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Basics & Theory

CMHC: Reports On Seven Healthy Housing Renovations
CMHC offers highlights of seven Renovation Demonstration projects promoting Healthy Housing, energy efficiency and the professional home renovation industry. (PDF)

EAC: Overview Of Halifax Eco-Renovation Project
Halifax Ecology Action Centre provides a summary of green renovation of their information centre, including an overview, accessibility, sustainable transportation, material re-use, construction material, energy conservation, energy systems, water conservation, indoor air quality, wall finishes, floor finishes, and garden.

For Residential Pros: Postmodern Style Green Remodeling Project
For Residential Pros article describes a small, postmodern style remodel that netted a Five Star green rating from the Austin Green Building Program.

For Residential Pros: Transforming 1950s Tract Home To Ideal Green House
For Residential Pros explains how transforming older Santa Barbara tract home into an exemplary green remodel was the major challenge of this project. Construction budget was limited so cost-benefit issues drove planning and decision making. Solutions that green team came up with were improving energy efficiency, creating a healthy environment and staying within alotted budget.

GBA: Green Home Examples & Case Studies
Green Building Advisor provides detailed accounts of more than 75 new and remodeled resource and energy efficient homes across the United States. You can browse the entire list, or search by region or type of project in the menu on right side of the page.

GBA: Michigan LEED Platinum Gut-Rehab
Green Building Advisor describes an historically and environmentally sensitive remodel, where insulation retrofit, extensive rainwater management, and a properly sized floor plan add up to a very green remodel.

NAHB: Brochure On How Homes Become Green
US National Association of Home Builders online brochure shows various parts of a home and how to make them green. (PDF)

NAHB: First Remodeled Home Certified To National Green Building Standard
A recently completed remodeling project in Munster, Ind. is the first home remodel to earn certification under the National Green Building Standard of the US National Association of Home Builders.
Education & Training

Build It Green: Certified Green Building Professional Training
Build It Green the Green Remodelers Guild of California shares information about green building practices, provides educational forums, and offers green remodeling certification training for members.

NAHB: Certified Green Professional Designation
US National Association of Home Builders is offering a new professional designation program, the Certified Green Professional (CGP), that will provide home buyers with additional assurance that the builder or remodeler they have chosen is authentically green.

NARI: Green Certified Professional For Remodelers
US National Association of the Remodeling Industry offers the Certified Green Building Professional certification covering how to apply green building methods and materials in remodeling.

Whats Working: Customized Training Courses On Green Building
Whats Working offers customized training on the benefits and value of green building. Their many years of experience in the industry has proven that engaging, face-to-face training is the fastest way to get participants to adopt a whole-systems green approach in their work and throughout their organization.
Industry Information

McGraw Hill: Market Report On New And Remodeled Green Homes
McGraw Hill Smartmarket Report, New and Remodeled Green Homes: Transforming the Residential Marketplace (2012) provides market sizing of the green residential construction market and examines the market opportunities in green home building and remodeling. (PDF)
Industry Sectors

Build It Green: California Certified Green Building Professionals
Build It Green is a membership-supported Bay Area nonprofit established in 2005 which works with building and real estate professionals, local and state governments, and homeowners to increase awareness and adoption of green building practices. Their mission is to promote healthy, energy- and resource-efficient building practices in California through outreach and education.

Northwest EcoBuilding Guild: Association Of Green Building Advocates
Northwest EcoBuilding Guild a Seattle based association of builders, designers, homeowners, tradespeople, manufacturers, suppliers and others interested in ecologically sustainable building.
Information Sources

Remodeling: Articles On Green Remodeling
Remodeling Magazine archives their past articles on green remodeling that include industry news, case studies, business tips, new products, and more.

Remodeling: Green Remodeling News & Products
Remodeling Magazine has a green Remodeling section that includes industry news, case studies, articles, and new products.
Issues & Performance

Build It Green: Home Remodeling Green Building Guidelines
Build It Green provides contractor guidelines for green remodeling including benefits, their points system, methods, materials, and illustrated examples of different rooms and renovations. (PDF)

Build It Green: US GreenPoint Rated Home Program
US GreenPoint Rated Home Program is the most trusted independent green home certification program in California, providing proof that a home is healthy, comfortable, durable, and resource efficient. More than 31,000 homes have been rated through the program, administered by Build It Green which rates a home on the five categories of Energy Efficiency, Resource Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, Water Conservation and Community.

Built Green Canada: Built Green Renovation Program
Built Green Canada updated Renovation Program covers three renovation types: Whole House (75% or more); Renovation (40 – 70%) as well as a secondary suite; Small Home Improvements (less than 40% and/or bathroom, or kitchen, or basement). Each takes a holistic approach to sustainable building within the seven categories of energy efficiency, materials & methods, indoor air quality, ventilation, waste management, water conservation, and business practices.

