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Cedar Shake
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CSSB: Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau
Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau is a trade assocition for manufacturers and suppliers of cedar roofing and sidewall products.
Information Sources

CCSB: Online Installation Videos for Shake & Shingle
Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau online videos describe issues and considerations for installation of shake and shingle roofing and sidewalls.

CSSB: Resource Site On Cedar Shakes & Shingles
Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau covers shake and shingle products, standards, installation, and maintenance, plus an FAQ and a list of links to suppliers and industry organizations.
Issues & Performance

CSSB: Claim Adjuster Guide To Handling Hail Related Claims
Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau online Claim Adjuster Guide To Handling Hail Related Claims provides information and resources for dealing with hail storm damage. (PDF)

CSSB: Product Specification Guide
Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau online Product Specification Guide describes a step by step procedure on how to specify quality shake and shingle product at the jobsite. (PDF)

CSSB: Sustainability Of Cedar Shakes & Shingles
Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau brochure provides information on the environmental benefits of using wood products for roofing and siding. (PDF)

JLC Forums: Keeping Mould & Algae Off Of Cedar Shingles
Journal of Light Construction forum discusses how to keep mold and algae off cedar roofs.

CSSB: Cedar Roofing Facts
Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau describes cedar roofing products, weather resistance and installation & repair methodology. (PDF)

CSSB: Installation & Maintenance Of Cedar Shakes & Shingles
Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau offers installation and maintenance information including roof manual, wall manual, care & maintenance brochure, finishing, Certi-Label, insulation sheet, and choosing a contractor.

CSSB: Online New Roof Construction Manual On Cedar Shake & Shingle Roofs
Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau online New Roof Construction Manual provides descriptions and detail drawings for design, installation, flashing, and maintenance of cedar and shake roofing systems and components. (PDF)

CSSB: Overview of Certi-Label Cedar Shakes & Shingles
Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau bulletins describes specifications and considerations various types of cedar shingles, handsplit and resawn shakes, and tapersawn shakes.

CSSB: Shake Installation Tips & Cautions
Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau provides some tips and cautions for installing shake roofs. (PDF)

CSSB: Underlayment, Interlayment, Eave Protection
Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau bulletin Underlayment, Interlayment and Eave Protection describes describes products used as part of cedar roofing and wall systems. They enhance a system’s water shedding ability and help prevent the intrusion of wind driven rain, and snow which can cause ice damming. (PDF)

FPL: Tips For A Longer Life For Wood Shakes
US Forest Products Laboratory provides factsheet giving some tips for longer life of wood shakes and shingles. 1998 (PDF)

JLC: Installing A Wood Shingle Roof
Journal of Light Construction describes why wood roofs have gone out of favor and how to install the wood roof the right way.

JLC: Nailing Wide Shingles
Journal of Light Construction offers tips for nailing wide cedar shingles.

US FPL: Installation, Care, Maintenance Of Wood Shake & Shingle Roofs
US Forest Product Laboratory gives general guidelines for selection, installation, finishing, and maintenance of wood shake and shingle roofs. (PDF)
Product Supply

CSSB: Listing Of Suppliers Of Shake & Shingle Products & Services
Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau lists their members including manufacturers, treaters, distributors, approved installers, related products & services, export ready companies, and forest certified products.
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