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Basics & Theory

AIA: Top Ten Green Projects Of Recent Years
American Institute of Architects provides descriptions of their Top 10 Green Projects for each year from 1997, as chosen by the AIA Committee on the Environment, from electronic submission of built projects.

Manitoba Hydro: New Green Office Building
Manitoba Hydro provides details of it's newly constructed world class 22 story state of the art office building with green features in architecture and indoor environmental quality.

NREI: Photo Gallery: The World's 14 Tallest Green Buildings
National Real Estate Investor says as green building technology advances, architects and developers are creating buildings that aren't just boldly innovative, but are increasingly bigger and taller. Here are the 14 tallest from around the world.

Straube: Slide Show On Why & What Of Green Building
Canadian Dr John Straube presents slide show presentation covering green buillding definitions & semantics, product & process, and goals & strategies. (PDF)

Trim Tab: 18 New Living Buildings
International Living Future Institute describes 18 Living Building Challenge projects that operate as beautifully and efficiently as nature.
Education & Training

Building Green: LEED 101 Syllabus For Green Building Coursework
Building Green online LEED 101: A Syllabus Supplement for Green Building Coursework provides professors and students with content on LEED from BuildingGreen, LEEDuser, and other relevant resources.

IFMA: Sustainability Facility Professional
International Facility Management Association offers the Sustainability Facility Professional credential that is a building certification and rating system that aims to help professionals manage and operate sustainable facilities.

USGBC: Courses On Green Building Topics
US Green Building Council lists their various courses on a wide range of green building and energy efficiency topics.
Industry Information

CaGBC: Building Lasting Change 2020 Expo
Canada Green Building Council presents it's annual expo Building Lasting Change 2020 (formerly known as the CaGBC National Conference and Expo). It will be held at the Toronto Beanfield Centre, June 3-5, 2020. This year's event examines providing solutions and exploring opportunities around how we can collectively take action through retrofit and zero-carbon buildings, and resilient design and adaptation that enhances the well-being of building occupants and the livability of our communities.. Participants will have access to the latest knowledge and insights from Canadian and global experts in green building design and retrofits, government policy, real estate finance, market transformation, and technology innovation. It is the premier green building event that connects sustainably-minded businesses, organizations and individuals, and encourages them to look beyond their day to day work and embrace the bigger picture.

Environmental Leader: 10 Reasons Sustainable/Energy Retrofits Of Commercial Buildings Will Be Next Big Thing
Environmental Leader describes substantial market forces that are positioning sustainable/energy retrofits of commercial buildings to be the next big thing.

Facilities Net: Speculative Office Buildings Go Green For Profits
Facilities Net explains how going GREEN means more than conserving energy or taking stock in a healthier environment. It can also mean big profits for developers and owners. Take for instance, the recent sale of two Chicago office buildings - a sale that generated an unheard of 144 million dollar profit.

GBA: Study Finds That Green Certification Reaps Rewards
Green Building Advisor says a study of commercial real estate suggests that investing in green features makes for happier tenants who are willing to pay higher rents.

Greenbuild: US Green Building Council Conference & Expo
Greenbuild is the premier event for sustainable building. Featuring three exhilarating days of uplifting speakers, unmatched networking opportunities, showcases, LEED workshops and tours of green buildings, Greenbuild offers a place for thousands to gather and renew their commitment to the green movement.

Huffington: Six Myths Of Sustainable Design
Huffington Post surveyed hundreds of architects and designers to understand the obstacles to going green, and summarizes the six misperceptions that emerged about sustainable design.

RDH: Developing Roadmap To Low-Carbon Buildings
RDH Building Engineering discusses how governments and consumer associations can transform the market to achieve deep reductions in greenhouse gases from buildings, while making buildings more affordable and creating thousands of jobs.

REMI: Green Certified Buildings Outperform Non-Green Buildings
REMI Network says an international research team concluded that there is strong evidence that buildings with sustainable certification outperform similar non-green buildings in terms of rental rates, occupancy levels, tenant satisfaction scores, and the probability of lease renewals.

