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Basics & Theory

BC Gov: Overview Of Radon
BC Ministry Of Health covers radon overview, health effects, risk, testing, prevent & remove, and links to more resources.

CanSIS: Canadian System Of Soil Classification
Canadian Soil Information Service online manual on Canadian System of Soil Classification gives detailed information for soil order, great group, and subgroup within the whole system.

CMHC: Overview On Getting To Know Your Soil
CMHC fact sheet explaining the eight properties of soil, their significance, how to alter their characteristics, a troubleshooting chart, and list of plants suitable for clay soils. (PDF)

IRC: Field Description Of Soils For Engineering Purposes
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction guide describes major soil divisions, types, field identification procedures, particular names & conditions, and factors in soil description. (PDF)1968

NRCS: Basics & Functions Of Urban Soil
US Natural Resources Conservation Service soil guide for owners, planners, and managers covers basic soil properties, soil benefits to air, water, plants & animals, soils as building material & structural support, and more. (PDF)

ORNL: Soil Material Properties
Oak Ridge National Laboratory paper Hygrothermal Simulation of Foundations: Part 1 Soil Material Properties studies the existing knowledge of soil properties, converted to apply for simulation in building science. The soil properties are implemented in a transient hygrothermal simulation tool, studying the applicability for modeling soil temperature and moisture flow. The results are compared with measurement and followed by a discussion of further investigations and development needed. (PDF)

Soil Web: Glossary Of Terms On Soil
Soil Web, a University of British Columbia resource site, provides an alphabetical glossary with descriptions of terms used in the soil science and soil management industry.
Information Sources

ISRIC: Links To World Wide Soil Information
International Soil Reference and Information Centre site supplies links to soil education, information, learning aids, Web sites & directories, international news & events, and more.

JLC: Free & Paid Articles On Soil & Sitework
Journal of Light Construction offers both free and paid articles, written specifically for the building industry, that cover a wide range of issues and topics on foundations, & sitework.

Soil Web: UBC Resource Site On Soil
University of BC resource site provides information on soil components, interactions, nutrient cycles, classifications, management, and organisms, plus glossary, animations, and links to more resources.

HGTV Remodels: Tips On Checking Quality Of Soil
HGTV Remodels article gives tips for builders to assess soil type and substance, and how to establish its quality so as to ensure its ability to bear the weight of a building.

IRC: Common Engineering Soil Tests
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction describes engineering soil tests commonly used in site investigations and to indicate their potential use and limitations. 1963 (PDF)

IRC: Measurement & Factors Affecting Ground Temperatures
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction gives detailed information on ground temperature measurements in Canada, factors affecting them, and limitations to estimating them at a site for geoexchange. 1976 (PDF)

IRC: Site Investigations For Unfavourable Soil Conditions
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction suggests the type of information that should be obtained by a proper engineering site investigation into unfavourable soil conditions. 1962 (PDF)
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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