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Raised Floor Living: Resource Site On Crawlspaces
Southern Pine Council crawlspace resource site provides benefits, key elements, advantages, wood products, construction process, span tables, construction details, images, case studies, green building, and links to more resources.
Issues & Performance

US DOE: Water Management of Existing Basement/Crawlspace Floor
Building America Solution Center describes issues and considerations for treating bulk water drainage issues and providing additional moisture control measures as needed to address site moisture issues before retrofitting a vented crawlspace to an unvented, insulated crawlspace.

APA: Guide To Raised Wood Floor Systems
Engineered Wood Association publication showcases builders and their best practices for designing and constructing raised wood floor systems. Free site registration required. (PDF)

Building Science: Crawlspaces, Either In or Out
Building Science Corporation says crawlspaces should either be inside the house or outside the house…not in between. They need to be completely, totally, for sure, no doubt not connected to the house (or building)…or be completely, totally, for sure, no doubt connected to the house (or building).

Building Science: Crawlspaces, Slabs & Flooring
Building Science online slide show presentation by Dr. John Straube describes issues and solutions for crawlspaces, slabs and flooring. (PDF)

Building Science: Design & Construction Of Conditioned Crawlspace
Building Science report details the design and construction of a conditioned crawlspace including background, design options, performance, and US code requirements. (PDF)

Building Science: Do's & Don'ts For Basement & Crawlspace Insulation
Building Science online slide show presentation describes what to do and what not to when insulating basements and crawlspaces. (PDF)

Building Science: Guideline For Foundation Insulation Retrofits
Building Science research report Hybrid Foundation Insulation Retrofits: Measure Guideline describes a variety of recommended designs and variations for retrofit hybrid assemblies for basements and crawlspaces. (PDF)

Building Science: Insulating Floors Above Crawlspaces
Building Science insight describes problems with simply installing batt insulation in floor joists above crawlspaces, and recommends several methods that work well. (PDF)

Building Science: Procedures For Insulation Of Crawlspaces
Building Science describes how a crawlspace is insulated to control heat flow and to minimize cold surfaces that can condense water and elevate local relative humidity. Crawlspaces should be designed and constructed as mini-basements, and should not be vented to the exterior. They should have their floors uninsulated, the ground vapor sealed, their walls insulated and air sealed, and their air conditioned with indoor air.

CMHC: Assessment Of Crawl Space Remediation Strategies
CMHC study demonstrates that well-planned remediation projects can turn highly deteriorated crawl spaces into functional and durable building components that ensure the long-term stability, performance and sustainability of the building. 2008 (PDF)

Ecohome: Best Practices for Insulating Crawlspaces
Ecohome describes some best practices for insulating crawlspaces.

Fine Homebuilding: Are Crawlspaces A Bad Idea?
Fine Homebuilding article and discussion focuses on the opinion that while sealing a crawlspace is better than not sealing it, crawlspaces themselves may be a bad idea.

GBA: Does A Crawl Space Make Sense?
Green Building Advisor says achieving a safe, dry, unvented crawl space is just as logical and attainable as a safe, dry, full basement.

GBA: Planning Basement Or Crawlspace Insulation
Green Building Advisor describes issues and considerations for insulating basement or crawlspace walls.

GBA: Right Way To Build Basements & Crawlspaces
Green Building Advisor describes issues and considerations for building basements and crawl spaces the right way.

GBA: Upgrading a Crawl Space
Green Building Advisor discusses how to upgrade and heat a crawl space while addressing risks from radon.

GBA: What's The Best Way To Insulate Crawl Space Walls?
Green Building Advisor discusses crawlspace insulation options for a builder who is trying to accommodate a customer's objection to rigid foam insulation.

HEP: Crawlspace Encapsulation
Home Energy Pros online video describes how to encapsulate the vented crawlspace of a one-story ranch home in Atlanta.

Home Energy: Crawlspace Configurations & Options
Home Energy Magazine says Building America and others have done a lot of research around the country on crawl spaces, and by looking at this research we can learn a lot about which crawl space configuration works where.

LSU: Insulating Raised Floors & Open Crawlspaces
Louisiana University describes how to insulate and air seal pier and open crawlspace foundation systems. (PDF)

NRCan: Insulating Basements & Foundations
Natural Resources Canada online guide Keeping The Heat In describes how to insulate basements from outside and inside, crawl spaces, open foundations, and concrete slab on grade.

US DOE: Crawlspace Insulation
US Department of Energy fact sheet Crawlspace Insulation is for homeowners and contractors on how to manage moisture in the crawlspace, insulate crawlspace walls, insulate underflooring, handle ventilation, and manage radon. (PDF)

US DOE: Rigid Foam Board Interior Insulation for Existing Foundation Walls
Building America Solution Center describes theory and procedures for insulating existing foundation walls with rigid foam board.
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