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EL: Life Cycle Costing To Be Key Benchmark for Smart Building Industry
Environmental Leader says industry insiders agree that the use and adoption of life cycle costing as a prerequisite for building technology purchases will be a key benchmark for the future, according to a Frost & Sullivan and Continental Automated Building Association study.

Light House: Life Cycle Analysis & Environmental Product Declarations
Light House Sustainable Building Centre report Life Cycle Analysis and Environmental Product Declarations: North American Market Analysis describes what they are, identifies their impact on building design, and their current North American market uptake. (PDF)
Industry Sectors

Athena Sustainable Materials Institute: Product & Life Cycle Research
Athena Sustainable Materials Institute helps architects, engineers and others to evaluate the environmental impacts of new and existing buildings through life cycle assessment. A non-profit organization, Athena seeks to improve the sustainability of the built environment by meeting the building community's need for better information and tools.
Information Sources

Athena Sustainable Materials Institute: Life Cycle Resources Databases & Software
Canadian Athena Sustainable Materials Institute offers life cycle assessment information, reports, resources, databases for building materials and products, and the Environmental Impact Estimator software for the life cycle assessment of buildings.

NREL: US Life Cycle Inventory Database
US Life Cycle Inventory Database to help life cycle assessment practitioners answer questions about environmental impact. This database provides individual gate-to-gate, cradle-to-gate and cradle-to-grave accounting of the energy and material flows into and out of the environment that are associated with producing a material, component, or assembly in the US.

Athena: Guide To Whole-Building LCA In Green Building Programs
Athena online Guide to Whole-Building LCA in Green Building Programs summarizes and interprets various green program provisions, provides tips on how to incorporate LCA during the building design process, and presents Athena's supplementary best-practice recommendations for performing whole-building LCA in general. (PDF)

Building Green: Five Reasons Life-Cycle Assessment Will Not Give Us Zero-Impact Design
Building Green describes why life-cycle assessment is a great tool, as long as you understand its limitations.

CABA: Life Cycle Costing Of Intelligent Buildings
Continental Automated Buildings Association report Life Cycle Costing of Intelligent Buildings identifies barriers to adopting life cycle costing and determines what issues need to be rectified in order to make life cycle cost processes more understandable. Free registration required.

CCHRC: Life Cycle Assessment For Built Environment
Cold Climate Housing Research Center paper Life-Cycle Assessment for the Built Environment is an examination of life-cycle assessment for the built environment, exploring the assessment tools, steps, and limitations for the general industry practitioner. (PDF)

CMHC: Life Cycle Costing Tool For Community Infrastructure Planning
CMHC Life Cycle Costing Tool for Community Infrastructure Planning allows a user to estimate the major costs of community development, particularly those that change with different forms of development (for example, linear infrastructure), and to compare alternative development scenarios. (PDF)

Dovetail: Life Cycle Cost Analysis Of Non-Residential Buildings
Dovetail report Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Non-Residential Buildings purpose is to clarify the differences between Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), summarize what is known about the life cycle costs of non-residential wood construction, compare the life cycle costs of wood structures to those of other materials, and review processes for conducting life cycle cost analyses on structural systems or whole buildings. (PDF)

Dovetail: Review of Life Cycle Assessment Tools
Dovetail report A Review of Life Cycle Assessment Tools provides information to assist first-time LCA practitioners in selecting appropriate LCA tools and data sources. (PDF

EcoCalculator: Free App For Life Cycle Assessment Of Building Assemblies
ATHENA EcoCalculator for Assemblies, developed by the Athena Institute, provides instant LCA (life cycle assessment) results for commonly used building structure and envelope assemblies. The Residential version of the EcoCalculator was developed to allow assessment of single family residential buildings, whether detached, semi–detached, or row houses. Free registration required.

LBL: Life Cycle Analysis Software Models Building Materials
B-PATH model software (Berkeley Lab Building Materials Pathways) estimates the energy, resources, and environmental impacts associated with the manufacture of structural materials; their effects on the energy use of a building during operation; and their impacts when the building is ultimately demolished and its constituent materials are reused, recycled, or disposed.

MIT: Building Attribute to Impact Algorithm
CSHub developed the Building Attribute to Impact Algorithm that allows building designers to understand which design attributes will ultimately have the most significant environmental and economic impacts during the buildings life including the use phase, which comprises the operation of the building throughout its life. (PDF)

T&F: Theory Of Valuing Building Life-Cycle Investments
Taylor & Francis paper Theory Of Valuing Building Life-Cycle Investments describes a theory that can be used to value life-cycle investments in buildings. It combines of real options valuation, investment analysis and building component life-cycle design. (PDF)

US HUD: Report On Life Cycle Assessment Tools
US Department Of Housing & Urban Development report presents a critique of life cycle assessment tools and offers suggestions on how they could be made more useful. 2001 (PDF)

WBDG: Description Of Life Cycle Cost Analysis For Large Buildings
US Whole Building Design Guide site explains that life cycle cost analysis is a method for assessing the total cost of facility ownership. It takes into account all costs of acquiring, owning, and disposing of a building or building system.
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