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Basics & Theory

Fine Homebuilding: Types & Makeup Of Paint
Fine Homebuilding article describes the makeup of paint (carriers, binders, pigments, and additives); oil vs. latex coatings; volatile organic compounds (VOCs), warranties, and boutique paints. There are also sidebars on the best types of paint to use for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

IRC: General Recommendations For Painting Buildings
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction, Building Digest report has a good chart showing which types of paint to use for both interior and exterior finishing applications. (PDF)

PDRA: Frequently Asked Questions About Paint
Paint & Decorating Retailers Association site has a list of FAQs answering many common questions that homeowners and others may ask regarding paint products and applications.

Rust-Oleum: Glossary Of Terms For Paints & Coatings
Rust-Oleum site has a good glossary of paint & coating terms, as well as a number of common FAQs (click on the FAQ link at bottom of left panel).
Industry Information

Sherwin-Williams: Annual Color Forecast
Sherwin-Williams presents their annual color forecast, which includes the inspirational palettes Sherwin-Williams has created. Choose from 2018-2020.

Specs Spaces: Dunn-Edwards Releases 2014 Color & Design Trend Report
Dunn-Edwards Paints' latest trend report, Simply Enlightenment 2014, provides a look at key colors and design trends we'll see next year, and how social, culture, and demographic changes influence these trends. Sara McLean, color expert and blogger at specs+spaces, explains that the palette is rich in earthy colors, with influences from the depths of the ocean to the vast skies above, with blues threading throughout. (PDF)
Industry Sectors

MPDA: Master Painters & Decorators Association
Master Painters and Decorators Association is a North American association of paint and coating contractors and manufacturers. It provides painting and coating technical advice, maintains specification and standards manuals, and publishes copyright manuals for the paint and coatings industry.
Information Sources

All Pro: Technical Bulletins On Paint & Coatings
All Pro provides articles on a whole range of topics on painting products, accessories and procedures. Use the search box to enter your keyword search.

Fine Homebuilding: Articles On Paints & Preparation
Fine Homebuilding magazine online articles cover tips and advice from pros on paints and preparation for a quality paint job.

Paint Info: Resource Site For Paint Products
Master Painters Institute offers this Paint Info site with resources on products, procedures and the paint industry.
Issues & Performance

BD&C: 5 Common Failures In Paints & Coatings
Building Design & Construction describes 5 common failures in paints and coatings, and how to address them.

Building Science: Durability Of Painting
Building Science says exposure to sunlight and moisture are the major factors affecting the durability of paint coatings and the durability of the substrate. Ultraviolet radiation, moisture and heat can each lead to the breakdown of the resin in painted surfaces which binds (holds) the pigment to the substrate surface.

JLC: When Paint Problems Happen
Journal of Light Construction describes how consistent work habits and best practices can eliminate most paint problems.

MPDA - Specification & Inspection Services
Master Painters & Decorators Association of BC offers info on finding or developing a painting specification, wanting a job inspected, or are looking for consultation.

Paint Pro: Painting In Cold Weather
Paint Pro Magazine provides tips for painting in cold weather.

US FPL: Why House Paint Fails
US Forest Products Laboratory describes causes of paint failure on wood siding and trim. (PDF)

Benjamin Moore: Online Paint Calculator
Benjamin Moore offers this handy online calculator form that figures out how much paint you will need for both interior and exterior, in English (gallons) or metric (litres) units.

BRIK: Best Practices For Architectural Coatings
Building Research Information Knowledgebase online Best Practices For Architectural Coatings demystifies architectural coatings describes the removal, selection, and application of paints, waterproofing coatings, protective products, and other surface treatments. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: 10 Tips To Paint Like A Pro
Fine Homebuilding describes some products and offers some tips for getting the best possible exterior paint job.

Fine Homebuilding: How To Keep Paint Off Carpet When Painting Baseboard
Fine Homebuilding describes how to keep paint off a carpet when painting baseboard by getting masking tape between the baseboard and the carpet.

JLC: Removing Latex Paint
Journal of Light Construction explains how to remove multiple coats of latex paint with a disc sander, and how to clean the gummed-up sanding discs for re-use.

JLC: Sealing Exterior Wood Before Painting
Journal of Light Construction describes how a water-sealing wood preservative applied as the first coat can prolong the life of a paint job.

Lowe's: Online Calculator For Interior Paint
Lowe's offers an online interior paint calculator to estimate how much paint and primer you'll need for your painting project.

Paint Info: Selecting Gloss Finishes
Paint Info provides a simple chart to help in selection of right type of product. Location and type of surface can dictate the best degree of gloss for appearance and durability.

Product Care: BC Depots For Paint Recycling
Product Care paint stewardship program includes the paint exchange, where leftover paint collected at Product Care paint depots is offered free of charge.

Sherwin-Williams: Overview Of Common Paint Problems
Sherwin-Williams site explains in simple terms (with pictures), over 20 common paint failures, their cause, and solutions.

YouTube: What To Expect When Getting A Painting Estimate
YouTube video shows you what to expect when getting an estimate from a painting contractor, as well as what specs and services should be spelled out in that estimate.
Product Supply

AWCI: Suppliers & Manufacturers Buyers Guide
Association of Wall & Ceiling Industries online product info and buyers guide will help in trying to find information on specific products or suppliers.

Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions: Fireproof Paint And Paint Additives
Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions article describes fireproof paint and paint additives. It explains the flame spread ratings/classes, their houly ratings, and short list of products available.

MPI: Listing Of North American Paint Manufacturers
Master Painters Institute site lists North American paint manufacturers, their product types, distribution channels, contact info and Web site links.

QR: New 2019 Paints & Coatings
Qualified Remodeler says fast-drying, better-hiding as well as flatter, richer colors are among the new coatings options in 2019.
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