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Basics & Theory

ASLA: Green Roof Demonstration Project
American Society of Landscape Architects green roof demonstration project on their headquarters shows environmental benefits of green roofs and showcases what landscape architects contribute to this project type.

CMHC: Research Into Benefits Of Green Roofs & Walls
CHC study by Vivre en ville Quebec City undertook a green roof and green wall research and demonstration project to better understand the positive impacts of these two techniques, such as increased energy efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and stormwater management. 2007 (PDF)

Proud Green Building: 10 Green Roof & Wall Trends from 2016
Proud Green Building describes ten of the top green roof trends that emerged over the last 12 months.
Education & Training

BCIT: Course On Green Roof Concepts, Systems & Incentives
BC Institute of Technology course on Green Roofs, GROW 0001 Green Roofs Concepts, Systems and Incentives, covers the basics of green roofs, definitions of the different types of green roof systems and materials, and appropriate vegetation for intensive, semi-intensive and extensive green roofs.

GRHC: Green Roof Training Courses
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities is an industry association providing certification through its accredited Green Roof Professional training, and general education courses on green roofs.
Industry Information

GBA: Green Roofs Could Reduce Heat-Related Deaths
Green Building Advisor says in cities like Chicago, low-income neighborhoods would gain the most with the addition of more green roofs.
Industry Sectors

BCIT: Centre for Architectural Ecology
BC Institute of Technology Centre for Architectural Ecology (formerly known as the BCIT Centre for the Advancement of Green Roof Technology) was established to: to conduct world-class, innovative research on the ecological aspects of architecture, involving green roof and living wall systems, acoustics, indoor air quality and building science. Their goal is to provide research-based education across disciplines, to students and practitioners. The research disciplines developed with academic and industry partners include storm water run-off performance, water balance, thermal performance, acoustical performance, indoor air quality and plant viability.

GRHC: Green Roofs For Healthy Cities
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities is a not-for-profit industry association working to promote the industry throughout North America.
Information Sources

Green Roofs For Healthy Cities: Resource Site
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities offers online resources, including their research and policy database, design standards, and more.

Greenroofs: Videos Of Featured Projects
Greenroofs site provides videos showing various projects in their Featured Projects section.

WBDG: Extensive Vegetated Green Roofs
Whole Building Design Guide provides information and resources on extensive vegetative green roofs.
Issues & Performance

Arizona State University: Online Green Roof Energy Calculator
Arizona State University online Green Roof Energy Calculator allows users to compare the annual energy performance of a building with a vegetative green roof to the same building with either a dark roof or a white roof.

Building Science: Seeing Red Over Green Roofs
Building Science says green roof stuff is getting out of hand. It is dumb to do a green roof to save energy, and covering a roof with grass to deal with solar gain is also pretty dumb. And the fact that some cities now require green roofs via bylaw is also dumb. But green roofs should be done because they can be beautiful.

IRC: Engineering Performance Of Garden Roofs In Canadian Climate
National Research Council report provides results of research into performance of a generic garden roof system at its Ottawa campus. It covers roof membrane temperature, energy performance, and rain water run off. (PDF)

MFE: Is Your Green Roof a Pest Paradise?
Multifamily Executive Magazine says by understanding potential pest threats and implementing proper prevention techniques, you can ensure your rooftop amenity remains an oasis for people, not insects, birds, and rodents.

Architect Magazine: Top 10 Plants For Living Roofs
Architect Magazine says a green roof can help regulate a home's temperature year-round, but you need to choose plants that can rough it.

BC Greenroof: Materials Commonly Used In Building A Green Roof
BC Greenroof provides an overview of the materials commonly used in the build of a Green Roof. There are a number of different types of Green Roof materials, such as the plant material, roof filter material, drain material and root barrier. Each of these corresponds to a functional layer within a Green Roof build up.

CMHC: Green Roofs Resource Manual For Municipal Policy Makers
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation online manual is an overview of international and Canadian green roof policies and programs, featuring 12 jurisdictions green roof policy development, and shows how other Canadian and U.S. cities are developing supportive policies. (PDF)

Curbed: How To Install A Green Roof On Private Home
Curbed walks through the process of designing and installing a lush living rooftop on a residence.

Ecohome: DIY Green Roof Installation
Ecohome online video describes how to install a living green roof that can last far longer than many other roofing systems.

Energy Manager: Consider Your Options For Sustainable Roofing
Energy Manager article describes benefits of white roofs, green roofs (rooftop gardens or vegetative roofs) and high-performance roofs. It provides an overview of things to consider in choosing a system for your application.

GBA: Green & Cool Roofs Provide Relief For Hot Cities
Green Building Advisor says green and cool roofs should be sited carefully, because unintended effects on wind patterns may offset some of their benefits.

GBE: Green Roof Maintenance Is Key To Roof Integrity & Longevity
Green Building Elements describes how to maintain green roofs so they don't become overgrown and potentially damage the very building they are a part of.

JLC: Installing A Green Roof
Journal of Light Construction describes a simple modular method for creating vegetated green rooftops on a residential scale. - Registration required (PDF) Free Registration Required

Minnesota Gov: Information & Resources On Green Roofs
Minnesota Government online manual on stormwater management describes features, benefits, and considerations for planning green roofs, and provides links to other industry information and resources on green roofs.

NAHB: 6 Reasons to Invest in Green Roofs
NAHB says a green roof — also known as a living roof, eco-roof, vegetated roof and rooftop garden — has economic and environmental benefits that can offset its initial cost and required maintenance.

NRCA: Purchasable Vegetative Roof Systems Manual
National Roofing Contractors Association, Vegetative Roof Systems Manual addresses cutting-edge technologies available for vegetative roof systems, including waterproofing systems and their associated components. It also features best practices for the design and installation of extensive, semi-extensive and intensive vegetative roof systems. $195 USD

NREL: Estimating Heat & Mass Transfer Processes In Green Roof Systems
US National Renewable Energy Laboratory online presentation Estimating Heat and Mass Transfer Processes in Green Roof Systems: Current Modeling Capabilities and Limitations discusses current modeling capabilities and limitations for estimating heat and mass transfer processes in green roof systems. (PDF)

REW: Monitor Green Roof Performance With Weather Stations
Renewable Energy World article describes how data logging weather stations can help construction executives make wise, money- and resource-saving decisions about design, materials and maintenance of green roofs.
Product Supply

LBNL: White Roofs Are Better Than Dark Or Green Vegetated Roofs
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory reports that compared to traditional dark-colored roofs and green or vegetated roofs, white roofs offer greater ability to lower temperatures that lead to the urban heat island effect, and they do it at less cost.
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