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Basics & Theory

BERC: Glossary Of Terms For Biomass
Biomass Energy Resource Center a US site provides a searchable, alphabetical glossary of terms used in the biomass industry.

Business Edge: Victoria Development Uses Nexterra Wood Waste Gasification
Business Edge article discusses Dockside Green, an internationally acclaimed $500-million project under construction on the Victoria downtown waterfront, which will be first housing community in country to feature gasification system provided by Vancouver-based Nexterra Energy Corp.

Clean Green Energy: Advantages & Disadvantages Of Biomass
Clean Green Energy article on alternative energy sources describes biomass, plus its advantages and disadvantages.

Dovetail: Community-Driven Biomass Energy Opportunites
Dovetail paper Community-Driven Biomass Energy Opportunities describes case studies of two communities in Minnesota interested in using timber harvest residues, sub-merchantable timber, and waste wood to heat homes, businesses, and government buildings, in either stand-alone or district energy systems. (PDF)

NREL: Basics Of Biomass Energy
US National Renewable Energy Laboratory explains biomass energy basics, biofuels, biopower, and bio products.

REW: Basics Of Anaerobic Digestion
Renewable Energy World News describes anaerobic digestion, a naturally occurring process whereby bacteria consume organic material. When this process happens in the absence of oxygen (ie, anaerobically), one of the by-products is methane gas, the principal ingredient of natural gas. Anaerobic digesters are devices that help capture, control and enhance this process, and have evolved from rudimentary covered pits to highly sophisticated devices designed to carefully manage the reaction for maximum efficiency.

REW: Oil Dealers Should Sell Bio Diesel For Heating
Renewable Energy World newsletter suggests oilheat dealers should consider offering biodiesel as bioheat to their customers for heating purposes.
Industry Information

BC Gov: 2008 Provincial Bioenergy Strategy
The BC government Bioenergy Strategy plans to create new opportunities for rural communities; spur new investment and innovation; and help British Columbia reach the goal of becoming electricity self-sufficient by 2016. 2008 (PDF)

BioEnergy: Canadian Bioeconomy Conference & Exhibition
Canadian Bioeconomy Conference and Exhibition is the bi-annual forum for global dialogue on bioenergy.

CanBio: Canada Report On Bioenergy 2010
Canada Report on Bioenergy September 2010 includes policy, biomass resources, use of biomass, current biomass users, prices, imports & exports, barriers & opportunities, and a list of federal and provincial bioenergy initiatives and programs. (PDF)

Dovetail: Potential Impacts Of Climate & Energy Policy On Forest Sector Industries
Dovetail report assesses short and long-term impacts (both positive and negative) of state and federal climate and bioenergy policies and incentives on the domestic forestry/wood products sector, and in particular the logging, lumber, composite panels, and paper industries, and considers how incentive programs might be modified so as to achieve optimum results for bioenergy producers and established wood-based industries alike. (PDF)

GEF: Biomass is Missing Link for Canada's Future Sustainable Economy
Green Energy Futures podcast says there are an estimated 120 million tonnes of waste and residue biomass in Canada right now — waste that could form the cornerstone of a green COVID-19 recovery effort that fights climate change by building the sustainable economy we need.

REW: Canada Positioned To Take Advantage Of Bio-Based Economy
Renewable Energy World article says that with its vast supply of forest resources and thick farming belts, Canada is well positioned to take advantage of a bio-based economy.

Wood2Energy: Database Of North American Wood To Energy Facilities
Wood 2 Energy has a database of industrial and elected community-scale users of wood to energy facilities across North America.
Industry Sectors

CanmetENERGY: Canadian Leader In Clean Energy Research
Natural Resources Canada's CanmetENERGY is the Canadian leader in clean energy research and technology development. With over 450 scientists, engineers and technicians and more than 100 years of experience, they are Canada's knowledge centre for scientific expertise on clean energy technologies. CanmetENERGY supports Natural Resources Canada's priorities to promote the sustainable and economic development of our natural resources, while improving the quality of life of Canadians.

