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GBA: Five Questions About Ground-Source Heat Pumps
Green Building Advisor discusses five key questions about design and installation of ground source heat pumps.

Building America: Installing Drain Or Sump Pump In Basement Or Crawlspace
Building America Solution Center describes issues and considerations for installing a drain or sump pump in homes with a basement or crawlspace.

Building Science: Bulk Water Control Methods For Foundations
Building Science research report describes issues, considerations and recommendations for bulk water control methods for foundations. (PDF)

Building Science: Groundwater Control For Foundations
Building Science describes water managed foundation systems that prevent build-up of water against foundation walls, thereby eliminating hydrostatic pressure. Water managed foundation systems are different from waterproofing systems. Waterproofing relies on creating a watertight barrier without holes. It can not be done.

CMHC: Avoiding Basement Flooding From Drainage Systems
CMHC report covers different sewer backup and/or flooding problems that might arise with drainage and sump pump systems, as well as their causes and tips for prevention. (PDF)

GBA: How To Install A Foundation Drain
Green Building Advisor discusses whether or not it really makes a difference whether the perforated drain pipe goes on top of the footing or beside the footing.

GBA: Stormwater Management For Houses
Green Building Advisor describes how the right drainage can keep a house dry and landscape green with roof gutters, curtain drains, and slope.

GBA: Tackling a Basement Water & Radon Issue
Green Building Advisor advises a homeowner looking for comments on a plan to upgrade perimeter drainage.

JLC: Foundation Drainage Tips & Techniques
Journal of Light Construction shows how the best cure for a dry basement or crawlspace is good drainage, both at the perimeter of the foundation and at the surface to control runoff.

JLC: Perforated Pipe Holes Up or Down?
Journal of Light Construction discusses whether holes go up or down when installing perforated pipe in a drainage system.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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