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Issues & Performance

CMHC: Helping Trees Survive Storm Damage
CMHC factsheet describes practical pruning advice to restore the health and shape of trees damaged by ice or wind storms. (PDF)

IRC: Problems With Trees & Foundations
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction describes problems and considerations for solutions when trees are planted too close to building foundations. (PDF)

JLC: Saving Trees During Construction
Journal of Light Construction article describes how to save trees during construction, and how to watch out for what you can not see - the roots.

Minnesota Univ: Protecting Trees From Construction Damage
Minnesota University explains techniques to minimize impact of construction on trees such landscape protection plans, special construction methods, symptoms of damage, and treatment strategies. (PDF)

TDAG: Trees In The Townscape, A Guide For Decision Makers
UK Trees and Design Action Group report Trees in the Townscape, a Guide for Decision Makers, offers 12 principles of best practice for all those involved in local decision making to ensure that our 21st century towns and cities are underpinned by a 21st century approach to urban trees, for maximum economic, social and environmental returns.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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