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Basics & Theory

Adhesives: Glossary Of Terms For Adhesives & Sealants
Adhesives provides a comprehensive glossary of adhesive and sealant terms and terminology, courtesy ASTM International.

JLC: Overview Of Job-Site Glues
Journal of Light Construction says although a bottle of yellow glue and a tube of construction adhesive will handle a great many gluing needs, there are times you might want to choose a special glue from the wide range available.
Information Sources

Adhesives: Resource Site On Adhesives & Sealants
Adhesive & Sealant Council site for engineers, designers, architects and others who wish to understand the benefits and values that adhesives and sealants bring to modern product design and assembly. It offers information ad resources on adhesives and sealants, TechSelect Tool to help you determine the right type of product for your application, and new applications/uses for adhesives.

This To That: Links To Technical & Fun Glue Sites
This To That provides directory of links to technical, as well as cool and fun sites on glue and adhesives.
Issues & Performance

Adhesives: Health & Safety When Using Adhesives & Sealants
Adhesives industry site describes how handling of raw materials and products in a responsible way throughout their lifecycle, namely from their manufacture via the usage stage right through to recycling and disposal, is nowadays a generally recognized health & safety principle.

ASTM: Standards For Adhesives
American Society for Testing and Materials testing agency ASTM provdes a directory of its standards on adnesives.

Adhesives: Free CAD Symbol & Tool For Specifying Adhesives
Adhesive and Sealant Council new ASTM International standard, D7447-08, Standard Practice for Symbolizing Adhesive Applications and the accompanying electronic symbol, enable engineers, architects, designers and other end-users to more conveniently represent adhesives on computer-aided design (CAD) drawings.

Adhesives: Proper Surface Treatment
Adhesives industry site describes proper surface treatment as the process whereby the adherend surface is cleaned and/or chemically treated to promote better adhesion. It explains how the adhesive must completely wet the surface of each substrate being joined together, and how strong attractive interactions must form between the adhesive and the substrates.

HBC: Common Adhesive Application Errors
Home Builder Canada magazine offers some tips on avoiding the most common application errors for adhesives.
Product Supply

Adhesives: Online Buyers Guide For Adhesives & Sealants
Adhesive and Sealant Council online Buyers Guide is an online directory for locating products and services from Adhesive and Sealant Council member companies.

Adhesives: Online Questionnaire To Select Right Adhesive & Sealant
Adhesives industry site online form assists designers in selecting the best adhesive or sealant for their applications.

Adhesives: Online Tool To Select Adhesives & Sealants
Adhesive and Sealant online Vendor Select Tool is a quick and efficient way for a user to find a particular chemistry type that is typically used in a market segment divided by adhesives and sealants for finished goods. The tool can also be used to find typical raw material types, as well as equipment. It drives the user to companies within the ASC membership that supply finished goods, raw materials and equipment for the adhesive and sealant industry.

HBC: Selection Tips For Adhesives
Home Builder Canada magazine describes some critical considerations for picking an adhesive for different types of jobs.

This To That: Resources On Glue & Adhesives
This To That resource site, although it does not cover all construction materials, shows you which types adhesives are used to glue different materials together.
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