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Green Biz: The State Of Green Business 2016
Green Biz report The State of Green Business 2016 is their annual assessment of corporate sustainability trends and metrics. This year it says the good news is that there's some good news, and that bad news is getting, well, less bad. Free registration required.

GreenBiz: Green Business Execs Reveal Their Greatest Ambitions For 2017
GreenBiz asked members of their Executive Network what their biggest ambitions are for their company sustainability efforts in 2017.
Industry Sectors

Natural Step Canada: Help Businesses Implement Sustainability
Natural Step Canada is a non-profit organization providing advisory and training services to help community and business leaders integrate social, environmental and economic decision making into their operations.
Information Sources

2 Degrees: Online Sustainable Business Community
2degrees is a collaborative community, online and off, of sustainability professionals working to solve problems in their companies and value chains.

BSD Global: Resource Site On Business & Sustainable Development
International Institute for Sustainable Development site explains strategies and tools for companies to put sustainability into practice including case studies, current issues, strategies & tools, markets, banking & investment, working with NGOs, and training opportunities.

Green Biz: Resource Site On Sustainable Business
Resource site for businesses with green articles, events, jobs, news, hot topics, reports, how-to resources, and more.

Green Business Canada: Magazine On Green Concepts For Businesses
Green Business Canada magazine helps Canadians share ideas and initiatives promoting green concepts and environmentally friendly business objectives.

Green Buzz: Newsletter On Resources For Green Business
Free e-mail newsletter from Green Biz covers green business news, reviews, tips and resources.

Sustainable Business: News & Resource On Green Business
Sustainable Business provides global news and networking services to help green business grow, covering all sectors: renewable energy, green building, sustainable investing, and organics.

CBoC: Integrate Sustainability Into Your Company Strategies
Conference Board of Canada online video on Facebook provides valuable insights, tips and best practices on how to better integrate sustainability into your company strategies and culture.

Dovetail: Greening A Company
Dovetail report describes how Cities Management, a 30-year-old property management company in Minneapolis, increased its profitably to 10-18% in a industry that typically averages 3-6% and realized annual cost savings of $4,300 per employee. It instituted green business practices company-wide, beginning with simple steps like recycling and more efficient use of paper, and that ultimately created a culture that values sustainability.

Environmental Leader: 6 Benefits of Becoming a Sustainable Business
Environmental Leader says research shows that sustainability has real business benefits when conscientiously integrated into business operations.

For Construction Pros: How A Builder Cements A Sustainability Message
For Construction Pros describes how Webcor Builders identified green building's high quality and efficiency characteristics as client benefits and adopted a company-wide focus on sustainable construction.

Green Biz: Dalai Lama On Responsibility of Business
Green Biz says the Dalai Lama suggests taking the holistic view, even in your specific field of business and the economy, is best. Economics means dealing with humanity, and the situation of humanity changes century by century, year by year. Once they understand that reality is constantly changing and that everything is interconnected, leaders begin to realize that they have to keep the consequences of all their actions always in mind.

SustainAbility: 20 Business Models For Sustainability
SustainAbility report 20 Business Models For Sustainability explores the role and practice of business model innovation in the context of sustainability. It breaks down innovative models, trying to better understand their origins, mechanics and implications. It hopes to induce more focused conversation about business model innovation, delving deeper into how such innovation comes about.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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