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Basics & Theory

Backwoods Home Magazine: Overview On Building A Staircase
Backwoods Home Magazine article (with pictures & drawings) offers many examples and tips on the proper building procedures required in building various types of stairways.

GBE: Architectural Staircases That Defy Gravity & Beauty
Green Building Elements displays some staircases that celebrate the much overlooked functional materials and give an artistic edge that truly shows off their beauty and functionality.

HGTV Remodels: 61 Stunning Staircases
HGTV Remodels displays 61 staircase styles, ideas and solutions.

Rona: Indoor Staircase Terminology & Standards
Rona explains staircase terminology & standards complete with drawings, and provides standard measurements for riser heights, tread width & height, headroom, stringers, handrails and railings. They also provide an overview on choice of building materials and flooring options.

SMA: 2016 StairCraft Award Winners
Stairbuilders & Manufacturers Association describes winners of its StairCraft Awards that recognize the finest staircase projects in the US and Canada.7

SMA: Glossary Of Terms For Stairs & Rails
Stairway Manufacturers' Association provides an alphabetical glossary of terms for stairs and rails that gives a brief description of the most common terms used. (PDF)

Wikipedia: Terms Of Stair Framing
Wikipedia offers a clear definition of what stairs are and what they consist of, including articles on Components and Terminology, The Railing System, and Other Terminology.

Zillow: Luxury Staircases Step Up Home Style
Zillow display some examples of luxury staircases.
Issues & Performance

Fine Homebuilding: Fixing Squeaky Stairs
Fine Homebuilding describes how to fix hardwood stair treads that have begun to squeak when stepped on.

JLC: Building Squeak-Free Stairs
Journal of Light Construction article by stair builder Ken Reis, explains how to scribe and install finish skirt boards, treads and risers over a rough stringer assembly to prevent squeaks later on. (PDF) Free Registration Required

Old House Web: Tips On Silencing Squeaky Stairs
Old House Web gives you tips for stopping squeaks by nailing or screwing the tread, wedging from above or below, bracketing from below, or gluing blocks from below.

SMA: Purchasable 2009 Visual IRC Code Interpretation For Stairs
Stair Manufacturers' Association has an updated version of the SMA Visual Interpretation of the Stair Building Code in PDF download or print format. $5 USD

SMA: Visual Interpretation Of International Residential Stair Code
Stairway Manufacturers Association article (with pictures) relates to the International 2006 Stair Building Code, but it has excellent pictures explaining how and where each measurement is made. (PDF)

Builder Magazine: Design Options For Staircases
Builder Magazine shows some options for good design and interesting materials for staircases.

Builder Magazine: Thoughtful Details For Stairs
Builder Magazine online slide show describes how innovative installments and thoughtful details can bring staircases to new heights.

Fine Homebuilding: Building A Modern Craftsman Staircase
Fine Homebuilding online video describes how to build a modern craftsman staircase.

Fine Homebuilding: Framing A Staircase
Fine Homebuilding article, with pictures, describes 34 steps to building cut-stringer stairs.

Fine Homebuilding: Use SketchUp To Master Math For Stairbuilding
Fine Homebuilding Building online two-part tutorial describes how to design and plan your next staircase with Google's free 3-D modeling software.

Hammer Zone: Designing Stairs And Laying Out Stair Stringers
Hammer Zone article includes very detailed drawings and includes step-by-step instructions for the designing of stairs and laying out stair stringers.

JLC Forums: Fastening Tops Of Stair Stringers
Journal of Light Construction discussion forum offers a number of innovative ways to fasten tops of stair stringers.

JLC: Installing Manufactured Stairs
Journal of Light Construction describes how to install factory-built stairs that can help you control costs, stay on schedule, and improve quality. Free site registration required.

JLC: What To Use For Stair Stringers
Journal of Light Construction forum discusses the best material for stair stringers.

Professional Builder: Overview On Ascent Of Stairs
Professional Builder article shows how buyers are starting to look at the stairwell as a whole, and how it integrates into the room. It also shows pictures of new stair products and designs.

Remodeling TV: Creating Crown Molding Trim For Stairs
Remodeling TV online video shows how to properly size and cut crown molding trim for stairs.

Tools Of The Trade: 19 Steps To Site-built Stairs
Tools Of The Trade article by framer Don Dunkley provides three-stage checklist that works for all sets and styles of stairs, being built on site.

US HUD: Rehab Guide Volume #5: Section 6: Stairs
US Department of Housing and Urban Development supplies Rehab Guide Volume #5. Starting at page 53, it covers repairing or replacing treads, risers and balusters, fixing sagging carriages, and installing prefab stairs and attic ladders. (PDF)
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