SAB: LEED Canada Buildings Review
SAB Magazine report LEED Canada Buildings in Review, is a public record of all buildings and interiors in Canada that have obtained LEED certification. Choose to view report from 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 or [2013/2009] (PDF)

WBCSD: Facts & Trends In Energy Efficiency In Buildings
World Business Council for Sustainable Development report "Energy Efficiency in Buildings: Business Realities and Opportunities." says lack of green building know-how creates a major barrier to more energy efficiency in the building sector. (PDF)
Industry Sectors

CaGBC: Canada Green Building Council
Canada Green Building Council offers links to research, standards, funding, renewable energy, IAQ, materials, water resources, life cycle assessment, economics, & many other green sites.

CRGBC: Alaska, Washington, Oregon & BC Green Building Coalition
Cascadia Green Building Coalition promotes design, construction and operation of buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live and work in Alaska, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.

Parksmart: Sustainable Parking Practices
Parksmart defines and recognizes sustainable practices in parking structure management, programming, design and technology. Industry-driven and field tested, Parksmart distinguishes the forward-thinking parking facilities shaping tomorrow's sustainable mobility network.

USGBC: US Green Building Council
US Green Building Council represents every sector of the building industry that is working to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy places to live and work.

WorldGBC: World Green Building Council
World Green Building Council works to transform the property industry towards sustainability through its members, the national Green Building Councils.
Information Sources

BOMA BC: Energy & Environmental Information Hub
BOMA BC online Energy & Environmental Information Hub is a place where you can find real world examples of sustainability initiatives and get insight into how these projects were implemented, things to be cautious of, and key elements to ensure your project is successful.

BOMA BC: Green Buildings Resource Site
Building Owners & Managers Association of BC provides information and resources on green buildings including Green Buildings Foundation, total waste management, saving energy, BOMA BESt, e-Energy training, resources, news, energy express newsletter, Energy Management Program, and EMP-Challenge.

CaGBC: Database Of Canadian LEED Projects
Canada Green Building Council online LEED Project Profiles database showcases the 4000+ LEED projects currently registered and certified in Canada, including project case studies and high resolution photos, as well as a team list and summary of each certified project and its features.

CAGBC: Resource Site On LEED4 Canada
Canada Green Building Council site provides resources on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED4) which is a third-party certification program and an internationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings.

NRDC: Planning & Resource Site For Energy Efficient Buildings
US Natural Resource Defence Council shows how building energy efficient buildings can boost your bottom line, gives tips for streamlining design and construction, offers strategies that deliver the biggest paybacks, and ways to get your project noticed.
Issues & Performance

ArchDaily: Is It Time For Anti-LEED?
ArchDaily says the LEED rating systems were a great idea in the beginning, but they have become a symbol of all that is wrong with green building today. Getting a LEED rating is slow, difficult, and expensive, and the rating is skewed heavily to Gizmo Green solutions that are completely ignorant of where the building is being built, and for whom.

ASHRAE BC: Standard 189.1 For High-Performance Green Buildings
ASHRAE BC online slide show presentation describes Standard 189.1 for High-Performance Green Buildings, how to differentiate it from green building rating systems, how to identify mandatory provisions, and the two compliance path options (prescriptive and performance) and their associated provisions in the standard. (PDF)

ASHRAE: Standard 189.1-2014 For High-Performance Green Buildings
Published by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, in conjunction with the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America and the U.S. Green Building Council, Standard 189.1-2014, Standard for the Design of High-Performance, Green Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings, is the first code-intended commercial green building standard in the United States. (PDF)

BOMA BESt: Commercial Building Environmental Standards
Building Owners & Managers Association of Canada offers the BOMA BESt, an evolution of their previous Go Green program. BESt stands for Building Environmental Standards, and represents the direction of commercial real estate industry in Canada and BOMA in providing mechanisms for common practices across the industry.

CaGBC: LEED v4 Canadian Alternative Compliance Paths Now Available
Canada Green Building Council describes LEED v4 Alternative Compliance Paths (known as ACPs) for Canadian projects. (PDF)

CaGBC: New LEED Complete Program To Measure Building Performance
Canadian Green Building Council plans to measure energy performance after construction to help to ensure that buildings operate at optimum efficiency. The new LEED Complete evaluation system gives developers a - first-level certification - once design of building is completed and assessed by LEED experts. Second level certification is based on completion of construction of building. After building has operated for a year, it will be evaluated again on its performance.

