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CWC: Types Of Connections For Wood
Canadian Wood Council describes types of connections for wood including adhesives, bolts, framing connectors, glulam rivets, hangers & plates, lag screws, materials, screws, shanks & points, split rings & shear plates, timber joinery, nails and washers & side plates.

Woodworks: Connection Options For Wood-Frame & Heavy Timber Buildings
Woodworks describes connection options for wood-frame and heavy timber buildings, including effective solutions that provide strength, stiffness, stability and ductility. (PDF)

Woodworks: Connection Solutions For Wood Framed Structures
Woodworks online slide show presentation describes the wide variety of connectors available for wood framed structures and how they can be used most effectively to meet a specific design need. (PDF)

WoodWorks: Connection Solutions for Wood-frame Structures
WoodWorks describes how to make effective connections that provide strength, stiffness, stability and ductility in modern wood-frame structures. (PDF)

Woodworks: Webinar On Connection Solutions For Wood Framed Structures
WoodWorks online recorded webinar Connection Solutions for Wood Framed Structures provides a brief overview of innovative connection systems and other catalytic changes which helped cause this shift, and highlights innovative project examples in the US, Canada and elsewhere. (mp4)

AWC: Design Of Wood Structures For Permanence
American Wood Council guide covers principles of good design, moistures control, termite control, and durable materials. (PDF)

AWC: Guide For Wood Structural Design
American Wood Council online Guide For Wood Structural Design provides complete information on the properties of structural lumber, sizing wood beams and columns, and span tables for rafters and floor joists. (PDF)

CWC: Engineering Guide for Wood Frame Construction
Canadian Wood Council online Engineering Guide for Wood Frame Construction provides guidance to engineers, building designers, building officials, and builders on the structural design of wood elements and connections for wood frame buildings. (PDF)

CWC: Purchasable Wood Design Manual 2017
Canadian Wood Council sells the Wood Design Manual 2017, the essential wood design publication. The 2017 edition is updated in compliance with National Building Code of Canada (NBC) 2015 and CSA Standard O86-2014. It includes the Engineering design in wood Standard (CSA O86-14). $225 CDN

Wood Works: Online Wood Use Matrix
Wood Works online Wood Use Matrix is a tool that summarizes the current best practices in the use of wood building materials and systems for various building elements of a wide variety of building types.

WoodWorks: Introduction To Wood In Construction
WoodWorks online slide show presentation Introduction To Wood provides introductory review of allowable uses with woodframe construction, structural wood design for vertical gravity and lateral loads, and design best practices. (PDF)

Woodworks: Software For Wood Design
Woodworks lists US and Canadian engineering software for design of all wood buildings as well as hybrid structures of wood and other materials.
Estimate & Size

CWC: Online Calculators & Tools For Wood Design
Canadian Wood Council supplies these handy online tools for a fast and accurate way to calculate span, dimension, total board feet and a tall wall sizer.

Woodworks: Source Of Tools Supporting Wood Design Process
WoodWorks connects architects and engineers with a variety of tools that support the wood design process—from links to design guides and standards to a growing library of CAD and REVIT details, carbon calculator, span tables, design software and more.

BC Housing: Maintaining Exposed Wood Structures
BC Housing bulletin provides guidance on the review and maintenance of exposed wood to help ensure that these components achieve their intended service lives and maintain their appearance. (PDF)

Tools Of The Trade: Clothes Iron Repairs Dents In Wood
Tools of the Trade online video show how to remove dents in wood using a combination of steam and heat to draw the wood fibers back up to the surface.

Dovetail: Current State Of Wood Reuse & Recycling In North America
Dovetail report The Current State of Wood Reuse and Recycling in North America and Recommendations for Improvements addresses recovery of post-consumer wood waste in the US and Canada. (PDF)

Reuse Wood: North American Wood Reuse & Recycling Options
Canadian Wood Council and American Wood Council have partnered with the Building Materials Reuse Association to develop an online North American directory outlining reuse and recycling options for wood and wood products.
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