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Basics & Theory

JLC: Building Tips for Pressure-Treated Lumber
Journal of Light Construction says there are multiple use categories of pressure-treated lumber, and understanding which is best for your project will allow you to build a structure that stands strong.

SFPA: Guide To Specifications For Pressure Treated Southern Pine
US Southern Forest Products Association online guide to specification of treated wood for various uses and exposures, is supplemented with detailed preservative tables by specific product or application. Details of approved industry standards, proper grade and quality marks for treated lumber are included, plus guidance on suitable fasteners and connectors. (PDF) Free Registration Required

Wood Preservation Canada: FAQ On Pressure Treated Wood
Wood Preservation Canada FAQ section likely has answers to all of your questions or concerns when choosing pressure treated wood.

Woodworks: Wood Durability And Service Life
Wood Products Council online presentation covering Wood Durability and Service Life explains how building professionals select structural framing materials based on a number of factors, including cost, availability, ease of construction, thermal performance, aesthetics, design versatility and service life, which is the measure of how long a product is expected to perform under defined environmental conditions. As with other materials, wood can deteriorate if used inappropriately. However, with proper design detailing, good construction techniques and adequate building maintenance, wood structures can deliver many decades of reliable service. (PDF)
Information Sources

CWC: Overview & Resources For Pressure Treated Wood
Canadian Wood Council offers information and resources on pressure treated wood including overview, tips, fasteners, codes & standards, performance data, treatability, and Canadian preservation industry.
Issues & Performance

AWC: Wood Treatments & Fastener Corrosion
American Wood Council provides answers to some specific questions related to alternative wood treating chemicals possibly being more corrosive than CCA to metal fasteners and connectors.

BC Housing: Compatibility Of Fasteners With Residential Pressure Treated Wood
BC Housing bulletin Compatibility of Fasteners and Connectors with Residential Pressure Treated Wood updates the earlier version (Builder Insight #1: ACQ Treated Wood) and provides builders, designers, and those specifying treated wood for residential construction with the most up-to-date information available and best practice. (PDF)

BC Housing: Field Survey Of ACQ Treated Wood & Metal Fasteners
BC Housing field survey on ACQ treated wood and metal fasteners was carried out at a sample of building sites in the Lower Mainland region to determine whether compatible metal components are specified and used, and whether there is an indication of premature corrosion of metal components. (PDF)

CMHC: Preserved Wood Foundations As Potential Source Of Arsenic & Fungi
CMHC study obtained information on airborne levels of fungi and arsenic within enclosed preserved wood foundations (PWF) wall cavities of existing homes. 2007 (PDF)

CWC: Canadian Certification Of Pressure Treated Wood
Canadian Wood Council bulletin describes national program is now in place for treatment, inspection and application of a certification mark for pressure treated wood produced to Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards as specified in the National Building Code of Canada. (PDF)

CWC: Codes & Standards For Treated Wood
Canadian Wood Council provides an overview of codes and standards for treated wood.

CWC: Fasteners, Connectors & Flashing For Wood Treated With Copper-Based Preservatives
Canadian Wood Council says most wood preservatives designed for exterior use contain copper that may react with the metals used to fabricate fasteners and connectors therefore, it is important to use the right type of fastener and/or connectors.

Fine Homebuilding: Difference Between Fasteners For Pressure-Treated Lumber
Fine Homebuilding describes differences between stainless-steel and hot-dipped-galvanized fasteners that are typically recommended for pressure treated lumber.

Fine Homebuilding: New Pressure Treated Wood & Fastener Corrosion
Fine Homebuilding article looks at the new pressure-treated wood, which is arguably safer to people and the planet, but is more corrosive to fasteners. (PDF)

JLC: Metal Connectors & Galvanized Coatings

JLC: Predicting Twists In Pressure Treated Lumber
Journal of Light Construction says looking at end grain patterns can help you see whether a piece of treated wood will twist in service.

SPC: Fastener & Connector Guidance For Treated Wood
Southern Pine Council bulletin provides basic guidance for selection of appropriate fasteners and connectors for treated wood, in order to prevent corrosion. (PDF)

FP Innovations: Specifying Treated Wood
FP Innovations online slide show presentation on Specifying Treated Wood covers 2010 National Codes, CSA Wood Preservation, use categories, products for specific exposures, treatment requirements for plywood and lumber, selecting species, selecting appropriate preservative, pre-and post-treatment conditioning, third party quality assurance, appropriate and inappropriate product substitution, handling, and long term performance. (PDF)

Woodworks: Preservative Treated Wood Use & Specification
Woodworks online slide show presentation Preservative Treated Wood Use & Specification describes how to specify pressure treated wood products, where pressure treated wood is required under the building code, Western Wood Preservers Institute Best Management Practices, and more. (PDF)

Woodworks: Preserved Wood For Durable Construction
Woodworks online slide show presentation Preserved Wood For Durable Construction describes the manufacturing process for pressure treated wood, available products and their differences, and how preserved wood is used in construction. (PDF)
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