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Basics & Theory

Builder Magazine: 6 Water-Conserving Projects & Products
Builder Magazine describes six projects built with water conservation in mind, plus five products that will elevate future homes to a new level of efficiency.

CMHC: Community Housing Water Efficiency Project
CMHC case study of a community housing water efficiency project in Waterloo describes how Dual Flush toilets were installed in a single family townhomes and a multi-unit residential building. Water consumption decreased by 23.6% in townhomes and 13.6% in apartment units. Payback periods ranged from 2.8 to 7.7 years with the municipal rebate. (PDF)

CMHC: EchoHaven Water Conservation Measures
CMHC EQuilibrium Housing InSight describes the EchoHaven project features that help conserve municipal water resources, including innovative use of non-potable water in combination with water-efficient fixtures and on-site conservation practices. (PDF)

GBA: Saving Water, Saving Energy
Green Building Advisor describes how saving energy isn't only about using less electricity and fuel, but it's also about saving water.
Education & Training

GLIN: Links To Educational Resources On Water & Conservation
Great Lakes Information Network offers links to educational tools and resources on water and water conservation.
Industry Information

Green Biz: Rethinking Big Water
Green Biz says many utilities' water supply managers believe they need to build new water supply infrastructure because they are using demand forecasts based upon historic use or tied to population growth, or don't forecast demand at all. Yet in some places water demand has either plateaued or declined even as population has expanded.

PHCP Pros: New Water Conservation Technologies
PHCP Pros describes some conservation technologies will help keep you above water.

Professional Remodeler: Water Efficiency To Play Bigger Role In Residential Projects
Professional Remodeler magazine article says a survey shows even with the sluggish housing market and a more budget-conscious consumer base, residential construction professionals expect to see increased investment in water conservation measures in remodeling and home building projects through 2011.

RMI: Next Generation Of Water Efficiency
Rocky Mountain Institute report cover past issues and future trends for water conservation with low flow toilets, showerheads, faucets, greywater systems, composting toilets, water meters, landscapes, and rainwater collection.

WaterSmart Innovations: US Conference On Water Conservation
WaterSmart Innovations conference serves to broaden knowledge of innovations in water conservation including products, programs and outreach.
Industry Sectors

BC Gov: Provincial Water Conservation Guide
BC Govenment guide provides a seven-step water conservation planning process to get your community on track for a healthy, water-wise future. It has been designed to help small to mid-size communities identify and realize their water conservation goals, though it contains information that larger BC communities may also find useful. (PDF)
Information Sources

AWWA: Resource Site On Water Conservation
American Water Works Association (AWWA) Water Conservation Resource Community site supplies information to keep the water industry in the know about tools, issues and developments related to water conservation. It provides sections on water conservation essentials, events calendar, conservation news, publications as well as videos.

BC Gov: Living Water Smart Resource Site On Water Conservation & Quality
BC Living Water Smart provides information on the government plans, FAQ, doing business differently, preparing communities, choosing to be water smart, and more.

CMHC: Energy & Water Efficiency For Multi-Unit Buildings
CMHC provides information on energy and water efficiency for multi-unit buildings including heating & ventilation, lighting, building envelope, DHW, renewable energy, electrical and water conservation. (PDF)

CWEP: Resources On Residential Water Savings
California Water Efficiency Partnership (formerly the California Urban Water Conservation Council) offers guides for saving water in various parts of a home, articles, books, news, and links to more information.

GBA: Blog On Water Efficiency
Green Building Advisor blog on water efficiency covers information, issues and resources on everything from products to practice to policy.

Okanagan WaterWise: BC Resources Site On Water Conservation
Okanagan Basin Water Board and Okanagan WaterWise Team site Okanagan WaterWise offers information and resources on water conservation and protection.

Safe Plumbing: Water Efficiency & Efficient Plumbing
Safe Plumbing, a resource site of Plumbing Manufacturers International, provides information and resources on water efficiency and efficient plumbing.

TWE: Guide on Home Water Conservation
Tankless Water Heater Express describes more than 60 ways to save water at home>

Waterbucket: BC Gov & BCWWA Site For Sustainable Water Management
Waterbucket a BC Water & Wastewater Association and government partnership offers water management resources & events on water planning, use and conservation, rainwater management, infrastructure, agriculture, and more.
Issues & Performance

ASHRAE: New Code Resource For Water Efficiency
ASHRAE and International Code Council have partnered to publish 2015 WEP: Water Efficiency Provisions of the International Green Construction Code. The publication includes water-related IgCC provisions to support jurisdictions facing critical water challenges and drought. (PDF)

BCLNA: City of Vancouver Rain City Strategy
BC Landscape & nursery Association online slide show of the City of Vancouver Rain City Strategy describes a high level, 30-year implementation plan that aims to manage rainwater sustainably through green infrastructure that protects, restores and mimics the natural water cycle. (PDF)

GBA: Regulating Rain Barrels Is Not The Best Idea
Green Building Advisor says rather than devoting resources to regulating individual rain barrels, a logistically difficult task, it may make more sense for water agencies to get serious about enforcing principles of waste.

