
NRCan report Market Transformation Strategies for Energy-Using Equipment in the Building Sector outlines the federal governmentís goals and timelines for Net-zero ready new homes, a code for existing buildings and an energy labeling program for all buildings by 2030. (PDF)

NRCan: Market Transformation for Windows, Space Heating, Water Heating
NRCan describes the market transformation roadmap for windows, space heating and water heating technologies, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote the adoption of clean technology.
Standards & Labels

CFA: Energy Efficiency Standards Correct Market Failures & Save Money
Consumer Federation of America report Energy Efficiency Performance Standards: The Cornerstone of Consumer-Friendly Energy Policy, shows consumers could save about a thousand dollars on annual household energy costs if energy-efficiency performance standards were more prevalent and better understood. (PDF)

CSA: Free Access To Canadian Energy Efficiency Standards
CSA Energy Efficiency Standards Portal provides No-Fee access to the suite of CSA Energy Efficiency Standards. It has links mapping Canadian Federal, Provincial Energy Efficiency Regulators and the respective CSA Standards referenced in legislation. CSA Energy Efficiency Standards are publicly available for use and reference to promote harmonized requirements between jurisdictions and internationally. Note that free site registration is required.

Electrical Business: Call For Cooperation On International Energy Standards
Electrical Business magazine article says cooperation on international standards to promote energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions was given a boost by a workshop in France in March that brought together 290 experts from the public and private sector. Topics discussed included requirements and challenges related to energy efficiency and related standardization work in a variety of fields: industrial systems, power generation, buildings, electrical and electronic appliances, networks and data centres, transport and energy management.

EnerGuide: Canadian Energy Efficiency Labelling Programs
Natural Resources Canada describes the EnerGuide efficiency ratings system for appliances, heating & cooling equipment, houses, and vehicles.

Energy Star: Resources For Energy Efficient Products & Buildings
Energy Star provides information and resources for energy efficient products, new homes, renovations, and larger buildings and plants.

LBL: International Development Of Energy Efficiency Standards & Labeling Programs
US Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory report International Review of the Development and Implementation of Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling Programs compares some of the earliest and most well-developed standards and labeling L programs in three countries and one region: the U.S. MEPS and ENERGY STAR, Australia MEPS and Energy Label, European Union MEPS and Ecodesign requirements and Energy Label and Japanese Top Runner programs. (PDF)

NRCan: Canadian Information & Resources On Energy Star
Natural REsources Canada offers information on Energy Star qualified products, FAQ, EnerGuide, news, procurement, promotion & use of symbol, rebates & incentives, and links to more information.

NRCan: Federal-Provincial Collaboration on Energy Efficiency Standards
NRCan report Encouraging Market Transformation Through Collaboration on Energy Efficiency Standards, Federal-Provincial-Territorial Action Plans describes plans for collaboration on energy efficiency standards, including joint priorities for new and updated standards, and areas to improve regulatory development, implementation and transparency. (PDF)

NRCan: North American Energy Efficiency Standards & Labelling
Natural Resources Canada updates progress on product energy efficiency standards in Canada, US, and Mexico. It describes why standards and labelling programs are effective instruments in meeting energy-efficiency goals, different processes and contexts for these programs, and where commonalities and differences exist. The report will serve as an important reference document and guide for participants in international trade and research. (PDF)

REW: Energy Star Failings Are Much Ado About Something
Real Energy Writers says as suspected, Energy Star appliances do not always live up to their energy savings claims, according to preliminary results of laboratory tests reported his week by the US Department of Energy.

