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Basics & Theory
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Basic Introduction

Building Science: Wood Is Good But Strange
Building Science report says wood burns, rots, has different strength properties depending on its orientation, expands and contracts based on relative humidity, expands differently based on orientation. and no two pieces are alike, However, despite all of these problems, wood is the material of choice when it comes to building houses it may make significant inroads in commercial construction.

CEFTS: Study Guide For Identifying Wood
Council of Eastern Forest Technician Schools slides describe cross-sectional images for more than 30 North American tree species, plus information about the macro-features that distingiush one wood from another, and provides insights to each wood's dimensional stability and finishing characteristics.

Hobbit House: Pictures & Descriptions Of Exotic Woods
Hobbit House site displays over 17,000 color-correct pictures of exotic and domestic woods.

Naturally Wood: Architect's Toolkit For Wood
Architect's Toolkit is a resource for British Columbia wood products, providing information about innovations in green building, and 11 different species of British Columbia wood, cross-laminated timber , OSB, and plywood. It hosts a variety of technical, product and species-specific information on building with wood along with case studies and information on accessing technical experts for all wood-related questions.

WoodWorks: 21st Century Wood Design, Building and Construction Solutions
WoodWorks online booklet 21st Century Wood Design, Building and Construction Solutions provides an overview of a new generation of wood building products, systems and techniques which are making bigger, taller and more complex wood buildings possible. It showcases where innovative wood products have been used in recent projects in BC and answers common questions. (PDF)
Detailed Theory

FPL: Online Handbook On Wood
US Forest Products Laboratory online Wood Handbook contains detailed information on almost everything you will ever want to know about wood products and processes. (PDF)

IRC: Basic Characteristics of Wood
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction describes the anisotropic or directional character of wood, particularly in respect of its strength and moisture response. (PDF)

IRC: Design Issues For Using Wood In Construction
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction considers implications of design aids in the safe and efficient use of wood in construction. (PDF)

Massachusetts Univ: Facts & Fiction Of Wood Myths
University of Massachusetts Wood Technology department 12-point article points out that some of what you know about wood is wrong.

Univ Auburn: Illustrated Review Of Figure In Wood
Auburn University publication contains a general presentation of figure in wood that includes many facets on the subject ranging from basic to highly specific. (PDF)

WoodWorks: Introduction to Wood Science
WoodWorks online presentation provides an introductory review of wood science, including cell structure and moisture interaction properties, and a detailed look at wood shrinkage. It covers the role of moisture in the amount of shrinkage, methods for calculating shrinkage, and the impact of grain orientation on shrinkage magnitudes. (PDF)

Architect Magazine: History Of Wood From Stone Age To 21st Century
Architect Magazine online infographic tracks the history of wood as a construction material.

FPL: Properties Of Different Types Of Wood
US Forest Products Laboratory site, The Center for Wood Anatomy Research provides you with quite detailed information on the properties of North American hardwoods and softwoods, tropical, and lesser-known woods.

IRC: Implications Of Properties Of Wood
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction describes implications of wood properties including strength, dimensional changes due to moisture, moisture content changes in service, processed forms of wood, and durability. (PDF)

Mat Web: Material Properties Of Wood
Mat Web provides detailed information on the material properties of wood and natural products.

Woodworks: Structural Properties & Performance Of Wood
Woodworks fact sheet describes the structural properties and performance characteristics of wood. (PDF)

CWC: Glossary Of Wood Terms
Canadian Wood Council glossary of terms describes wood products and procedures.

US FPL: Wood Handbook Glossary
US Forest Products Laboratory alphabetical glossary of terms describes common terms relating to wood and associated products. (PDF)
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