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Rainwater Harvesting
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Basics & Theory

Building Performance Community: Building Rainwater Harvesting Systems
Building Performance Community describes features, benefits and considerations for building rainwater harvesting systems.

CMHC: Collecting & Using Rainwater At Home
CMHC factsheet Collecting and Using Rainwater at Home provides information on permitted rainwater uses, catchment areas, and system sizing help to inform readers on how much rain can or should realistically be captured and stored based on need. Key system components and materials are introduced, and aspects related to installation, maintenance, and costing are also considered. (PDF)

GDRC: Introduction to Rainwater Harvesting
Global Development Research Centre provides an overview of what rainwater harvesting is and explains how commonly used systems are constructed of three principal components; namely, the catchment area, the collection device, and the conveyance system.
Information Sources

HarvestH2O: Resource Site On Rainwater Harvesting
Harvest H2O site has a wide range of articles, case studies, reports, FAQs, supplier listings, and links to more information and resources on rainwater harvesting.
Issues & Performance

BC Building Code: Interpretation on Connection to Potable Water Systems
BC Building Code Appeal Board interpretation specifically prohibits connection of a non-potable water system to a potable water system.

GBA: Regulating Rain Barrels Is Not The Best Idea
Green Building Advisor says rather than devoting resources to regulating individual rain barrels, a logistically difficult task, it may make more sense for water agencies to get serious about enforcing principles of waste.

ICC & CSA Group Publish New Binational Rainwater Harvesting Systems Standard
PHCP Pros says International Code Council and CSA Group published the CSA B805/ICC 805 Rainwater Harvesting System standard for use in the United States and Canada. This new standard addresses the design, materials, installation and operation of residential and commercial rainwater harvesting systems for potable and non-potable water uses.

Buildipedia: Harvesting Rainwater
Buildapedia describes how rain chains and rain barrels are smart ways to conserve water and save energy.

CMHC: Guide For Homeowners On Collecting & Using Rainwater At Home
CMHC online report Collecting and Using Rainwater at Home: A Guide for Homeowners describes features and benefits of rainwater harvesting as well as considerations for systems design and installation. (PDF)

CMHC: Guidelines For Residential Rainwater Harvesting Systems
CMHC online Guidelines for Residential Rainwater Harvesting Systems provides design and installation guidelines for rainwater catchment and conveyance, storage and tank sizing, rainwater quality and treatment, make-up water system and backflow prevention, pump and pressurized distribution system, and overflow provisions and stormwater management. (PDF)

CMHC: Training Materials To Support Implementation Of Rainwater Harvesting In Canada
CMHC report Development and Publication of Training Materials to Support the Implementation of Rainwater Harvesting in Canada provides an overview of work supported by CMHC to address the lack-of-knowledge barrier to the wide-scale adoption of rainwater harvesting. (PDF)

CRGBC: Best Practices For Decentralized Sourcing & Treatment Of Water
Cascadia Region Green Building Council report Toward Net Zero Water: Best Management Practices for Decentralized Sourcing and Treatment, offers best management practices for designing safe, efficient and effective net zero water systems at the single family, multi-family/commercial and neighborhood scales. It contains an overview of best practices and technologies for decentralized and distributed water systems, with special focus on rainwater harvesting for potable and non-potable uses, greywater reclamation, and onsite wastewater treatment including composting toilets. Case studies illustrate best-in-class examples of innovative water systems used by actual projects from around the globe. (PDF)

Happy DIY Home: How To Harvest Rainwater in Your Garden
Happy DIY Home describes how to harvest rainwater in your garden, and the various methods you can use to store water, keep it around, and direct it to where it is needed.

Mother Earth News: Building A Rainwater Harvesting System
Mother Earth News magazine article covers rainwater harvesting benefits, rain barrels, home systems, water conservation, catchments, roof washing, cisterns, routing, water treatment, tank types, operation, and sources of more information.

Nanaimo: Rainwater Harvesting Best Practices Guidebook
Regional District of Nanaimo online Rainwater Harvesting Best Practices Guidebook is a resource to help residents and professional practitioners better understand the different types of rainwater harvesting systems, how they are put together, how they function, and the effort required to maintain them. (PDF)

P&M: What Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors Need To Know About Rainwater Harvesting Systems
Plumbing and Mechanical describes what plumbing and mechanical contractors needs to know about rainwater harvesting systems.

PHCP Pros: Planning Rainwater Harvesting
Plumbing Heating Cooling & Piping Pros says the devil is in the details when planning rainwater harvesting.

PM Engineer: Cistern Filtration For Rainwater Harvesting
PM Engineer magazine describes considerations for cistern filtration for rainwater harvesting.

Sustainable Sources: Guide To Building Rainwater Harvesting Systems
Sustainable Sources guide covers considerations, commercial status, issues, capacity, catchment, conveyance, storage, filtering, distribution, and a list of resources.
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