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Basics & Theory

CPCI: Precast Concrete Products & Systems
Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute explains precast concrete, including structural, architectural, hollow core, specialty products, guide specifications, certification, and construction details.
Industry Sectors

CPCI: Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute
Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute is the Canadian trade association of precast and prestressed concrete.
Issues & Performance

Building Science: Rain Control For High Performing Precast Concrete Building Enclosures
Building Science guide Rain Control For High Performing Precast Concrete Building Enclosures reviews requirements for high performance enclosures as they apply to precast concrete, with special emphasis on the control of rainwater penetration.

Construction Business: Sustainable Strategy For Precast Concrete
Construction Business says Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute has published an ISO compliant Life Cycle Assessment study of a five-storey precast concrete building. The study represents the cornerstone of the precast industry's sustainable strategy and its commitment to a sustainable future.

CPCI: Meeting & Exceeding Building Code Thermal Performance Requirements
Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute's guide Meeting and Exceeding Building Code Thermal Performance Requirements is a resource those in the early stages of designing a concrete building. (PDF)

ACI: Purchasable Guide For Precast Concrete Wall Panels
American Concrete Institute sells the Guide for Precast Concrete Wall Panels that presents recommendations for precast concrete wall panels. It discusses the basic principles of design, tolerances, and materials, as well as fabrication, installation, quality requirements and testing. $83 USD

CMHC: Best Practice Guide: Architectural Precast Concrete Walls
CMHC provides this best practice guide which is a fully illustrated summary of current information on architectural precast concrete and provides designers with an understanding of the product, recommended design details and site practices. The guide discusses the types of panels, manufacturing process, transport and installation and basic design considerations. (PDF)
Product Supply

US HUD: Tool To Evaluate Installation Of Panel Systems
US Department of Housing and Urban Development report compares dimensional tolerance levels when making panel connections during site assembly of concrete systems, metal systems, structural insulated panels (SIP) and wood open-wall systems. The criteria enable builders to determine the skill level needed to install the particular systems. (PDF)
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“Where the BC home building industry finds and shares information”

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