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Basics & Theory

IMT: What is a Building Performance Standard?
Institute for Market Transformation online fact sheet lays out the basics of building performance standards, new mandatory policies that require building owners to meet performance targets by actively improving the energy performance of their building over time. (PDF)
Industry Sectors

SCC: National Product Standards & Certification
Standards Council of Canada gives you information and links on ISO, auditor training, inspection bodies, testing labs, personnel & product certification, standards, and more.

SES: Society for Standards Professionals
Society for Standards Professionals is a North American organization committed to furthering public awareness and knowledge of standards and standardization. SES provides a neutral forum where standards users and developers can come together to address mutual issues, opportunities, and interests in ways that work to the benefit of everyone involved with, or affected by, standards.
Information Sources

NIST Notify US: Global Standards That May Be Barriers To Trade
US National Institute of Standards and Technology service Notify US reports on proposed national regulations and standards that are potential Technical Barriers to Trade and might impact global trade.

NIST: Database Of Standards Incorporated by Reference
US National Institute of Standards and Technology database of Standards Incorporated by Reference includes voluntary consensus standards, government unique standards, private industry standards, and international standards referenced in the Code of Federal Regulations and those used by US Federal Government Agencies in their procurement activities.

CCMC: Canadian Construction Materials Centre Evaluates Products
Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC), which operates within the National Research Council of Canada, offers a national evaluation service for all types of innovative building construction materials, products, systems and services. CCMC evaluations are supported by the latest technical research and expertise and are based on the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada or Provincial/Territorial Building Codes.

CGSB - What Are Standards & How Are They Developed?
Canadian General Standards Board explains that standards are the accepted practices, technical requirements and terminologies for products and services.

CSA: Current Standards Undergoing Public Review
Canadian Standards Association offers online access to public review documents relating to various standards that are undergoing development and updating.
Product Supply

CCMC: Canadian Registry Of Evaluated Products
Canadian Construction Materials Centre offers a national evaluation service for innovative construction materials, products, systems and services used in commercial and residential buildings, roadways, bridges and buried services. Their evaluations are based on requirements of the National Building Code of Canada: health & safety, functionality, accessibility, and egress. Evaluated products are listed here.

CGSB: Certified Programs & Product Listings
Canadian General Standards Board develops standards and also test products to ensure they meet those standards. Here you can find out which products they have certified, by category, with manufacturer contact details.

CSA: Certified Product Listings
Canadian Standards Association provides a database of CSA approved products, searchable by product type (using the keyword function), manufacturer name or location or listing record information (*file number, class number or class description).
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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