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Basics & Theory

US EIA: How Is US Electricity Generated Delivered & Priced
US Energy Information Administration describes how many technologies and fuels are used to generate electricity at power plants, which is then delivered to consumers through a complex network of lines and equipment known as the grid. The price that consumers pay for electricity is determined by weather factors, fuel costs, consumer demand, and regulations.
Industry Information

CEA: Power For Future: Electricity's Role In Canadian Energy Strategy
Canadian Electricity Association policy paper Power for the Future: Electricity's Role in a Canadian Energy Strategy, provides a series of recommendations to Canadian premiers as they make decisions about the future of Canada's integrated electricity system. (PDF)

GBA: Electrifying Buildings for Decarbonization
Green Building Advisor discusses a new report from the Rocky Mountain Institute that examines the role of electric space and water heating.

GBA: Transforming The Electric System
Green Building Advisor says electricity markets around the world are transforming from a model where electricity flows one way (from electricity-generating power plants to the customer) to one where customers actively participate as providers of electric services. But to speed this transformation and maximize its environmental and cost benefits, we need to understand how customer actions affect the three distinct parts of our electric system: generation, transmission, and distribution.

ILSR: Electricity's Un-Natural Monopoly
Institute for Local Self-Reliance says the US electricity system is undergoing the biggest change in its 130-year history, undermining the rationale for monopoly ownership and control.

RMI: Economics of Electrifying Buildings
Rocky Mountain Institute report, The Economics of Electrifying Buildings, analyzes the economics and carbon impacts of electrifying residential space and water heating both with and without demand flexibility—the ability to shift energy consumption in time to support grid needs. It compares electric space and water heating to fossil-fueled space and water heating for both new construction and home retrofits under various electric rate structures in four cities: Oakland, California; Houston; Providence, Rhode Island; and Chicago.
Issues & Performance

BC Hydro: Resource Site On Power Outages
BC Hydro provides information on power outages including Report an Outage, Current Outages, Planned & Restored Outages, Outages on Your Mobile, Prepare for an Outage, Outages & Your Business, How Power is Restored, and RSS Outages Feeds.

BC Hydro: Tips & Resources On Electrical Safety
BC Hydro offers tips and resources for safety during power outages, electrical emergencies, power lines, training for trades workers and first responders and keeping our communities safe.

BC Hydro: Troubleshooting High Electrical Bills
BC Hydro explains a number of reasons your energy bill could be higher than you expect and some things you can do about it.

CMHC: Dealing With Apartment Power Outages
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation fact sheet provides practical tips for being prepared for, and surviving, power outages in apartment buildings. (PDF)

CMHC: Leaving House Due To Winter Power Outage
CMHC reference for homeowners, tenants and landlords explains what to do if a home must be left unoccupied for more than 24 hours due to a power failure, to avoid any damage to the building and surrounding property. It covers how to adjust the water supply system, gas valves, breaker boxes, drainage systems and other parts of the home prior to leaving it. It includes tips on how to safely and properly turn appliances and systems back on when returning to the home. (PDF)

Energy Vanguard: Electricity Demand & Duck Curve
Energy Vanguard says that solar power is reducing the electricity demand during the sunny part of the day, the morning demand ramp is flattening out, and now the evening ramp is getting steeper.

Fortis BC: Tips On Power Outages
Fortis, provider of electrical service to some interior regions of BC, has information on power outages including scheduled outages, and tips for what to do during an outage.
Product Supply

BC Hydro: Residential Electricity Rates
BC Hydro provides information on their residential conservation rate, as well as your residential bill, high bills, HST and your bill, meter reading, and conservation calculator.
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