CaGBC: Zero Carbon Building Standard
Canada Green Building Council new Zero Carbon Building Standard is Canada's first green building program to make carbon emissions the key indicator. It champions the move to lower-carbon commercial, institutional and high-rise residential buildings.

Dovetail: Understanding LEED v4 Changes & Implications For Use Of Wood
Dovetail online report LEED v4: Understanding the Changes, Implications for Use of Wood examines three of the standards within LEED v4: 1) Building Design and Construction: New Construction and Major Renovation, 2) Interior Design and Construction: Commercial Interiors, and 3) Building Design and Construction: Multifamily Midrise. For all of these standards, changes to the Materials and Resources and Indoor Environmental categories are identified, and ways in which changes may impact the use of wood in building construction are discussed.

EAC: Green Building Rating System For Smaller Commercial Buildings
Earth Advantage Commercial is a new green building certification program for smaller commercial buildings.

EEN: 2009 LEED Ratings To Emphasize Energy Conservation & Climate
Environmental News Network article says U.S. Green Building Council is remodeling its LEED rating system for buildings, giving greater weight to design elements that reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

ENN: LEED AP Credential Program Overhauled
Environmental News article says the Green Building Certification Institute, the organization that administers the LEED AP credential, has announced substantial revisions to the program. After June 2009, existing LEED APs will have to opt in to an updated version of the program with continuing education requirements, while aspiring LEED APs will find that accreditation requirements have become more rigorous.

GBA: Looking At Costs Of LEED Version 4
Green Building Advisor says LEED version 4 raises questions about the costs and benefits of compliance.

GBCI: Green Business Certification Inc. For LEED
Green Business Certification Inc. is the only certification and credentialing body within the green business and sustainability industry to exclusively administer project certifications and professional credentials and certificates of LEED, PEER, WELL, and GRESB and serves as a resource for the building industry providing access to tools, directories and information.

GBI: Green Globes Program On Green Building Guidance
The Green Building Initiative offers Green Globes, a green building guidance and assessment program that offers a practical and affordable way to advance the environmental performance and sustainability of a wide variety of commercial building types. It is suitable for new construction and major renovation building projects.

GreenBiz: 4 Ways LEED v4 Will Change Business
Green Biz says few manufacturers like to consider a future in which answering these new LEED v4 questions is a basic requirement of market entry: what is the life cycle environmental impact of your product; where and how do you get your raw materials; what is in your product; is any of it hazardous?

GSA: US Federal Green Buildings Perform Better
US General Services Administration report Green Building Performance says sustainably designed federal buildings cost 19% less to maintain, use 25% less energy, consume 11% less water and emit more than one-third less carbon dioxide than conventionally designed buildings. The study also found occupant satisfaction to be significantly higher in sustainable buildings. (PDF)

ICC: International Green Construction Code For Commercial Buildings
International Code Council new International Green Construction Code is an integrated green code for traditional and high-performance commercial buildings.

ILBI: Living Building Challenge 3.0
International Living Building Institute initiative The Living Building Challenge defines the most advanced measure of sustainability in the built environment possible today and acts to diminish the gap between current limits and ideal solutions. (PDF)

LEEDuser: LEED Must Be Updated To Address Climate Change
LEEDuser says if LEED does not incorporate deep CO2 reductions as a requirement, it will fail its most important test of leadership.

LEEDuser: Site Guides Teams In LEED Certification
LEEDuser provides credit-by-credit guidance for teams working on LEED certification. Included are clear descriptions of credit requirements, tips to streamline LEED submissions, online calculators, and online user forums related to specific credits. LEEDuser facilitates LEED certification for projects using the five recently launched LEED 2009 rating systems: New Construction, Core & Shell, Schools, Commercial Interiors, and Existing Buildings Operations & Maintenance.