NAHB: US National Green Building Standard 2015 Edition
Builder Books offers a free eBook of the US National Green Building Standard 2015 Edition. A collaborative effort between the ICC and NAHB, NGBS outlines the green practices that can be incorporated into new homes, including multifamily buildings, as well as home remodeling and additions, hotels and dormitories, and residential land developments. The green practices address site and lot design, preparation and development; resource, energy, and water efficiency; indoor environmental quality; and operation, maintenance, and building owner education. (PDF)

Professional Remodeler: 5 Ways to Protect Your Company From Green Litigation
Professional Remodeler suggests five general areas remodelers should think about to protect themselves from potential green lawsuits.

Regreen: Residential Remodeling Guidelines
The REGREEN guidelines from American Society of Interior Designers Foundation and US Green Building Council are a powerful resource to guide your next remodeling project. Beginning with the successful approach to green remodeling and walking you through 10 different types of residential retrofit projects, these guidelines provide the information you need to make positive and impactful retrofit decisions. (PDF)

US HUD: Evaluation Of Affordable Housing Using US National Green Building Standard
US Department of Housing & Urban Development report An Evaluation of Affordable Housing Using the National Green Building Standard provides a retrospective evaluation of affordable housing designs that were built in compliance with various green building programs. In addition, the report identifies how green remodeling can enhance older houses. (Large PDF)

AbeBooks: Purchasable Technical Guide For Renovators
AbeBooks.com sells CMHC Renovator's Technical Guide using the House-As-A-System concept considers how all systems in a house interact and how changes made to one system can impact on the performance of one or more of the other systems in the house. $32 CDN

Civic Info BC: Salt Spring Island Sustainability Checklist
Salt Spring Island Sustainability Checklist for new single family dwellings and renovations is a guide that allows property owners to design in a manner that will save long term costs and lessen damage on the environment. Information about financial incentives and other construction resources is also included. (PDF)

For Residential Pros: How To Start Green Remodeling
For Residential Pros provides article describing considerations and resources when planning to offer green remodeling services.

GBA: How Renovation Company Made Transition to Green
Green Building Advisor describes how Landis Construction Corp, a renovation design/build firm in Washington, made the transition to green.

GBA: How To Select Green Builder Or Remodeler
Green Building Advisor describes considerations for selecting the appropriate builder or remodeler for your green project. (PDF)

Green Remodeling: Purchasable Book On Green Remodeling
Green Remodeling a book by David Johnston & Kim Master on green remodeling covers foundations, framing, plumbing, windows, heating and finishes, and has checklists, insights, and resource lists. $30 CDN

HGTV Remodels: What Women Want In Green Remodeling
HGTV Remodels says that when it comes to being green at home, female homeowners say they want eco-friendly features that: make sense for their lives; reinforce their feelings as chic, smart buyers; are easy to do; save them money; improve their families' quality of life; minimize their impact on the Earth.

Home Energy: Environmental Benefits of Restoring Old Homes
Home Energy says green homebuilding has grown in favor because of its health benefits, energy savings and aesthetics. Therefore, it should be no surprise that retrofitting existing homes into sustainable properties can create even more value for clients.

NAHB: Purchasable Book On Green Remodeling
Builder Books sells Green Remodeling: Your Start Toward an Eco-Friendly Home by John D. Wagner. Some of the topics covered include reducing home energy use, selecting nontoxic products, saving water, and supporting the environment through the use of products that support responsible manufacturing and the sustainable harvesting of natural resources. $18 USD

Remodeling: Is Green Remodeling Catching On With Homeowners?
Remodeling Magazine says the industry needs to understand green Remodeling and start selling it as the right way to do things, not unlike the evolution of design/build in the industry a generation ago.

Taunton: Free eBook Green From The Ground Up
Taunton publishing provides Green from the Ground Up, a book that presents forward-thinking theories and proven methods of new and remodeled green construction. It has down-to-earth explanations of green building basics, site planning, materials selection, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality. (PDF)

WBDG: 8 Green Principles For Residential Design
Whole Building Design Guide describes eight design objectives which are all, to some greater or lesser degree, important to any green residential project.

Wiley: Purchasable Book On Green Home Improvement
Wiley sells Green Home Improvement, a book covering 65 projects that help homeowners make a difference in their living expenses, health, comfort, and the environment. It describes what each project involves, how much it costs, and what the benefits are. $42 USD
Product Supply

Vancity: Home Energy Loan Options
Vancity offers their Home Energy Loan options that help consumers make their home more energy efficient.
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