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Basics & Theory

Builder Magazine: 6 Prefab Houses That Could Change Home Building
Builder Magazine magazine says more architects and builders are offering prefab homes and prototypes to solve issues, turn heads, and, more importantly, fill a need.

Buildipedia: Benefits Of Prefab Homes
Buildipedia describes how prefab homes can cut down on construction waste and provide a sustainable, affordable building option.

Construction Dive: Modular Is Gaining Ground
Construction Dive describes how the emerging modular building method is gaining ground in construction.

NAHB: FAQ's On Modular Homes
NAHB Modular Building Systems Council brochure answers the 10 most frequently asked questions about modular homes, and givies builders and consumers a concise review of the benefits of modular construction. (PDF)

REMI: Modular Apartments Offer Modern Solutions
REMI says modular apartment construction is an emerging technology that's gaining traction in cities across North America.

Smart Planet: Living Light House Is An Energy Efficient Prefab
Smart Planet describes the Living Light house, a compact, ultra-efficient prefab home that is literally a glass house, with enormous banks of windows comprising its longest walls, allowing diffuse light to pour into the home and rendering indoor lighting superfluous by day.

WBDG: Off-Site & Modular Construction Explained
Whole Building Design Guide describes features and benefits of off-site and modular construction.

WD&B: Cardinal House, Mass Time Pre-Fab for First Nations
Wood Design & Building describes the Cardinal House, a prefabricated and assembled prototype that was completed in October for the Elsipogtog First Nation in New Brunswick. The 1,100-sq.ft. two-storey, three-bedroom/two-bathroom house is a high-performance, mold-resistant mass timber design. Manufactured off-site to exacting standards in a controlled indoor environment, then shipped on a single truck and assembled by a small crew in just a few days, it is an affordable solution that uses modern materials and methods to successfully address many of the key issues contributing to the housing crisis.
Education & Training

RDH: Online Course on Prefabricated Construction
RDH is offering a free online course on Prefabricated Construction. As there is renewed attention being paid to expedited building processes using prefabricated and modular components, there is a drive to manage moisture during construction, accelerate construction cycles, and minimize construction waste. What can building science tell us about the different prefab options? How are they different and how are they the same as traditional construction? What do you need to know to avoid problems and use prefab options successfully?
Industry Information

ABC: Modern Designs Spark Interest In Prefab Houses
ABC News article says a new wave of architects, designers and home buyers are slowly changing the image of prefabricated housing by invigorating it with home designs that are elegant, comfortable and spacious.

BC Housing: Innovations in BC Modular Prefabricated Housing
BC Housing summarizes some modular and prefabricated housing ideas, innovations, and considerations to improve affordability, efficiency, and quality. (PDF)

J of C: Modular Structures Helping To Meet LEED Targets
Journal of Commerce says modular units have moved beyond their single-storey, box-style origins and are turning up in large scale projects offering opportunities for LEED credits that sometimes outweigh traditional building assemblies.

RDH: Modular Construction for Energy Efficient, Affordable Housing in Canada
RDH Building Science technical bulletin outlines lessons learned from some early modular housing projects, describes three case studies of modular construction in Canada, and summarizes key takeaways for scaling up projects like these across Canada. (PDF)

Walls & Ceilings : Offsite Construction Gaining Momentum
Walls & Ceilings says offsite construction - which includes prefabricated and modular - has an impressive potential to lower costs and compress project schedules by 30 to 50 percent. The modular construction model is gaining ground with nearly 90 percent of contractors using it for at least part of their work, but it’s predicted to grow to $157 billion by 2023.
Industry Sectors

CHBA: Canadian Modular Construction Council
In 2017, members of the Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute and MHICanada joined forces to create the CHBA Modular Construction Council to support the increasing role of factory-built modular construction in the building industry.

MHA-BC: Manufactured Housing Association Of BC
Manufactured Housing Association of BC is the trade association representing the mobile & modular home construction and sales industry of BC.
Issues & Performance

BC Gov: Determining BC Code Compliance Of A277-Certified Buildings
BC Building and Safety Standards Branch bulletin B15-01 Determining Compliance of A277-Certified Buildings clarifies that the BC Building Code applies to factory-built buildings and components and discusses the factory certification procedure. It also offers information on how Code-compliance is verified as part of the certification procedure for factory-built buildings and components. (PDF)

Builder Magazine: Ultra-Green Modular Homes
Builder Magazine describes how modular homes, which have been around for a few hundred years, are adopting an ultra-green identity.

BC Housing: Considerations for Efficiency & Affordability of Modular Housing
BC Housing online Research Highlight provides ideas, innovations, and considerations for improving affordability, efficiency, and quality of modular and prefabricated housing. (PDF)

WoodWorks: Building Enclosure Design For Modular Construction
WoodWorks online slide show presentation Building Enclosure Design For Modular Construction describes building enclosure functions of heat, air, and moisture control in wood-framed residential buildings, as applied to the realities of modular construction. (PDF)

WoodWorks: Design Details for Modular Wood-Frame for Multi-Family
WoodWorks online slide show presentation Modular Wood-Frame for Multi-Family: Design, Details & Why it Makes Sense examines unique design considerations, detailing and sourcing techniques, and advantages and challenges of the design/delivery process. (PDF)

WoodWorks: Structural Design of Modular Construction Demystified
WoodWorks online slide show presentation Structural Design of Modular Construction Demystified describes unique structural design considerations and constraints associated with modular projects, including load transfer, interfacing with manufacturers, construction sequence coordination, and third-party structural inspections. (PDF)
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