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Basics & Theory

Building Science: Old Meets New In Masonry Construction
Building Science online slide show presentation describes some history of masonry construction techniques, and considerations for maintenance and preservation. (PDF)

MCAA: History Of Masonry
Mason Contractors Association of America provides a brief overview of the 6000-year history of masonry.
Industry Sectors

CMCA: Canadian Masonry Contractors Association
Canadian Masonry Contractors Association represents contractors who install masonry units and also manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers involved with masonry materials, equipment, and accessories. CMCA promotes masonry construction across Canada by initiating and supporting promotional, educational and research programs.

MIBC: Masonry Institute Of BC
Masonry Institute Of BC offers contact listing of its members, technical services, and masonry technical manual.
Information Sources

CMDC: Canadian Masonry Support Service For Designers
Canada Masonry Design Centre provides designers with technical resources and services to facilitate the proper design and construction of masonry structures.

IMI: Ask An Expert Service
International Masonry Institute offers free technical assistance on design and construction, with an FAQ archive and an online form to submit your questions.

JLC: Articles On Masonry Exteriors
Journal of Light Construction offers both free and paid articles on projects, problems, and procedures relating to masonry exteriors.

MAC: Articles & Reports On Masonry
Masonry Advisory Council provides articles and reports for adhered veneer, brick, cast stone, concrete masonry, flashing, grout, lime stone, mortar, natural stone and wall ties & anchors, as well as external links.

MAC: Resource Site On Masonry
Masonry Advisory Council covers masonry benefits, brick, concrete masonry, mortar, cast stone, grout, flashing, design & construction, maintenance, costs & estimating, and more.

MIBC: BC Masonry Experts To Answer Your Question
Masonry Institute of BC Provides contact information for experts to answer questions on clay brick and concrete block.
Issues & Performance

IRC: Efflorescence On Masonry & Brick
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction digest on efflorescence covers chemical nature, weather, mortar and additional sources of efflorescence, treatment, precautions, and use of water repellents to suppress efflorescence. 1960

PCA: Cold Weather Masonry Construction
Portland Cement Association provides information for planning and implementation of a successful cold weather masonry construction program. (PDF)

PCA: Hot Weather Masonry Construction
Portland Cement Association explains how hot weather affects mortar properties and what measures can be taken to assure quality, plus information on selecting, storing and preparation of masonry materials. (PDF)

2016 Masonry Systems Guide (Northwest Edition)
The 2016 Masonry Systems Guide: Northwest Edition features a comprehensive overview of 8 primary masonry enclosure assemblies, including design details and discussion for each, and standardizes local preferences and best practices for masonry wall systems design and construction.

Building Science: Durability For Cold Climate Interior Insulation
Building Science online slide show presentation describes durability issues and considerations for cold climate interior insulation of load-bearing masonry.

Building Science: Tailor Made Insulation For Interior Masonry Walls
Building Science says you should insulate uninsulated masonry buildings on the inside very carefully. The big concern is not to screw up the durability or to create moisture problems where none have existed prior to improving the enclosure by insulating it.

Fine Homebuilding: What Type Of Mortar Do You Need
Fine Homebuilding article says understanding the types of mortar (Types M, S, N, O) will help you choose the one with the right properties for your project.

HBC: Traditional vs Modern Repointing Mortar
Home Builder Canada magazine says when it comes to restoration, it pays to understand the difference between traditional and modern repointing mortar.

IRC: Coatings For Masonry Surfaces
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction digest discusses coatings that may be applied on various masonry surfaces, characteristics of masonry materials, problems, and general recommendations.

IRC: Design Considerations For Repointing Mortars For Older Buildings
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction Update describes key design elements for achieving successful repointing of masonry walls to provide a longer service life for both the masonry units and the mortar. (PDF)

IRC: Repointing Mortars For Older Masonry Buildings
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction Update presents information and site considerations critical to successful application of repointing mortars for conservation of older masonry buildings. (PDF)

Masonry BC: Masonry Inspection Checklist
Masonry Institute of BC offers this checklist for the field review process to help ensure conformance to masonry standards, specifications, and good workmanship. (PDF)

MIBC: BC Technical Manual On Masonry
Masonry Institute of BC manual covers structural walls, rainscreen, masonry and brick materials & construction, mortar, flashing, ties, ratings, maintenance, specification & standards, quality assurance, and more.
Product Supply

MIBC: Listing Of BC Masonry Suppliers & Contractors
Masonry Institute of BC provides listings and contact information for BC masonry (brick, block or stone) producers, residential and commercial masonry contractors, as well as industry associates. Select required listing from left -side panel.
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