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Education & Training

AWCI: US Seminar On Doing It Right With Steel
Association of Wall & Ceiling Industry annual seminar on steel framing covers correct installation of cold-formed steel, codes & standards, structural (load-bearing) wall assemblies, wind bearing & curtain wall framing, interior systems, roof assemblies, estimating, project management, and more.
Industry Sectors

AISI: American Iron & Steel Institute
American Iron & Steel Institute is the trade association of the North American steel industry. It advances the case for steel in the marketplace and plays a lead role in the development and application of new steels and steelmaking technology.

CISC: Canadian Institute Of Steel Construction
Canadian Institute Of Steel Construction is the Canadian trade association representing the structural steel, open web steel joist and steel platework fabricating industries.

CSSBI: Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute
Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute is a Canadian association of companies involved in the structural sheet steel industry.

SFA: Steel Framing Alliance
Steel Framing Alliance offers design resources, case studies, standards, books, technical information, training, events, news, FAQ, expert hotline, and links to resources.

SFIA: Steel Framing Industry Association
Steel Framing Industry Association is an all-inclusive association focused on promotion, advocacy, education and innovation for the steel framing industry.

SSMA: Steel Stud Manufacturers Association
US Steel Stud Manufacturers Association (SSMA) is the unified voice of the steel framing manufacturing industry. SSMA is the leader in supporting the development and maintenance of quality product standards and specifications, and creating growth opportunities for cold-formed steel through research, marketing and education.
Information Sources

AISC: Ask The Steel Solutions Center
American Institute of Steel Construction provides an online expert service on questions relating to steel construction.

CCFSS: Center For Cold-Formed Steel Structures
US Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures purpose is to provide an integrated approach for handling research, teaching, engineering, education, technical services, and professional activity.

SFIA: Information & Resources On Steel Framing
Steel Framing Industry Association provides information and resources on steel framing.
Issues & Performance

AISC: Safety Resources For Steel Buildings
American Institute of Steel Construction provides safety publications, reviews of safety training products, articles, safety details, and links to more information.

CSSBI: Canadian Light Steel Framing & R2000 Program
Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute environmental fact sheet describes how light steel frame construction can be used for residential construction to meet the high energy requirements of the R-2000 program. (PDF)

CWC: Comparing Thermal Performance Of Wood Vs Steel
Canadian Wood Council shows results of a study showing wood thermal performance is better than steel. (PDF) Go to page 8 of report.

Modern Steel: Thermal Bridging Solutions For Steel
Modern Steel magazine article Thermal Bridging Solutions For Steel: Minimizing Structural Steel's Impact on Building Envelope Energy Transfer focuses on strategies, solutions and improved details to address thermal bridging specific to steel members. (PDF)

STC Ratings: STC Ratings For Metal & Wood Wall Assemblies
STC Ratings is an acoustics site providing STC ratings and drawings of of various metal and wood wall assemblies to help illustrate concepts, improvements and rules of thumb.

US HUD: Fire & Acoustic Details Of Residential Steel Framing
US Department of Housing and Urban Development provdes summary and links to a more in-depth resources on fire and acoustical properties of steel. (PDF)

US HUD: Long Term Thermal Performance Of Steel Vs Wood
US Department of Housing & Urban Development study of demonstration homes compares thermal performance of wood versus steel. 2001 (PDF)

Building Science: Insulated Metal Panel (IMP) Systems
Building Science guide Insulated Metal Panel (IMP) Systems describes the building science, issues and consideration for design and use of IMP. (PDF)

GBA: Building With Steel Framing
Green Building Advisor discusses whether there a place for thermally conductive steel framing material in high-performance buildings.

JLC Forums: Cutting Steel Studs
Journal of Light Construction online forum provides answers to the best tool for cutting light-gauge metal studs when minimizing noise and dust is a priority.

NAIMA: Fibreglass Insulation In Metal Buildings
North American Insulation Manufacturers Association describes features, benefits and considerations for using fibreglass insulation in metal buildings.

US HUD: Builder's Guide For Hybrid Wood & Steel Framing
US Department Of Housing & Urban Development online Hybrid Wood & Steel Details Builder's Guide is a manual containing hybrid framing details for combining light-gauge steel and sawn lumber for house framing. (PDF)
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