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EurekAlert: Poor Air Quality Kills 5.5 Million Worldwide Annually
EurekAlert says new research shows that more than 5.5 million people die prematurely every year due to household and outdoor air pollution.

Fraser Institute: Canada's Air Quality Since 1970 Is An Environmental Success Story
Fraser Institute study Canada's Air Quality Since 1970: An Environmental Success Story examines the evolution of air quality in Canada from the 1970s onward and looks at how the current state of air quality compares to the stringent standards established by Canadian government policy. The conclusion is that air quality in Canada has improved substantially and that this significant change over the past four decades occurred at the same time there was considerable growth in Canada’s population, economic activity, energy use, and consumption of motor fuel.

Fraser Institute: Canada’s Air Quality Among Best in World
Fraser Institute says Canadians can breathe easy knowing our air quality is among the world’s best. According to a recent study, Canada ranks first and 4th out of 33 high-income OECD countries (i.e. the richest and cleanest countries in the world) on two key air quality measures.

Fraser Institute: Canadian Environmental Indicators, Air Quality
Fraser Institute report Canadian Environmental Indicators, Air Quality looks at the state of air quality in Canada and examines air quality data, as well as standards and regulatory mechanisms already in force in Canada to determine whether local air quality is getting better or worse, and how it compares to the clean-air targets in place across the country. (PDF)

Fraser Institute: Economic Freedom & Air Quality
Fraser Institute paper Economic Freedom and & Air Quality examines a multicountry data set for over a hundred countries spanning a period from 2000 to 2010 to identify the relationship between economic freedom and two environmental indicators (concentrations of fine particulate matter and carbon dioxide emissions). (PDF)

LBNL: Method To Estimate Chronic Health Impact Of Air Pollutants In US Residences
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory report A Method to Estimate the Chronic Health Impact of Air Pollutants in US Residences describes a methodology to quantify and compare health impacts from Indoor air pollutants. (PDF)
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