Light House: Comparison Of LEED NC & Build Green For Part 3 Buildings
Light House Sustainable Building Centre study Comparative Analysis of Green Building Rating System LEED NC vs Build Green provides a comparative analysis to examine the relative effectiveness of the LEED-NC Canada 2009 Gold standard and Built Green Gold standard for Part 3 buildings, and and how they deliver on the City of Vancouver's sustainability goals. (PDF)

NRC: Green Buildings Outperform Conventional Buildings
National Research Council of Canada completed the report Do Green Buildings Outperform Conventional Buildings: Indoor Environment & Energy Performance In North American Offices, It concludes: Green buildings exhibited superior indoor environment performance compared to similar conventional buildings; A variety of physical features led to improved occupant outcomes across all buildings; Green building rating systems might benefit from further attention in several areas; On average, LEED buildings exhibited lower total energy use intensity than similar conventional buildings. (PDF)

USGBC: Buildings Seeking LEED To Provide Performance Data
US Green Building Council announced on June 25, 2009 that as part of LEED v3 buildings seeking LEED certification will begin submitting operational performance data for energy and water usage on a recurring basis as a precondition to certification.

USGBC: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
US Green Building Council developed the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System as a voluntary, national standard for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings.

USGBC: New LEED v4.1 Rating System
US Green Building Council LEED v4.1 is the newest update to the LEED rating systems. In a world that is constantly evolving, one of the hallmarks of LEED is continuous improvement. With each new version, LEED raises the bar on the green building industry. From improving energy performance to emphasizing human health and integrative building design, LEED encourages project teams to operate beyond the status quo. Enter LEED v4.1: our most inclusive and transparent platform to date. LEED v4.1 is bigger, stronger, bolder: Bigger: LEED v4.1 is for all – it is more inclusive with updated referenced standards and allows projects to earn LEED points through building performance monitoring. Stronger: LEED v4.1 continues to drive performance, fully integrating performance outcomes supported by new methodologies and a simple data-driven path to measure performance on an ongoing basis. Bolder: Lessons learned from those using LEED have led us to take a deeper look at existing buildings, residential projects and cities to develop solutions that address unique markets.

USGBC: Online Catalogue Of Strategies For LEED Innovation & Design Credits
US Green Building Council LEED Green Building Rating System offers an online Innovation & Design Credit Catalogue, a listing of proven green building strategies that have been submitted and utilized by LEED Certified projects.

Vancouver City: New Building Rezonings Required To Be LEED Gold
Vancouver City Council approved a policy that requires all new building rezonings to be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold standard, the highest green building standard for rezonings in North America. The change takes effect January 31, 2011. (PDF)

Arc: Tool To Measure Performance Against Other Projects
Arc is a digital platform that allows any project, whether a single building, a community or an entire city, to measure improvements and benchmark against itself and projects around it.

ASHRAE Green Guide: Design, Construction, Operation Of Sustainable Buildings
ASHRAE sells GreenGuide: Design, Construction, and Operation of Sustainable Buildings, for $128 USD. Using an integrated, building systems perspective, it gives you the need-to-know information on what to do, where to turn, what to suggest, and how to interact with other members of the design team in a productive way. Information is provided on each stage of the building process, from planning to operation and maintenance of a facility, with emphasis on teamwork and close coordination among interested parties.

ASHRAE: Purchasable Performance Measurement Guide For Commercial Buildings
ASHRAE sells Performance Measurement Protocols for Commercial Buildings: Best Practices Guide. It provides tools and techniques for measuring, managing and improving the performance of a facility as demonstrated by its energy and water use and indoor environmental quality. It serves as the how-to guide for continuously evaluating and improving the performance of commercial buildings throughout their service life. The book provides specific best practices in the areas of energy use, water use and four elements of indoor environmental quality: thermal comfort, indoor air quality (IAQ), lighting/daylighting and acoustics. $109 USD

Automated Buildings: Technology Can Teach Occupants About Sustainability
Automated Buildings describes how technology can transform a school's building data into usable information, introduced into the learning environment, and carry with it the message of energy conservation and sustainability.

BD&C: What Europeans Know About Sustainable Design That We Don't
Building Design & Construction magazine article says although North American green building practices and technology have come a long way in the past 15 years, that Western European architects, engineers, and builders are ahead of us.

