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Basics & Theory

Building Green: Basics Of Managing Sound & Noise
Building Green says acoustic performance is crucial to occupant well-being, and smart design, not added cost, can make the difference.

Owens Corning - Glossary Of Terms & Definitions For Acoustics
Owens Corning offers you terms and definitions of the many terms you might run into when dealing with sound and noise.
Industry Sectors

CAA: Canadian Acoustical Association
Canadian Acoustical Association is the trade association for people working in all areas of acoustics in Canada.
Information Sources

Acoustics.com: Acoustics Information For Architectural & Design Communities
Acoustics.com site for acoustic information and education is offered through an alliance of educators, experts and design professionals.
Issues & Performance

Acoustics.com: Noise Codes & Testing For Construction Industry
Acoustics.com provides description and reference numbers for the US and Canadian regulations, to help in understanding the many different sound-related codes & standards.

Noise Help: Resource Site On Acoustic Issues
Noise Help defines Sound Transmission Class (STC) as a single-number rating of a materials or an assemblys ability to resist airborne sound transfer, as well as giving explanations, rules of thumb, recommendations, and various wall systems ratings.

BC Hydro: Soundproofing Your Home
BC Hydro specialist engineer Gary Hamer describes 10 ways to limit the noise in your home.

BCBEC: Acoustic Performance Of Building Envelope
BC Building Envelope Council slide show presentation The Acoustic Performance of The Building Envelope covers fundamentals of acoustics, single number ratings, acoustic performance of windows, and composite acoustic performance of the building envelope. (PDF)

CMHC: Guide To Fire and Sound Control in Wood-Frame Multi-Family Buildings
Produced for builders and designers, this CMHC guide describes how fire and sound move from one unit to another in multi-family buildings. To create a safe and healthy living space, the guide details assemblies that provide fire and sound separations between dwelling units and provides specific fire-resistance and sound transmission control measures for wall and floor assemblies. (PDF)

Construction Canada: Insulations Role In Controlling Noise
Construction Canada says the best strategy for optimizing acoustic comfort in dwelling units is to address all the possible sound transmission paths in the architectural details so they can be easily incorporated during construction.

CWC: Fire Resistance & Sound Transmission In Wood-Frame Residential Buildings
Canadian Wood Council describes features, benefits, and considerations for fire resistance and sound transmission in wood-frame residential buildings. (PDF)

Ecohome: How To Soundproof Interior Walls
Ecohome online video show how to reduce sound transmission through interior partition walls.

Fine Homebuilding: How To Soundproof A Bedroom
Fine Homebuilding online video describes how to soundproof a bedroom using green glue and double sheetrock.

Fine Homebuilding: Hybrid Approach to Soundproofing
Fine Homebuilding describe how a combination of special clips, channels, and acoustical sealants add up to the perfect solution for building a quiet room.

Fine Homebuilding: Quieting A House On A Noisy Street
Fine Homebuilding online video shows how to quiet a house located on a noisy street.

GBA: Sound-Proofing Bedrooms
Green Building Advisor discusses best approaches to sound-proofing bedrooms.

IRC: Airborne Sound Insulation In Multi-Family Buildings
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction Update on Sound Insulation In Multi-Family Buildings reviews concepts and terminology used to describe sound insulation for the complete building system, and presents research results that illustrate how typical wood-frame construction details can determine the sound insulation actually achieved. (PDF)

IRC: Controlling Air-Borne & Structure-Borne Sound In Buildings
Canadian Institute for Research In Construction provides an overview of some key advances in dealing with sound transmission within buildings. (PDF)

IRC: Effect Of Resilient Channels On Ceiling Flanking Transmission
Canadian Institute for Research In Construction study examines the effect of resilient channels on ceiling flanking paths. (PDF)

IRC: Effect Of Structural Load & Joist Type On Flanking Sound Transmission
Canadian Institute for Research In Construction paper describes effect of structural load on the load bearing wall, and joist type, on flanking sound transmission in lightweight wood frame construction. (PDF)

IRC: Floor-Ceiling Construction Effects On Flanking Transmission
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction flanking study on two types of floor-ceiling assemblies with and without topping shows that both decoupling the ceiling and adding a topping are effective in reducing direct transmission. However, they affect flanking transmission differently. (PDF)

IRC: Selecting Walls For Speech Privacy
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction paper Selecting Walls For Speech Privacy explains the average Transmission loss, TL(avg), now known to be a better indicator of the amount of speech privacy provided by a wall for closed rooms. It also presents sound transmission loss data for 74 different types of gypsum board walls with calculated TL(avg) and STC values for each type of wall. (PDF)

IRC: Tool For Predicting Transmission Of Sound In Buildings
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction describes a tool they are developing for predicting transmission of air-borne and structure-borne sound in buildings. (PDF)

JLC: Basics Of Sound Control
Journal of Light Construction online video reviews key principles of sound control and demonstrates helpful tips for installation.

JLC: Condo Sound Control
Journal of Light Construction online video provides a concise and coherent description of six steps to effectively reduce sound transmission between condo units.

JLC: Electrical Outlets Are A Vital Soundproofing Detail
Journal of Light Construction says no matter how much Quiet Rock or Green Glue is used on a project, the electrical outlets, switches, and holes are the biggest sound-transmission paths that are usually overlooked.

JLC: Exterior Soundproofing That Works
Journal of Light Construction describes how to apply soundproofing lessons learned in a nationwide program to soundproof houses located near busy airports. (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: Innovations In Sound Control For Homes
Journal Light Construction slide show and article says reducing or eliminating noise transmission through wood-frame houses is harder than it seems, and offers strategies builders can use to solve common noise problems in homes they build.

JLC: Practical Sound Control
Journal of Light Construction says when you�re trying to limit sound transfer through a building assembly, the goal is to do two things: Limit vibration of building materials and limit air movement.

JLC: Soundproofing An Apartment Ceiling
Journal of Light Construction describers how to stop noise coming through the ceiling and walls of an apartment.

Mike Holmes: Soundproofing Retrofit Of Party Walls In A Townhouse
Mike Holmes online video describes how to soundproof party walls between two townhouse units when not done adequately in the first place.

NRC: Guide To Calculating Airborne Sound Transmission In Buildings
National Research Council online Guide To Calculating Airborne Sound Transmission In Buildings explains how to merge ASTM and ISO test data in the ISO calculation procedure, and provides recommendations for applying extended measurement for calculation procedures for specific common types of construction.

soundPATHS: Web Application To Predict Sound Transmission Between Rooms
National Research Council of Canada free SOUNDPATHS software is is a prediction tool for the calculation of direct and flanking sound transmission between adjacent rooms.

WoodWorks: Acoustics In Multi-Story Wood Structures
WoodWorks online slide show presentation describes how multi-story wood systems can be used to meet acoustical privacy goals. It covers detailing and construction of units, and how consideration of the construction process can help keep acoustical costs down. It also includes construction details and photos showing what has and hasn't worked in actual buildings. (PDF)

WoodWorks: Why Acoustic Matter: Demystifying Noise Control in Buildings
WoodWorks online slide show presentation describes issues and considerations for noise control in buildings. (PDF)
Product Supply

4 Specs: Sound & Noise Control Products
4 Specs and Specified Construction Products, supply online search engine which gives a listing by category of sound and noise related products.

JLC: List Of Suppliers Of Soundproofing Materials
Journal of Light Construction offers a list of companies that offer soundproofing supplies and materials.
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