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Education & Training

ASLA: Your Path To Landscape Architecture
American Society of Landscape Architects offers career information including Is Landscape Architecture Right For Me?, What Does A Landscape Architect Do?, Why Is Their Work So Important?, Where Can I Study?, How Do I Learn More?, and Diverse Voices.

CNLA: Landscape Certification & Professional Development Programs
Canadian Nursery Landscape Association provides training and certification for various sectors of the horticulture and landscape industries.
Industry Information

ASLA: Hottest Outdoor Design Trends For 2014
Consumer demand remains strong for attractively designed residential landscapes that are perfect for entertaining and relaxing, according to the 2014 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects. The survey also shows continuing popularity for both sustainable and low-maintenance design.

ASLA: Latest Residential Landscape Design Trends
American Society of Landscape Architects survey shows sustainable and low-maintenance design are the top trends for residential landscape projects.

ASLA: Survey Reveals Hottest Outdoor Design Trends for 2014
American Society of Landscape Architects survey of residential landscape architects reveals the hottest outdoor design trends for 2014.

ASLA: Top Ten 2016 Trends For Residential Landscape Architecture
American Society of Landscape Architects survey says sustainable design is the big trend for residential landscapes. The top trend, rainwater/graywater harvesting, reflects a growing consumer demand for beautiful residential landscapes that also save water.

ASLA: Winners of 2018 American Landscape Architect Awards
American Society of Landscape Architects provides descriptions of the winners of their 2018 Awards.

ASLA: Winners of 2019 American Landscape Architect Awards
American Society of Landscape Architects presents winners of their 2019 Awards of Excellence.

BCLNA: BC Landscape Awards Of Excellence
British Columbia Landscape & Nursery Association presents annual BC Landscape Awards of Excellence to recognize and profile the high standard of landscaping excellence in BC.

CanWest: Western Canadian Horticultural Trade Show
CanWest Horticultural Show is the meeting place for buyers and sellers of BC's nursery, floriculture and landscape industry. It is Western Canada's largest horticultural trade show with over 3,500 industry professionals visiting 425+ booths over a 2-day period.

Construction Dive: Survey Reveals Top 2016 Landscaping Trends
Construction Dive summarizes the Houzz Landscaping & Garden Trends Study that surveyed 958 registered US Houzz users in February 2016 who had completed an outdoor project in the past 12 months, were working on one or planned to start one in the next six months.
Industry Sectors

BCLNA: British Columbia Landscape & Nursery Association
British Columbia Landscape & Nursery Association represents nursery growers, landscape professionals, retail garden centres, horticultural businesses and individuals.

BCSLA: BC Society Of Landscape Architects
British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects represents companies that may provide a range of services such as planning and design, budget consultation, analysis and studies, preparation of drawings, contract administration and construction reviews.
Information Sources

ASLA: Home & Garden Tips From Landscape Architects
American Society of Landscape Architects offers online home and garden tips from landscape architects.

ASLA: Links To Landscaping Information & Resources
American Society of Landscape Architects provides links to websites and organizations that have landscaping information and resources.

ASLA: Sources Of Information On Landscaping Design Trends
American Society of Landscape Architects lists websites, publications, and other sources of information on landscape design trends.

BCSLA: Links To Landscape Information
BC Society of Landscape Architects provides links to landscaping industry sites including government, allied organizations, and resources.

Berkeley Univ: Bibliography Guide To Landscape Architecture
History and Literature of Landscape Architecture is a bibliographic research guide to UC Berkeley library and Internet resources for the history of landscape architecture. It includes selected reference titles and historical surveys of landscape architecture history, as well as strategies for locating periodical articles, books, images, etc.

HGTV Remodels: Landscape Renovations & Plans
HGTV Remodels online Landscaping Planning Guide walks you through the basics, including how to assess your needs, set goals, find inspiration and design ideas, and choose the right products.

Landscape BC: Resource Site On Landscaping & Gardening
BC Landscape & Nursery Association offers information and resources on gardening and landscaping products, procedures, and companies.

Sitelines: Resource Site On Landscape Architecture In BC
Sitelines, from the BC Society of Landscape Architects, has information and resources on landscape architecture including education & careers, newsletters, project examples, and suppliers listings.
Issues & Performance

ASLA: Demand High for Residential Landscapes with Sustainability
American Society of Landscape Architects says native plants, outdoor yoga spaces and charging stations are hot for 2018.

ASLA: Increasing Energy Efficiency With Sustainable Landscaping
American Society of Landscape Architects provides information and resources for a comprehensive approach to sustainable building and site design that can not only improve the environment, but also increase energy efficiency.

ASLA: Introduction to Sustainable Landscapes
American Society of Landscape Architects online animations are designed to be a basic introduction to sustainable design concepts.

