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Basics & Theory

Builders Websource: Understanding Insulated Concrete Forms
Builders Websource technical brief covers ICF introduction, definition, types, advantages, industry resistance, electrical & plumbing, additional considerations, performance characteristics, and links to more resources & manufacturers.

Building Science: Features & Benefits Of ICF Wall Construction
Building Science describes features and benefits of ICF wall construction including thermal control, durability, buildability, cost, material use, and scoring compared to other wall systems.

PCA: Overview Of Insulating Concrete Forms
Portland Cement Association provides overview of ICF system types, components, features, benefits, tips, links to more resources, and list of producers and suppliers.

PCA: Plastic Foams For Concrete Homes
Portland Cement Association describes types, features and benefits if ICF systems for homes.
Industry Sectors

ICFMA: Insulating Concrete Forms Manufacturers Association
Insulating Concrete Forms Manufacturers Association (ICFMA) is the North American non-profit trade association for the Insulated Concrete Form industry and was founded in 2014 by a dedicated group of manufacturers with the interest of improving the quality and acceptance of Insulated Concrete Form construction. The mission of the ICFMA is to promote and enhance the social, environmental and economic value of insulating concrete forms in the North American marketplace.
Information Sources

Green Building Talk: ICF Industry Discussion Forums
Green Building Talk site offers forums covering ICF questions & answers, and products.

ICF Builder: Industry Magazine
ICF Builder Insulating Concrete Forms industry magazine has articles, projects, problems & solutions, house plans, how-to information, and more.

ICF Homes: US Insulated Concrete Form Builders Network
ICF Homes a US network of independent businesses and individuals with expertise in the ICF Industry working to deliver support to those with interest in the ICF Industry.

ICFMA: Resource Site For Insulated Concrete Forms
Insulating Concrete Forms Manufacturers Association (ICFMA) offers information on why to use ICF's, building with ICF's, designing with ICF's and other resources.
Issues & Performance

BC Housing: ICF Field Testing Report
BC Housing provides ICF online Field Testing Report which summarizes a study in which ICF wall assembly details are developed, constructed and thermal performance evaluated through full-scale field testing. The aim of this study is to develop standard construction procedures with water and air penetration resistance levels comparable or better than conventional building systems. (PDF)

BC Housing: ICF Wall Assembly Testing & Modeling
BC Housing research report ICF Wall Testing and Modeling, Lab Testing Report provides the findings of lab testing and thermal performance modeling of six ICF wall assemblies. Phase 1 of this project identified that insulated concrete form ICF walls were found to be both water and airtight. However, conventional detailing of the window to wall interface was identified as a weak point in the system with respect to air and water tightness. (PDF)

CMHC: Thermal Performance Of ICF Walls In Multi Family
CMHC research report on Monitored Thermal Performance of ICF Walls in Multi Unit Residential Buildings says Insulating concrete forms used in MURBs provide respectable thermal resistance, minimized thermal bridging and airtight construction. The report provides quantitative performance monitoring data and analysis on ICF walls that highlight the benefits of this construction system. 2007 (PDF)

J of C: ICFs Have High Resistance To Air & Water Infiltration
Journal of Commerce says a report for BC Homeowner Protection Office and the BC Ready-Mixed Concrete Association shows that ICF cores exhibited a very high resistance to both air and water infiltration.

NRC: Field Energy Performance Of ICF Wall
Canadian National Research Council research report summarizes their study of field energy performance of an insulating concrete form (ICF) wall. (PDF)

GBA: Placing Concrete In ICF Foundation Walls
Green Building Advisor says to keep ICF walls plumb, don't skimp on the bracing.

ICF Builder: Panelizing Of ICFs
ICF Builder magazine article describes how panelizing of ICFs can save time, materials, and hassle.

ICFMA: Technical Articles On Insulated Concrete Forms
Insulating Concrete Forms Manufacturers Association (ICFMA) provides technical articles on Insulated Concrete Forms.

US DOE: ICFs Integrated With Mechanical Systems In Low-Load Homes
US Department of Energy report Insulated Concrete Form Walls Integrated With Mechanical Systems in a Cold Climate Test House says the much higher mass in the ICF wall influences heat transfer through the wall and affects how the heating and cooling system responds to changing outdoor conditions. This report analyzes a range of design features and component performance estimates in an effort to select practical, cost-effective solutions for high performance homes in a cold climate. (PDF)
Product Supply

ICF Homes: Product Comparison & Selection
ICF Homes a US Insulated Concrete Form Builders Network covers various ICF system types and components, and offers tips for selecting the right system for an application.
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