RIC: Renewable Industries Canada
Renewable Industries Canada promotes renewable fuels for transportation, with membership from all levels of the ethanol and biodiesel industry.

US DOE: US Government Bioenergy Technologies Office
US Department of Energy Bioenergy Technologies Office develops technology to help transform the nation's renewable and abundant biomass resources into cost-competitive, high-performance biofuels, bioproducts, and biopower. Biomass is a clean, renewable energy source that can help to significantly diversify transportation fuels in the future.
Information Sources

Ask Ben: Online Answers To Biodiesel Questions
US National Biodiesel Board site provides an ask the expert service on biodiesel information and issues.

Biodiesel: Resource Site On Biodiesel
US National Biodiesel Board site offers information and resources on biodiesel.

CANBIO: Presentations From 2016 Canadian Bioenergy Conference
Canadian Bioenergy Association provides presentations from its 2016 annual conference and trade show held in Prince George BC, June 15-17. CanBio 2016 provided the latest global trends in fibre supply, sustainability, products, technology, policies and other drivers of the future bioeconomy.

Dig The Heat: Canadian Resource Site On Geothermal & Renewable Energy
Dig The Heat is a Canadian online guide to renewable energy including geothermal heating and cooling systems, solar power, wind energy, biofuels, green investment and government incentives.

Journey To Forever: Directory Of Links To Biodiesel
Journey To Forever site offers directory of links to biodiesel information and resources, listed by topic.

NRCan: Resource Site On Bioenergy
Natural Resources Canada provides a Bioenergy Systems site with information on bioenergy technologies, applications, case studies, and more.

RIC: Canadian Resource Site On Ethanol & Biodiesel
Renewable Industries Canada site offers information and resources on renewable fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel.

US DOE: US Resource Site On Bioenergy
US Department Of Energy resource site on bioenergy covers feedstock supply & logistics, algal biofuels, conversion technologies, sustainability, analysis, advanced development & optimization, emerging tecnologies and links to more resources. Go half way down page to research & development section, to access this information.
Issues & Performance

BIV: Burning Question of Bioenergy's Green Pedigree
Business in Vancouver says scientists challenge the assumption that burning wood is carbon neutral.

GBA: Biofuels Turn Out To Be a Climate Mistake
Green Building Advisor says a detailed study shows that biofuels are not carbon-neutral, and in fact result in increased atmospheric carbon dioxide.

REW: Cost Effectiveness & Energy Intensiveness Of Ethanol
Renewable Energy World newsletter explains state-of-the-art technologies produce ethanol that is far more cost-effective and less energy-intensive than gasoline.

CBES: Center for BioEnergy Sustainability
Center for BioEnergy Sustainability (CBES) is a leading resource for dealing with the environmental impacts and the ultimate sustainability of biomass production for conversion to biofuels and bio-based products. Its purpose is to use science and analysis to understand the sustainability (environmental, economic, and social) of current and potential future bioenergy production and distribution; to identify approaches to enhance bioenergy sustainability; and to serve as an independent source of the highest quality data and analysis for bioenergy stakeholders and decision makers.

CEA BC: Small-scale Biomass District Heating Guide
Community Energy Association of BC online Small-scale Biomass District Heating Guide is written primarily for local governments and First Nations elected officials and staff to support an active local government and band role in the development of clean energy and a green economy. (PDF)

Dovetail: Community-Based Bioenergy & District Heating
Dovetail online report focuses on thermal uses for wood as it applies to district heating, and combined heat and power (electricity) applications (cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power). It covers benefits, challenges, opportunities and recommedations.

networkz.com: Advantages Of Biodiesel Fuel Blends For Home Heating
networkz.com discusses why homeowners should use biodiesel fuel blends to heat their homes. One reason: it burns cleaner.

NREL: Overview Of Biodiesel & Petroleum Diesel Life Cycles
US National Renewable Energy Laboratory report Overview of Biodiesel and Petroleum Diesel Life Cycles describes how bio-diesel can offer tremendous potential as one component of a strategy for reducing petroleum oil dependence and minimizing fossil fuel consumption. (PDF)
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