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Basics & Theory

BD&C: Basics of Wood Frame Connection Design
Building Design & Construction says good connection design makes use of wood’s natural characteristics and harnesses its strengths.

CWC: Types Of Connections For Wood
Canadian Wood Council describes types of connections for wood including adhesives, bolts, framing connectors, glulam rivets, hangers & plates, lag screws, materials, screws, shanks & points, split rings & shear plates, timber joinery, nails and washers & side plates.

JLC: Framing Hardware Dos & Don'ts
Journal of Light Construction article describes metal connector installation errors that can affect the load capacity of connectors and if not corrected cause long-term problems.

Woodworks: Connection Solutions For Wood Framed Structures
Woodworks online slide show presentation describes the wide variety of connectors available for wood framed structures and how they can be used most effectively to meet a specific design need. (PDF)

Woodworks: Connection Solutions In Modern Timber Structures
Woodworks online slide show describes wide variety of connectors available for modern timber structures and how they can be used most effectively to meet a specific design need. (PDF)
Education & Training

AWC: Online eCourse Slide Show On Wood Connections
American Wood Council supplies onlie eCourse slide show (with notes) that covers all types of connections, which are one of the most critical items in any structure. (PDF)
Information Sources

Simpson Strong-Tie: Published Articles On Fasteners & Connectors
Simpson Strong-Tie offers access to articles authored by them and published in various trade publications.
Issues & Performance

BC Housing: Compatibility Of Fasteners With Residential Pressure Treated Wood
BC Housing bulletin Compatibility of Fasteners and Connectors with Residential Pressure Treated Wood updates the earlier version (Builder Insight #1: ACQ Treated Wood) and provides builders, designers, and those specifying treated wood for residential construction with the most up-to-date information available and best practice. (PDF)

JLC: Life Expectancy Of Galvanized Fasteners
Journal of Light Construction explains the difference between hot-dipped, mechanically galvanized, and electroplated nails, and discusses their performance implications. (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: Metal Connectors & Galvanized Coatings

NAHB: Online Video on Nail Gun Safety
US National Association of Home Builders online video on nail gun safety offers tips to avoid serious injuries on the job.

NIOSH: Nail Gun Safety Guide For Contractors
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health report Nail Gun Safety: A Guide for Construction Contractors provides a resource for residential home builders and construction contractors, subcontractors, and supervisors to prevent nail gun injuries. (PDF)

US FEMA: Corrosion Protection Of Metal Connectors In Coastal Areas
US Federal Emergency Management Agency bulletin provides guidance on the need for, selection of, and use of corrosion-resistant metal connectors for the construction of buildings in coastal areas. (PDF)

APA: Connection Design Solutions for Wood Frame Structures
Engineered Wood Association online Webinar presentation Connection Design Solutions for Wood-Frame Structures, covers wood connection design, including common fastener types and their design values.

JLC: Fastening Studs With Screws
Journal of Light Construction says the acceptance of screws for framing, even in a non-bearing partition, is usually up to the discretion of your local building official.

JLC: Plugging Fastener Holes
Journal of Light Construction describes how to plug fastener holes with wood bungs.

Tools of the Trade: Alternative Way to Fasten Metal to Wood
Tools of the Trade says if you've never seen or heard of a reverse rivet before, check out this video.
Product Supply

Fine Homebuilding: Online Video Review Of 16-Ga Finish Nailers
Fine Homebuilding online video summarizes reviews of the top features of more than a dozen 16-ga. finish nailers.

Tools Of The Trade: Review Of Lightweight Framing Nailers
Tools of the Trade tested seven plastic-collation stick nailers that weigh less than 8 pounds (with an air fitting but no nails).

Tools Of The Trade: Testing Cordless 18-Gauge Brad Nailers
Tools of the Trade testing shows gas-powered cordless nailers have some serious competition from their battery-powered cousins.

Tools Of The Trade: Tool Test Of Framing Nailers
Tools Of The Trade summarizes tests of framing guns by a framing contractor, who looks for a model that is comfortable to handle, able to toenail well, and powerful enough to drive nails flush every time. He tested 12 stick nailers: the Bosch SN350-34C, the Bostitch F28WW and F33PT, the DeWalt D51825, the Grip-Rite GRTFC83, the Hitachi NR83AA3, the Makita AN943, the Max SN883CH/34, the Paslode PF350S, the Porter-Cable FC350A, the Ridgid R350CHA, and the Senco SN901XP.

Tools Of The Trade: Tools For Faster Job-Site Joinery
Tools of the Trade describes a few tools to help make finish carpentry joinery faster and more accurate.
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