Building Green: Occupant Engagement
Environmental Building News describes successful occupant engagement strategies, which fall into three main categories: designing for feedback, transforming social norms, and creating incentives.

Building Science: Highly Glazed Building Facades Are Not Green
Building Science insight by Dr. John Straube says although it is well accepted that green buildings are above all low energy consumption buildings, there is a mistaken belief, almost a myth, that buildings with large expanses of glass are somehow green.

CaGBC: LEED Canada for Existing Building Operation & Maintenance
Canada Green Building Council is offering LEED Canada for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance 2009 (LEED Canada EB:O&M) program.

CMHC: Methodology For Sustainable Rehab Of Chinatown Society Buildings
CMHC study proposes an economically, environmentally and culturally sustainable approach to rehabilitation of four Chinatown society buildings that were built by benevolent societies and family clan associations to offer housing and assistance to community members. (PDF)

Contractor Resource: Purchasable Contractors Guide To Green Building Construction
Contractor Resource sells the Purchasable Contractors Guide To Green Building Construction book that guides you through important considerations at all phases of a green construction project, including: bidding & contracting, managing green design when the contractor works as a design builder, subcontracting, procurement, construction management, and project commissioning & closeout. $95 USD

CPM: Office Properties Set High Green Standards
Canadian Property Management says every year tens of millions of square feet of corporate real estate are renovated, with about 80 per cent of waste, including furniture, equipment, IT, office supplies and some building materials ending up in the landfill. Socially responsible options are now available to property managers that will help them serve communities and benefit their sustainability reporting, which in turn will help engage both stakeholders and tenants.

CRGBC: Investigating Market Value Of High Performance Green Buildings
Study of office buildings in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver, BC by the Cascadia Region Green Building Council, the Vancouver Valuation Accord and Cushman & Wakefield identifies how high-performance green features and systems can increase the value of commercial buildings. (PDF)

EcoSmart: Pilot Of Building Performance Evaluation
EcoSmart a Canadian foundation is piloting Building Performance Evaluation, which involves inspecting a building between one and five years after its completion, and assessing whether and to what extent it has met its design goals for resource consumption and occupant satisfaction. (PDF)

Energy Manager: Practical Ways To Green An Older Building
Energy Manager magazine article suggests building owners or managers face a challenge in greening an older building, and offers suggestions from a few experts on how to do it.

IMT: Green Lease Leader Recognition Program
Institute for Market Transformation and US Department of Energy developed the Green Lease Leader recognition program to recognize firms and brokers that are successfully introducing green lease language into their new or existing leases to save energy in buildings.

IMT: Green Leasing Info Sheet
Institute for Market Transformation online Green Leasing Info Sheet describes how a green lease is a tool to help create win-win agreements for building owners and tenants that equitably align the costs and benefits of energy and water efficiency investments for both parties. (PDF)

IMT: High-Performance Buildings & Property Value
Institute for Market Transformation report High-Performance Buildings and Property Value aims to help lenders understand the valuation of high-performance buildings. It examines the relationship between lenders and appraisers and how green features fit into components of value to affect the premiums, collateral risks, and overall market value of high-performance buildings. (PDF)

InfoHouse: Sustainable Green Building Technical Manual
InfoHouse presents online manual produced jointly by the U.S. DOE and Public Technology, Inc., for green building design, construction, and operations covering economics of green building; pre-design strategies; passive solar design; heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems; electricity; plumbing; indoor air quality; acoustics; selection of building and landscaping materials; and housekeeping. 1996 (PDF)

LBL: Building Design Advisor Free Design Analysis Software
US Lawrence Berkeley National Labs free software addresses the needs of building decision-makers from the initial, schematic phases of building design through the detailed specification of building components and systems.

Minnesota Univ: Online Sustainable Design Guide For Facilities
University of Minnesota guide is a design tool that can be used to overlay environmental issues on the design, construction, and operation of both new and renovated facilities. It can be used to set sustainable design priorities and goals; develop appropriate sustainable design strategies; and to determine performance measures to guide the sustainable design and decision-making processes.

NIBS: National Performance Based Design Guide
National Institute of Building Sciences online National Performance Based Design Guide establishes performance-based requirements to be used in the programming, design, and documentation of new buildings, major and minor alterations and work in historic structures of all kinds.

