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Basics & Theory

JLC: How One Builder Does Panelizing Of Houses
Journal of Light Construction article explains how one builder uses technology to efficiently produce distinctive custom homes off site. (PDF) Free Registration Required

Solutions For Wood: Video Comparing Prefab & Stick Frame
Solutions For Wood provides video from FP Innovations, Forintek Canada Wood Products research Institute, showing a side by side comparison of two Alberta home building projects, one with stick framing and the other with panelized components. Select video from bottom of list of videos.

US HUD: Overview Of Panelized Wall Systems
US Department of Housing and Urban Development bulletin on panelized wall systems covers design, fabrication and Installation. (PDF)

WBDG: Off-Site & Modular Construction Explained
Whole Building Design Guide describes features and benefits of off-site and modular construction.
Industry Information

Constructech: Manufactured Housing, a Green Alternative
Constructech says developers are increasingly meeting the demand for sustainable, cost-effective apartments by building on a factory floor. The prefab panel construction approach has been a growing market for a decade and, according to reports, will continue to impact the residential marketplace well into the next decade.

US HUD: Potential Advantages Of Advanced Panelization Systems
US Department Of Housing & Urban Development report explores the potential advantages of panelization technologies with respect to labor skills, quality control, standardization, and economical engineering. 2002
Issues & Performance

BC Gov: Determining BC Code Compliance Of A277-Certified Buildings
BC Building and Safety Standards Branch bulletin B15-01 Determining Compliance of A277-Certified Buildings clarifies that the BC Building Code applies to factory-built buildings and components and discusses the factory certification procedure. It also offers information on how Code-compliance is verified as part of the certification procedure for factory-built buildings and components. (PDF)

JLC Forums: Thread On Preframed Walls
Journal of Light Construction forum thread has a number of Rough Framing forum participants discussing their experiences using panelized construction.

SBCI: Considerations For Contractors Using Wall Panels
Structural Building Components Industry checklist recommends things contractors should consider when ordering and installing panelized wall systems. (PDF)

US HUD: Design, Fabrication & Installation Of Panelized Walls
US Department of Housing & Urban Development outlines case studies entitled, Design, Fabrication, and Installation of Engineered Panelized Walls and says these wall systems offer affordability, quality, and structural safety of housing. (PDF)

WoodWorks: Advantages Of Wall Panelizing In Mid-Rise Wood Construction
WoodWorks online slide show presentation on advantages of wall panelizing in mid-rise wood construction covers what panelizing is, benefits to utilizing wall panelizing, how BIM modeling plays a key role in its use, and how wall panelizing can be used on future projects. (PDF)

WoodWorks: Off Site Wood Construction
WoodWorks online slide show presentation describes the unique design and construction techniques associated with pre-fabricated and off-site panelized wood systems. (PDF)
Product Supply

US HUD: Tool To Evaluate Installation Of Panel Systems
US Department of Housing and Urban Development report compares dimensional tolerance levels when making panel connections during site assembly of concrete systems, metal systems, structural insulated panels (SIP) and wood open-wall systems. The criteria enable builders to determine the skill level needed to install the particular systems. (PDF)
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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