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Basics & Theory

Concrete Network: Why Decorative Concrete Delivers Great Value
Concrete Network article explains why decorative concrete is the logical choice when it comes to reducing your costs, improving sustainability, and contributing to your project's overall quality and aesthetics.
Industry Information

ASCC: Annual Decorative Concrete Council Award Winners
American Society of Concrete Contractors provides links to it's annual Decorative Concrete Council Awards winners from 2011-2019, which recognize outstanding decorative concrete projects around the world.

Concrete Network: 2014 Decorative Concrete Trends
Concrete Network describes what the hottest looks for decorative concrete in 2014.

Concrete Network: 2015 Decorative Concrete Trends
Concrete Network describes a number of trend-setting looks for decorative concrete in 2015.

Concrete Network: 2018 Decorative Concrete Council Awards
Concrete Network provides photo gallery of award winning projects submitted to the Decorative Concrete Council, part of the American Society of Concrete Contractors.

Concrete Network: Current Trends In Decorative Concrete
Concrete Network describes five trends in decorative concrete as seen in projects submitted by contractors throughout 2009.

Concrete Network: E-books On Decorative Concrete Applications & Industry
Concrete Network free e-books provide in-depth reports on the state of various decorative concrete applications including concrete stamping, concrete staining, concrete overlays, and concrete polishing.

Concrete Network: Six Decorative Concrete Design Trends For 2011
Concrete Network describes six concrete design trends for 2011 that offer the latest in-vogue looks for decorative concrete.
Information Sources

Concrete Construction Online: Industry Resources On Decorative Concrete
Concrete Construction magazine offers information on decorative concrete including columns, feature articles, problem clinic, and products.

Concrete Decor Magazine: Industry Magazine On Decorative Concrete
Concrete Decor Magazine and Web site offers news and information about decorative concrete, concrete countertops, polished concrete, acid stains, colored concrete, decorative concrete training, decorative concrete products, concrete homes and more.

Concrete Locator: Discussion Forums On Decorative Concrete
Concrete Locator has industry discussion forums covering a wide variety of topics on decorative concrete.

Concrete Network: Decorative Concrete Q & A
Concrete Network has an online library of questions & answers relating to decorative concrete.

Concrete Network: FAQs On Stamped Concrete
Concrete Network answers some frequently asked questions about stamped concrete.

Concrete Network: Free Newsletters On Decorative Concrete
Concrete Network's free newsletters read by over 30,000 people, give you news, how-to tips, design ideas, green building strategies, and more insights into the latest trends in decorative concrete. They also link you to articles and other information resources that can help you achieve all your design goals. Whether you're a homeowner, designer or concrete professional, they offer a newsletter tailored to your needs.

Concrete Network: Guides To Concrete Style Palettes
Concrete Network offers downloadable guides for using concrete for various indoor and outdoor design schemes.

Concrete Network: Information & Resources On Stained Concrete
Concrete Network provides information and resources on stained concrete products, applications, and procedures.

Concrete Network: Online Videos On Concrete Floors
Concrete Network online videos cover types of concrete floors , design ideas, common questions, why concrete floors, replacing existing floors, choosing a floor contractor, and maintaining concrete floors.

Concrete Network: Online Videos On Decorative Concrete Design & Tools
Concrete Network collection of online videos on decorative concrete design and construction provide useful tips, techniques and instructions.

Concrete Network: Resource Site On Decorative Concrete
Concrete Network offers information and resources on decorative concrete.

Concrete Network: Stained Concrete FAQs
Concrete Network provides answers to common questions about stained concrete benefits, appearance, performance and maintenance.

Stained Concrete: Resource Site On Stained Concrete
Stained concrete offers information and resources on stained concrete for various residential and commercial applications.

Stamped Concrete: Resource Site On Stamped Concrete
Stamped Concrete site offers information and resources on stamped concrete including cost, patterns, colors, textures, installation information, and more.
Issues & Performance

Concrete Network: Hot Weather Concreting
Concrete Network provides an overview of hot weather concrete placement, with tips on mix design, handling, and finishing.

Concrete Network: Placing Decorative Concrete In Cold Weather
Concrete Network provides tips and resources for placing decorative concrete in cold weather.

Bob Harris: Purchasable Guide To Stained Concrete Interior Floors
Bob Harris Training Guides sells the Guide to Stained Concrete Interior Floors that describes what a contractor needs to know to be successful at applying concrete stains. $35 USD

Concrete Network: Cleaning & Sealing Exterior Decorative Concrete
Concrete Network describes how to maintain and care for exterior decorative concrete of all types.

Concrete Network: Combining Concrete & Natural Stone
Concrete Network describes a variety of ways to use concrete in conjunction with natural stone.

Concrete Network: Comparison Chart For Concrete Coloring
Concrete Network chart compares types of concrete coloring methods including acid stains, dyes, integral color, and color hardeners.

Concrete Network: FAQs For Decorative Concrete Overlays
Concrete Network provides answers to common questions about overlay application, appearance, performance, and maintenance. Go down to about mid page to see this section.

Concrete Network: Finishing Options For Concrete Flooring
Concrete Network describes finishing options for concrete flooring including staining, dyes and other topical colors, stenciling, polishing, metallic coatings, and garage floor coatings.

Concrete Network: How to Make Concrete Look Like Wood
Concrete Network provides examples of concrete stamped to look like wood, wood-grained concrete countertops and more.

Concrete Network: How To Stain Concrete
Concrete Network provides a step-by-step overview of the concrete staining process.

Concrete Network: How To Stamp Concrete
Concrete Network provides a step-by-step overview of the concrete stamping process along with tips for achieving the best results.

Concrete Network: Interior Design Trends & Decorative Concrete
Concrete Network describes six decorating trends perfectly suited for decorative concrete.

Concrete Network: Old World Concrete Design
Concrete Network says there are a small segment of concrete artisans who have mastered techniques for making new concrete look old, replicating everything from ancient Roman ruins to medieval castle floors.

Concrete Network: Online Videos On Decorative Concrete Repair
Concrete Network online videos describe reasons behind common decorative concrete problems, how problems can be avoided, and offers suggestions for solutions.

Concrete Network: Protect & Maintain Textured Concrete
Concrete Network says stamped concrete will provide decades of service when properly installed and maintained, even when exposed to harsh winter weather conditions.

Concrete Network: Sealing Interior Concrete Floors
Concrete Network answers six questions about having a sealer applied on an interior concrete floor including types of sealers, what they do, how to choose the right one for your floor, and more.

Concrete Network: Seven Steps To Avoiding Problems
Concrete Network describes seven steps to avoiding problems with decorative concrete.

Concrete Network: Stamped Concrete Sealers
Concrete Network describes the final step in the installation of stamped concrete, applying a concrete sealer suitable for exterior exposure conditions.

Concrete Network: Stamped Overlays
Concrete Network describes how to resurface existing concrete with a stampable concrete overlay.

Concrete Network: Stenciling Interior Concrete Floors
Concrete Network provides information about stenciling concrete floors including how stencils work, design tips, and more.

Stamped Concrete: 10-Step Process Of Stamped Concrete
Stamped Concrete describes ten steps for stamping patios, pool decks, driveways and more.

Vancouver Concrete: How To Stamp Concrete
Vancouver Concrete online video describes how to stamp concrete.
Product Supply

Concrete Network: Stained Concrete Price Ranges
Concrete Network provides an overview of stained concrete costs and price ranges.

Concrete Network: Stamped Concrete Costs & Pricing Considerations
Concrete Network says the initial cost to install stamped concrete can vary widely, depending on the prices for materials and labor in your local market and the complexity of the job.
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