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Basics & Theory

APA: Product Guide For Sanded Plywood
Engineered Wood Association offers the Product Guide For Sanded Plywood, which describes the specification, advantages, applications and finishing recommendations of sanded plywood, and includes trademark examples and explanations. Free site registration required.

CWC: Overview Of Plywood
Canadian Wood Council provides an overview of plywood including uses, grades, sizes, quality control, moisture control, and additional information.
Information Sources

APA: Technical Reports On Plywood
Engineered Wood Association technical publications help you design, specify, install and protect APA trademarked plywood in a varity of applications.
Issues & Performance

APA: ANSI/APA Standard For Performance-Rated Engineered Wood Siding
Engineered Wood Association offers the ANSI/APA PRP 210-2019 Standard for Performance-Rated Engineered Wood Siding. This Standard provides requirements and test methods for qualification and quality assurance for performance-rated engineered wood siding, which is a veneer-based, structural-use product intended for use in construction applications as exterior siding. (PDF) Free site registration required.

APA: Buckling Of Wood Structural Panel Sheathing
Engineered Wood Association technical note Buckling of Wood Structural Panel Sheathing describes mechanism and construction features that contribute to sheathing buckling and includes suggestions for correction. Free site registration required.

APA: Combustion Byproducts From Wood Structural Panels
Engineered Wood Association bulletin Combustion Byproducts from Wood Structural Panels summarizes available information regarding the environmental concerns of burning wood structural products containing adhesives.

APA: Fire Retardant Treated Plywood
Engineered Wood Association bulletin provides required treating standards and locations within building codes where standards are referenced, as well as where fire-retardant-treated FRT plywood can be safely used.

APA: Performance of Flexible Structural Sheathing
Engineered Wood Association online Product Advisory: Performance of Flexible Structural Sheathing summarizes five flexible structural sheathing products that underwent shear wall tests in three independent laboratories. Without exception, the test results found that their published lateral load design properties are significantly overstated. Free site registration required.

APA: Prevent Panel Buckling With Proper Spacing
Engineered Wood Association online video Prevent Buckling with Proper Spacing explains their recommendations for correct spacing between plywood or OSB panel joints and demonstrates how improper spacing can result in panel buckling.

APA: Voluntary Product Standard For Structural Plywood
Engineered Wood Association voluntary Product Standard PS 1-09 For Structural Plywood establishes requirements, for those who choose to adhere to the standard, for the principal types and grades of structural plywood and provide a basis for common understanding among producers, distributors, and users of the product. (PDF)

APA: Voluntary Product Standard PS 1-09 For Structural Plywood
Engineered Wood Association offers Voluntary Product Standard, PS 1-09, Structural Plywood that covers the Voluntary Product Standard PS 1-09, the national standard for producing, marketing, and specifying plywood for construction and industrial uses. Free site registration required.

APA: Voluntary Product Standard PS 2-10 For Wood-Based Structural-Use Panels
Engineered Wood Association updated Voluntary Product Standard, PS 2-10 Performance Standard for Wood-Based Structural-Use Panels provides information on performance requirements, adhesive bond performance, panel construction and workmanship, dimensions and tolerances, marking, and moisture content of structural-use panels. Revised June 2011. (PDF)

APA: Water Vapor Permeance of Wood Structural Panels
Engineered Wood Association document addresses water vapor permeance of structural wood panels, vapor retarders and their role in wall-system design. Free site registration required.

Fine Homebuilding: Tips For Flattening Warped Plywood
Fine Homebuilding provides tips for flattening warped plywood.

APA: Easy Siding & Trim Attachment to OPB & Plywood
Engineered Wood Association online video explains how OSB and plywood sheathing can be used as a sturdy, code-compliant nail base for siding and trim.

APA: Selection, Installation & Preparation Of Plywood Underlayment
Engineered Wood Association fact sheet Selection, Installation and Preparation of Plywood Underlayment, provides recommendations for the installation and preparation of underlayment under finish flooring in residential and light commercial applications. Free site registration required.

Certiwood: Canply Easy T&G Plywood Should Not Be Mixed With Others
Certiwood Technical Centre bulletin says CANPLY EASY T&G roof and floor plywood panels should not be mixed with any other T&G panels. They list the risks in mixing T&G profiles that do not exactly conform to the patented characteristics, shape, and dimensional tolerances of EASY T&G. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: Cutting Plywood To Size
Fine Homebuilding article says whether your sheet goods become sheathing or cabinetry, you need to know how to cut them properly.
Product Supply

Remodeling: Pros & Cons Of Oriented Strand Board Vs. Plywood
Remodeling magazine describes the pros and cons of oriented strand board vs. plywood to help select which panel is right for your homes.
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