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Basics & Theory

APA: Raised-Heel Trusses
Engineered Wood Association free bulletin Raised-Heel Trusses for Efficient, Cost-Effective, Comfortable Homes, describes features, benefits and considerations for raised-heel trusses, also known as energy-heel trusses. Free site registration required.

CWC: Overview Of Wood Trusses
Canadian Wood Council describes wood trusses including history, terminology, materials, advantages and applications. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: How Collar & Rafter Ties Work
Fine Homebuilding describes how collar and rafter ties are installed and work. (PDF)
Industry Sectors

WWTABC: Western Wood Truss Association of British Columbia
Western Wood Truss Association of British Columbia is an association of manufacturers engaged in production of metal gusset plated wood trusses and individuals or firms engaged in related activities.
Information Sources

CWC: Resource Site On Trusses
Canadian Wood Council offers information and resources on trusses.

SBCA: Technical Resource Site For Trusses
Structural Building Components Association resource center site, provides basic and technical articles, calculators, glossary of truss terms, links, and other info sources on trusses.
Issues & Performance

Building Science: Drywall, Wood & Truss Uplift Problems & Solutions
Building Science article on drywall, wood and truss uplift provides information on concerns and recommendations for solutions, along with detail drawings. (PDF)

Carson Dunlop: Report & Drawings On Truss Uplift
Carson Dunlop provides an explanation of truss uplift, with easy to understand drawings.

JLC: Truss Uplift Solutions
Journal of Light Construction says if gaps form between non-bearing walls and the ceiling below a truss roof, truss uplift is probably the culprit.

USFPL: Lateral Performance Of Roof Truss-To-Wall Connections
US Forest Products Laboratory report Evaluation of the Lateral Performance of Roof Truss-to-Wall Connections in Light-Frame Wood Systems benchmarked the performance of traditional roof systems and incrementally improved roof-to-wall systems with the goal of developing connection solutions that are optimized for performance and constructability.

Alpine Engineered Products: Online Manual To Design & Build Roof Trusses
Alpine Engineered Products online manual describes features and benefits of roof trusses, and procedures to design, build, and install them. (PDF)

Alpine Engineering: Online Builders Guide To Trusses
Alpine Engineering, wood truss specialists, offer this 48-page online builder's guide to trusses. (PDF)

APA: Use Of Wood Structural Panels For Energy-Heel Trusses
Engineered Wood Association system report Use of Wood Structural Panels for Energy-Heel Trusses outlines an efficient, cost-effective construction solution for meeting the lateral and wind uplift load requirements of the IRC using wood structural panels with raised-heel, or energy-heel, trusses. Free site registration required.

Energy Vanguard: Raised-Heel Trusses
Energy Vanguard describes design and installation considerations for raised-heel trusses.

Fine Homebuilding: Building & Trimming Eave Overhangs
Fine Homebuilding describes how attaching the eave to the wall rather than the rafter makes for a faster, straighter, and safer installation.

Fine Homebuilding: Hip Rafters De-mystified Using SketchUp
Fine Homebuilding describes how to demystify hip rafter geometry by visualizing it with SketchUp's digital capabilities.

HIRL: High Heel Roof-To-Wall Connection Testing
US National Association of Home Builders Home Innovation Research Labs report High Heel Roof-to-Wall Connection Testing Phase III of a test program that responds to the new requirements for roof-to-wall connections in 2012 International Residential Code (IRC) and expands upon the previous phases that evaluated innovative roof-to-wall connection systems. Free registration required.

II: Switch to Raised-Heel Trusses
Insulation Institute says raised-heel trusses can provide a significant boost to the insulating power of a home.

JLC Forums: Setting Roof Trusses
Journal of Light Construction discussion forum on offers tips and techniques for setting roof trusses.

JLC: Are Birds Mouth Cuts Really Needed Anymore?
Journal of Light Construction forum discusses whether a bird's-mouth seat cut where a rafter sits on a wall plate is really such a good idea.

JLC: Birdsmouths In Rafters Are Worthwhile
Journal of Light Construction explains why the conventional birdsmouth rafter seat cut is still a good way to frame.

JLC: Building Truss Roofs
Journal of Light Construction article describes how to save time and decrease risk by assembling truss roof components on the ground.

JLC: Dressing Up A Truss Roof With Stick Framing
Journal Light Construction article describes how to dress up truss roof rafter tails and gable overhangs, using trusses for part of the roof and stick-framing for the rest, to transform an otherwise plain-looking exterior. (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: Modifying Roof Trusses For Deep Tray Ceiling
Journal of Light Construction describes how to modify roof trusses to add a 16-inch-wide by 4-inch-deep tray ceiling in a room where the drywall ceiling is attached to the bottom chord of roof trusses.

JLC: Sizing The Birdsmouth
Journal Of Light Construction explains how large the birdsmouth notch should be when laying out the seat and heel cuts on a rafter.

The Rafter Book - A Modern Handbook for Roof Framers
The Rafter Book - A Modern Handbook for Roof Framers includes lay-outs and saw settings for many cuts you have had to guess at, including - fascia compound miters, frieze block against hip or valley rafter, hip and valley rafter tail cuts, sheathing cuts, and more. $18 USD
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