Home Energy: Sometimes Less Water Means More Energy
Home Energy magazine says water and energy consumption are becoming more and more closely connected, and the situation is not likely to improve.

REMI: Built Green Partnership Brings WERS to Canada
REMI says Built Green Canada has partnered with the Green Builder Coalition to bring performance-based water efficiency to Canada through its third-party certification program: Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS).

RESNET: New Water Rating Index
RESNET Standard for the Calculation and Labeling of the Water Use Performance of One- & Two-Family Dwellings establishes a uniform methodology for evaluating, rating and labeling the water use performance of single family and duplex dwelling units.

RESNET: US Developing a Water Efficiency Rating Index Standard
US Residential Energy Services Network is partnering with the International Code Council to develop a national consensus standard for a HERS water efficiency rating index.

US EPA: US WaterSense Certification For Products
US Environmental Protection Agency manages the WaterSense Product Certification that provides consumers with confidence in both the water efficiency and performance of WaterSense labeled products.

US EPA: US WaterSense Labeled New Homes Program
US Environmental Protection Agency water conservation program for new homes, WaterSense Labeled New Homes, provides minimum standards for water saving features in new homes.

APSP: Water Conservation Tips For Pools & Spa Users
Association of Pool & Spa Professionals gives some facts on household water use for bathing and recreation, and offers beneficial operation techniques and water conservation tips for pool & spa owners. (PDF)

ASLA: Online Guide for Improving Water Efficiency at Home
American Society of Landscape Architects online resource guide on improving water efficiency through sustainable residential landscape architecture contains research, projects, and resources on how to better manage water at home.

BC Water Balance Model: Software For Water Balance In Land Development
BC Water Balance Model a Canadian inter-governmental agency, supplies this software which helps you plan land developments that can preserve and/or restore the local natural water balance. Free trial offered.

CMHC: Household Guide To Water Efficiency
CMHC online Household Guide to Water Efficiency provides residential consumers with water saving information for indoors and out.

CMHC: Tuning Up DHW Systems In High-Rise Residential Buildings
CMHC online guide Tuning Up DHW Systems In High-Rise Residential Buildings describes how to tune up gas, electric and oil fired DHW tanks and DHW circulation pumps & motors, and how to adjust DHW temperature and pressure. (PDF)

CMHC: Water Sensitive Urban Design
CMHC online article Water Sensitive Urban Design provides the rationale for, techniques to address, and case studies of working examples and solutions. It also includes examples of how water and energy management can be better integrated, which can substantially enhance the value (for example, increased revenue, lower operating costs, reduced permitting time, reduced GHGs) and effectiveness of design compared to managing each aspect in isolation of the other. (PDF)

Energy Star: Energy & Water Efficient Clothes Washers
Energy Star covers energy & water efficient clothes washers, with product listings & search, purchasing tips, manufacturer list, savings calculator, FAQ, and business & commercial products.

H2ouse: Facts & Tips For Home Water Conservation
H2ouse from California Urban Water Conservation Council covers water conservation for fixtures, appliances, hot water, pool & spa, water meter, landscaping, outdoors, alternative water supplies, and more.

HPAC Magazine: Technology Exists To Reduce Water Usage
HPAC magazine says today technology has truly given us the opportunity to significantly reduce the amount of water we use to live our daily lives and it really is in all of our interests to do so.

IAPMO: Water Demand Calculator
International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials allows free download of their Water Demand Calculator.

NAHB: Tech Set 1 On Resource Efficient Plumbing
NAHB PATH Tech Set on Resource-Efficient Plumbing highlights five technologies that are easy to install, result in efficient and speedy delivery of hot and cold water, and allow for future, simplified retrofit of a greywater reuse system.

P&M: Save Water With Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures
Plumbing and Mechanical describes how a typical house uses and saves water.

PHCP Pros: Water Waste is Preventable Problem
PHCP Pros says today’s hot water recirculation technology can save water, reduce costs and conserve energy.

Remodeling: 7 Things Remodelers & Builders Can Do to Make Homes More Water-Efficient
Remodeling Magazine describes 7 things remodelers & and builders can do to make homes more water-efficient.

US DOE: 15 Ways to Save on Your Water Heating Bill
US Department of Energy Energy Saver site provides 15 tips on how to save money on your hot water bill.

US HUD: Guide To Retrofitting Apartments To Save Water
US Department of Housing & Urban Development guide for reducing water use in apartment buildings covers options, and ways to select the best water conservation retrofit strategies. (PDF)

WERS: Water Efficiency Rating Score Software
US Green Builder Coalition have created water modeling software that generates a Water Efficiency Rating Score, or WERS. The premise is that verified measurement and incentives will increase participation in conservation efforts.
Product Supply

Architect Magazine: 7 Water-Saving Products
Architect Magazine describes seven building products that can help cut down water use, and water bills.

AWWA: Listing Of Water Conservation Product Suppliers
American Water Works Association lists suppliers of water conservation products, with contact details and links to their Web sites.

Water Use It Wisely: New Water Saving Products
Water Use It Wisely site has informaton on water conservation and many new products such as waterless urinals, instant hot water, leak detection, smart irrigation, sprinklers, and water brooms.
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