ASLA: Sustainable Design Guides & Resources
American Society of Landscape Architects offers information and resources on sustainable design within the landscaping topics of Public Health & Landscape Architecture, Community Design, Residential Design, and Sustainability Toolkit.

ASLA: Sustainable Landscapes Case Studies
American Society of Landscape Architects describes 30 case studies that illustrate the transformative effects of sustainable landscape design.

BCLNA: BC Landscape Standards
BC Landscape Standard 7th Edition is an essential reference for landscape architects, design firms, municipalities, growers and landscape installation and maintenance companies and anyone buying their services and products. Developed by the BCSLA and the BCLNA (BC Landscape and Nursery Association), the Standard establishes levels of quality and sets standards fro plant production, landscape construction and maintenance. (PDF)

Building Green: Greener Grass & Other Eco-Landscaping Products
GreenSpec briefly describes some landscaping products that use recycled content, save water, reduce stormwater runoff, and even look good.

CNLA: Canadian Standards For Nursery Stock
Canadian Nursery Landscape Association online Canadian Standards for Nursery Stock establishes a minimum standard of quality for the production of woody ornamentals and herbaceous perennials. Nursery stock specifiers, including landscape architects and designers, developers and municipalities and other government agencies, make reference to these standards in the development of tenders and contract specifications. (PDF)

GBA: Green Landscapes With Native Plants & Soil
Green Building Advisor landscape article describes issues and ideas around native plants and soil, and how green landscapes take less and give back more.

Landscape For Life: Greening Gardens & Home Landscape
Landscape for Life provides explanations and practical approaches to greening gardens and home landscape based on the principles outlined in the Sustainable Sites Initiative. This national rating system for sustainable landscapes was developed over four years by technical experts on water, sustainable materials, human health and other topics. The Landscape for Life Web site provides homeowners a scaled-down version of the SITES voluntary guidelines and performance benchmarks that have, until now, been developed for landscape professionals.

Less Lawn: Resource Site On Ecologically Friendly Landscape
Less Lawns provides advice, information and resources on low-maintenance ecologically friendly alternatives and landscaping.

Professional Builder: Sustainable Landscaping Examples & Resources
Professional Builder magazine provides examples of sustainable landscaping solutions for various comates that show how home builders are getting up to speed on sustainable landscaping practices such as bioswales, rain gardens and the use of native plant materials.

RESNET: Landscaping For Energy Efficiency
US Residential Energy Services Network describes how landscaping can be energy efficient and help you reduce your energy costs and make your home more comfortable to live in.

ASLA: Designing For All Children
American Society of Landscape Architects says that disability is contextual, and environmental contexts can reduce or exacerbate disability.

ASLA: Guide To Resilient Design For Landscaping
American Society of Landscape Architects online Guide to Resilient Design helps communities become more resilient and come back stronger after disruptive natural events. It is organized around disruptive events that communities now experience: drought, extreme heat, fire, flooding, landslides, and, importantly, biodiversity loss, which subverts our ability to work with nature.

Builder Magazine: The Top Residential Landscape Trends For 2018
Builder Magazine says according to a new ASLA report, homeowners want to do yoga in their sustainably designed backyards or shared outdoor spaces-while their phones are charging nearby.

HGTV Remodels: Examples Of Landscape Designs
HGTV Remodels provides picture of various types of landscape designs.

HGTV Remodels: Tips For Hardscapes
HGTV Remodels provides tips for creating hardscapes, including the walls, paths, decks and other hard surfaces in your outdoor space.

Landscape BC: Annual Winners Of BC Landscape Awards of Excellence
BC Landscape & Nursery Association presents winners of their Landscape Award of Excellence, an annual competition that honours the outstanding workmanship of BC landscape professionals in various project categories.

US DOE: Landscaping Energy Saver 101
US Department of Energy infographic describes features and benefits of energy-saving landscaping.

US DOE: Landscaping For Shade
US Department of Energy describes how solar heat absorbed through windows and roofs can increase cooling costs, and incorporating shade from landscaping elements can help reduce this solar heat gain.

Zillow: Landscaping A New Home
Zillow says you may think of it as a blank canvas, but your new yard requires some deep thought before you dig in.
Product Supply

BCLNA: Nurseries & Landscape Buyers Guide & Directory 2015
BC Landscape Nursery Association online Buyers Guide & Directory lists suppliers of nursery and landscape products, equipment and services.

Landscape BC: Directory Of Landscape Industry Members In BC
BC Landscape and Nursery Association provides a searchable database of certified companies, designers, landscapers, garden centres, and retail nurseries around BC.

Plant Something BC: Resource Site For BC Grown Plants
Plant Something BC provides information and resources for buying local grown plants.
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