US DOE: Comparison Of Energy Consumption To Models
US Department of Energy study Comparison of Real World Energy Consumption to Models and Department of Energy Test Procedures investigated the real-world energy performance of appliances and equipment as it compared with models and test procedures. (PDF)

US Gov: 2009 Audit Report On Management Of Energy Star Program
US Department of Energy audit of the Energy Star program showed the department had not implemented planned improvements in the ENERGY STAR Program. The audit revealed that officials had not: developed a formal quality assurance program to help ensure that product specifications were adhered to; effectively monitored the use of the ENERGY STAR label to ensure that only qualifying products were labeled as compliant; formalized procedures for establishing and revising product specifications and for documenting decisions regarding those specifications. (PDF)
Costs & Savings

NRCan: Online Energy Savings Calculators
NRCan has two Energy Star calculators that will estimate energy, cost and emissions savings on your Energy Star certified equipment.
Product Listings & Search

BC Hydro: eCatalog Listing Of Energy Efficient Products For Businesses
BC Hydro Power Smart provides a searchable database of energy efficient products and suppliers of lighting, controls, HVAC, industrial products, computers, and more.

Builder Magazine: 2015 Builder Brand Use Study Highlights Energy-Efficient Brands
Builder Magazine survey says those in the building industry across the country to find what brands are most trusted by builders. This study highlights which brands are most familiar, most used, and pinpoints the highest quality rating for every product category from kitchen cabinets to central vacuums.

Building America: Top Innovations That Advance High Performance Homes
Building America researchers have worked directly with more than 300 US production home builders and have boosted the performance of more than 42,000 new homes. They describe more than 30 game-changing building achievements from the years 1995 through 2012 as Building America Top Innovations.

Energy Star: Most Efficient Energy Star Products
Energy Star new Most Efficient designation recognizes the most efficient products among those that qualify for the Energy Star.

Energy Star: Online Energy Star Product Finder
Energy Star provides online search for Energy Star product models and allows you to compare features, savings and more.

IdeaScale: Energy Efficiency Crowdsourcing Community
Idea Scale is the Oak Ridge National Laboratory site where researchers, product developers, and deployment teams can freely collaborate and provide feedback on cutting-edge building energy efficiency technologies and give a voice to new ideas that could develop into the market's next big thing.

NRCan: Current Years Most Efficient Energy Star Products In Canada
Natural Resources Canada lists the most efficient Energy Star products in Canada for the current year.

NRCan: List Of Canadian Energy Star Approved Products
NRCan explains Energy Star ratings & approval criteria and offers product listings for appliances, HVAC, lighting, consumer electronics, windows & doors, new homes, commercial & industrial products, and more.

NRCan: Searchable Energy Efficient Product List
Natural Resources Canada online searchable energy efficient product list allows you to compare products and pick the model that suits your needs.

NREL: Online Technology Performance Exchange
US National Renewable Energy Laboratory online tool gives manufacturer and third-party data to consumers and the trade for products in 17 categories from lighting to photovoltaics and to HVAC.

US DOE: New Energy Saving Products & Technologies
US Department of Energy report showcases numerous energy-saving products and technologies, made possible through DOE research and development, which are currently available in the market or projected to enter the marketplace in the future. (PDF)
Product Selection

NRCan: Compare Product Models Energy Efficiency
NRCan online searchable product model listings allow you to compare the energy efficiency of different models. Products are identified as Energy Star qualified and/or regulated in Canada under the Energy Efficiency Regulations. Many products can carry an EnerGuide label, used by consumers to compare energy efficiency.

NRCan: Energy Star Purchasing Guide
Natural Resources Canada online Energy Star Purchasing Guide contains an implementation plan for energy-efficient purchasing, tools on making the business case for Energy Star qualified products, and more. (PDF)

NRCan: Guide To Purchasing Energy Efficient Products
Natural Resources Canada online guide was developed to make it easier for you to purchase energy-efficient products. Tools in this guide help address common purchasing barriers, including lack of information, first-cost bias and life-cycle cost-analysis requirements.

NRCan: How Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships Works
Natural Resources Canada says Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships (LEEP) program accelerates energy efficient construction by enabling builders and renovators to reduce their time and risk finding and trying innovations that can help them build and renovate higher performing homes better, faster and more affordably.

NRCan: LEEP Technology Guides
NRCan online LEEP Technology Guides were produced as a direct result of builder experiences, or those developed in response to LEEP builder group requests to help them move forward to use new technologies they pulled through the LEEP process.
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