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Rammed Earth
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Basics & Theory

BRIK: High-Performance Rammed Earth Wall System For Cold Climates
Building Research Information Knowledgebase article High-Performance Rammed Earth Wall System For Cold Climates describes Casa Sanitas, a prototype designed to be a positive energy home. It combines cost-effective, passive-design strategies that include the high thermal mass of stabilized rammed earth walls, natural ventilation and passive solar orientation, with photovoltaic panels, solar thermal hot water and a small ground-source heat pump for radiant heating and cooling. (PDF)

Canadian Architect: Rammed Earth Wall For Osoyoos NkMip Cultural Centre
Canadian Architect magazine article describes the NkMip Desert Cultural Center in Osoyoos BC, with an 8-foot-high, 260 foot long, exterior wall that is the longest rammed-earth wall in North America.

Epoch Times: Ancient Green Building Tech Revived
Epoch Times describes how some ancient buildings were built from packed earth.

Fine Homebuilding: Rammed Earth Construction
Fine Homebuilding says one of Ontario’s first insulated rammed earth homes is a testament to attributes of that construction method.

GBA: Drawing Lessons From Ancient Roots
Green Building Advisor says the rammed earth buildings of Bhutan make sense, even in our high-tech building world.

GBE: Introduction To Natural Building
Green Building Elements describes natural buildings that are constructed from raw, natural, and renewable resources, which are often also local. Any natural building will include clay, sand, fiber (usually straw), and water, while many will incorporate wood and stone as well.
Information Sources

Sirewall: Resource Site For Rammed Earth Walls
Sirewall is a BC company offering rammed earth building information, benefits, courses, formwork products, photos, and more for builders, architects, and homeowners.
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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