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Greywater & Reuse
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Basics & Theory

H2ouse: Guide To Greywater & Dual Plumbing System
California Urban Water Conservation Council covers best ways to save greywater, water savings, benefits & costs, future trends, research, maintenance & repair, purchase tips, installation, timing & seasonality, and application options.

HPAC Magazine: Water Reuse Trends, Barriers, Future
Heating Plumbing & Air Conditioning magazine says as water becomes more scarce and costly to treat and pump, it will become more important to reuse as much of the water within a building as possible. There are many different sources of water that can be reused, and many different possible uses for this recycled water.
Information Sources

Oasis Design: Resource Site On Greywater
Oasis Design sustainable resource site covers greywater systems, benefits, selection, mistakes, building & using, regulations, studies, examples, and much more.
Issues & Performance

Canada Gov: Guidelines For Household Reclaimed Water For Toilets & Urinals
Health Canada document Canadian Guidelines for Household Reclaimed Water for Use in Toilet and Urinal Flushing provides guidelines for reclaimed water quality, as well as guidance on potential elements of a management framework and an overview of the scientific basis for the guidelines that are applicable to on-site or decentralized treatment of household wastewater for reuse in residential or commercial toilet and urinal flushing.

Alberta Gov: Alternative Solutions Guide For Reclaimed Water Reuse
Alberta government Alternative Solutions Guide for Reclaimed Water Reuse provides information for preparing proposals for alternative solutions, limited to the specific reuse of reclaimed water for toilet or urinal flushing, or irrigation. (PDF)

CMHC: Make Your House Alternative Water Ready
CMHC describes how an alternative water ready house has had all the necessary plumbing, wiring and construction features built into it during construction to facilitate, at significantly reduced costs, the installation of a water reuse treatment system at some point in the future. (PDF)

CRGBC: Best Practices For Decentralized Sourcing & Treatment Of Water
Cascadia Region Green Building Council report Toward Net Zero Water: Best Management Practices for Decentralized Sourcing and Treatment, offers best management practices for designing safe, efficient and effective net zero water systems at the single family, multi-family/commercial and neighborhood scales. It contains an overview of best practices and technologies for decentralized and distributed water systems, with special focus on rainwater harvesting for potable and non-potable uses, greywater reclamation, and onsite wastewater treatment including composting toilets. Case studies illustrate best-in-class examples of innovative water systems used by actual projects from around the globe. (PDF)

GBA: Graywater Is A New Strategy For Drought-Stressed Cities
Green Building Advisor describes how graywater recycling can improve water conservation by expanding local water supplies and providing a drought-resistant year-round local water source.

GBA: How To Install A Branched-Drain Graywater System
Green Building Advisor describes how to install a branched-drain graywater system using a simple, elegant solution with no pumps, filters, or tanks.

Houzz: Grow A Beautiful Garden With Ecofriendly Greywater
Houzz describes how to set up a greywater home irrigation system.
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