Preservation Nation: Environmental Value Of Building Reuse
Preservation Green Lab of the US National Trust for Historic Preservation study The Greenest Building: Quantifying the Environmental Value of Building Reuse shows building reuse almost always offers environmental savings over demolition and new construction. It shows their findings after performing a life cycle analysis of environmental impacts of various buildings located in four cities around the country. (PDF)

Public Works Canada: Guide To Environmentally Responsible Construction
Public Works Canada guideline assists project practitioners in developing environmentally enhanced or - green specifications for construction, renovation, repair and refit projects, including associated demolition work. 2000 (PDF)

REMI: Sustainability In The Building Industry
REMI says the belief in the latter part of the 20th century, that people could design the same building anywhere in the world, is no longer applicable. Climate change has shifted the conversation from sustainability to resilience.

SquareFootage: Purchasable Book On 365 Important Questions To Ask About Green Buildings
SquareFootage sells the book 365 Important Questions To Ask About Green Buildings that provides strategies, critical questions, and resources that addresses how do I design and build a sustainable building. $100 USD

TreeHugger: Vision Of Urban Building Of Future
TreeHugger describes how giant engineering firm Arup looks into the future with a vision of what a building might be like in 2050. If you think things are changing fast now, fasten your seatbelts; you are in for a bumpy ride.

US DOE: Business Case for High-Performance Buildings
US Department of Energy online Business Case for High-Performance Buildings shows how leading property owners incorporate energy efficiency and broader sustainability elements into their operational and investment decisions.

US DOE: Performance Metrics For Commercial Buildings
US Department of Energy report US DOE: Performance Metrics For Commercial Buildings gives commercial building owners and operators a standard set of key performance metrics to provide a systematic way to evaluate the performance of their buildings. It provides standard metrics for the energy, water, operations and maintenance, indoor environmental quality, purchasing, waste and recycling and transportation impact of their building. (PDF)

WBDG: Field Guide For Sustainable Facility Construction
Whole Building Design Guide online Field Guide for Sustainable Construction assists and educates field workers, supervisors and managers in making decisions that help the project team meet sustainable facility project goals. Simple methods and suggested practices are presented for the major phases of construction in the field guide. 2004 (PDF)

WBDG: Optimize Operational & Maintenance Practices
Whole Building Design Guide site provides information and resources for operation and maintenance of sustainable buildings.
Product Supply

Berkeley Univ: Analysis Of Financial Performance Of Green Office Buildings
Berkeley University report provides evidence on economic value of certification of green buildings in commercial sector and concludes that there is a premium of three percent for rents that green buildings with ENERGY STAR rating can command. (PDF)

CPM: Green Leases Are Key To Keeping Buildings Sustainable
Canadian Property Management online video discusses how a green lease differs from a regular lease, what's wrong with existing commercial leases and the risks to tenants of entering into a green lease.

Green Lease Library: Resources For Commercial Green Leasing
Green Lease Library offers commercial green leasing resources including best practices, guidance, and tool kits. Green leases (also known as aligned leases, high performance leases, or energy efficient leases) align the financial and energy incentives of building owners and tenants so they can work together to save money, conserve resources, and ensure the efficient operation of buildings.

NBI: Costs & Features Of Zero Energy Commercial Buildings
New Buildings Institute gathered information to determine characteristics, costs, and features of Zero Energy Buildings recently constructed in the US. The 2012 report demonstrates that ZEBs are achievable and feasible with current technologies and that incremental costs for increased efficiencies are within a reasonable range. (PDF)

NREI: Alternative Facts About Greening of Existing Buildings
National Real Estate Investor says the greening of existing buildings is all about the other kind of green: money. While some may yet debate climate change's existence, making money off sound real estate investments is still viewed as smart, safe and trendy. And the easiest way to make real estate more valuable? By greening existing buildings.

USGBC: 2010 Green Building Survey Says Tax Incentives Important
US Green Building Council & National Real Estate Investor 2010 Green Building Survey shows if a city or state wants to encourage environmentally responsible commercial real estate development, one of the most powerful tools it can use is tax incentives. (PDF)
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