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BOABC: Attached Storage Garage May Not Be Conditioned Space
Building Officials Association of BC code interpretation says if an attached storage garage of a house is provided with minimal heating is it not considered as a conditioned space and therefore not subject to all requirements that apply to conditioned spaces. (PDF)

CMHC: Air Infiltration From Attached Garages
CMHC study shows that garage - house air exchange is significant and can be an entry point for pollutants from the garage and vehicles. (PDF)

CMHC: Garage Performance Testing For IAQ
CMHC research report provides a basis for understanding the importance of attached garages as a source for indoor air quality problems, and identifies appropriate strategies for managing contaminant transfer in new and existing homes. (PDF)

Energy Vanguard: How To Prevent Your Garage From Making You Sick
Energy Vanguard describes what you can do if you have an attached garage that may be making your indoor air quality worse than a home without an attached garage.

GBA: How To Keep Garage Fumes Out Of House
Green Building Advisor discusses whether an exhaust-only ventilation, excellent air-sealing, and an attached garage may prove problematic for keeping garage fumes out of a house.

JLC: Keeping Garage Fumes At Bay
Journal of Light Construction Q & A explains there is no foolproof way to seal out exhaust fumes in an attached garage, but covers ways to minimize the risk by controlling the direction of pressure flow.

NIST: Air Pollutant Transport From Attached Garages
US National Institute of Standards & Technology study summarizes a literature review and field study of air pollutants transfer from attached garages into residences. (PDF)

Parksmart: Sustainable Garage Certification
Parksmart is the world's only certification program that defines, measures and recognizes high-performing, sustainable garages. Developed by industry experts, Parksmart offers a roadmap for new and existing parking facilities to use innovative, solutions-oriented strategies. Points are awarded to parking structures for forward-thinking and sustainable practices in three categories: management, programs, and technology structure design.

US DOE: Air Leakage & Transfer Between Garage & Living Space
US Department of Energy report Air Leakage and Air Transfer Between Garage and Living Space evaluates air transfer between the garage and living space in a single-family detached home constructed by a production homebuilder. (PDF)

US DOE: Air Leakage Testing Garage to House Air Barrier
US Department of Energy online guide describes how to properly test the air barrier between the garage and house, and how to ensure the air barrier is tight enough to prevent garage air from entering the home.

Building America: Air Sealing Attached Garage
Building America Solution Center describes ways to air seal an attached garage.

Concrete Network: Garage Floor Coatings
Concrete Network describes how epoxy floor coatings can turn garage floors into an extension of a living area by adding color, hiding imperfections and improving wear resistance.

Energy Vanguard: How To Air Seal Joists Over Garage
Energy Vanguard says we want the most robust air barrier possible separating the living space from the garage. The joists that run across the top of the wall separating the garage from the house must be sealed. That's where the air barrier should be, not the drywall in the garage.

Fine Homebuilding: Garage Gable Wall Framing
Fine Homebuilding describes how to install joist blocking along the gable before erecting the wall to save time.

For Residential Pros: Design Tips For Garage Storage
For Residential Pros says garages have enormous potential for custom storage solutions, and more homeowners are beginning to understand the value of these solutions as garage remodels are becoming more widespread.

GBA: How To Heat A Garage
Green Building Advisor explores some low-cost options for keeping an attached garage comfortable for both people and vegetables.

JLC: Dressing Up The Garage
Journal Light Construction article by a Vermont subcontractor describes his method for transforming an ordinary garage into a good-looking and functional storage and work space.

JLC: Sealing A Garage Floor From Oil
Journal of Light Construction describes how to guard against oil stains on a garage floor.

JLC: Sealing Garage Floors
Journal of Light Construction describes options for protecting a garage slab from winter road salt damage.

Pro Builder: Achieving Comfort Above the Garage
Pro Builder says rooms built over garages require special attention to ensure efficiency and the desired level of comfort.

US DOE: Garage Band Joist Air Barrier
US Department of Energy provides details for installing an air barrier at garage band joists. (PDF)

US DOE: Installing Rigid Foam Insulation Between Existing House & Garage Walls
Building America Solution Center describes issues and considerations for installing rigid foam insulation between existing house and garage walls.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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