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Basics & Theory

Decks.com: Online Photo Search Of Different Deck Types
Decks.com offers you easily searchable pictures, provided by deck builders, showing different uses, styles, finishes, products, and components.
Industry Information

remodelingdeck.com - Residential Construction Industry's Largest National Event
Remodeling Show co-located with DeckExpo brings together residential remodeling and building professionals from all over the country to experience the hottest products, learn the newest building techniques, and build their professional reach through fun networking events. The in-depth education program includes hands-on training and business education through live building clinics, on-floor demonstrations, and conference sessions with industry experts. Connect with industry experts and learn new skills to elevate your craft.
Industry Sectors

NADRA: North American Decks & Railing Association
North American Deck and Railing Association provides a unified source for the professional development, promotion, growth, and sustenance of the deck and railing building industry in North America.
Information Sources

Best Deck Site: Online Deck Building Information
Best Deck Site provides detailed information on the entire deck building process, including plan & design, footings, ledger board, support beam, floor joists, stairs & rails, and more. They also offer a password area to access many more articles. $10 USD - 2 months

Decks.com: How-To Articles On Deck Buildings
Decks.com site provides a How-To section on deck building with tutorials, drawings, and videos on footing, ledgers, framing, decking, railings, stairs, lighting & features, porch & gazebos and maintenance.

Fine Homebuilding: Information & Resources For Building A Deck
Fine Homebuilding offers information and resources on deck design and construction. Some articles require site membership to view.

Fine Homebuilding: Online Videos On Building A Deck
Fine Homebuilding series of online videos provide step-by-step instructions on how to build a better deck.

GBA: Decks & Porches
Green Building Advisor provides information and resources on decks and porches, including their need to stand up to the weather.

HGTV Remodels: Articles & Photos On Decks
HGTV Remodels offers online articles & photos on deck products, design and construction.

Professional Deck Builder: Magazine For Deck Building Industry
Professional Deck Builder Magazine is the source of information for the deck, dock, and railing industry. Published bimonthly, Professional Deck Builder magazine educates and informs professional deck, dock, and railing builders with the latest news and trends; provides a venue for manufacturers and suppliers to reach key buyers; and contributes to the growth and professionalism of the industry.
Issues & Performance

Deck Magazine: Common Deck Stair Defects
Professional Deck Builder magazine says to build deck stairs according to best practices rather than code to protect your customers and avoid liability.

Fine Homebuilding: Why Decks Fall Down
Fine Homebuilding identifies five common reasons for deck failure and provides solutions based on the American Wood Council's alternative deck code. (PDF)

GBA: Green Deck Guide
Green Building Advisor describes how you can build a deck to be less wasteful and more durable by not over-engineering it, using recycled or sustainable materials, and making sure that it doesn't rot your house at the connection. They offer information and resources including construction details, green product listings, in-depth how-to advice, and a green tip sheet.

JLC: 4 Warning Signs of an Unsafe Deck
Journal of Light Construction says more than 20 million decks may be at risk due to age and subpar construction.

JLC: Fireproof Deck Board
Journal of Light Construction Q & A offers tips on products that can be used as fireproof deck boards.

JLC: Nail Stains & Mahogany Decking
Journal of Light Construction describes possible causes and solutions for stains around stainless steel deck fasteners.

NADRA: Consumer Checklist For Safety Of Decks
North American Deck and Railing Association 10-point checklist helps home owners evaluate the safety and condition of their decks. (PDF)

Window & Balcony Safety: Canadian Safety Program
Partners Promoting Window and Balcony Safety, a Canadian program to raise awareness about risks associated with windows, balconies & decks, provides information and education for safe use of these areas of a home.

AWA: Free Prescriptive Residential Deck Construction Guide
American Wood Council free DCA 6: The Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide, offers a trusted reference to understanding the 2012 International Residential Code.

AWC: Prescriptive Guide For Residential Deck Construction
American Wood Council online Prescriptive Residential Deck Design Guide provides details, span tables, guardrail requirements and other provisions for constructing a residential deck in accordance with the International Residential Code. The guide also contains recommended good practices for deck construction that are not specifically code requirements. (PDF)

BC Housing: Maintaining Decks & Balconies
BC Housing bulletin on decks & balconies covers information on necessary steps for proper inspection & maintenance, care of membranes, guardrails, guardwalls, drains, gutters, soffits and vents. It includes a practical checklist for maintenance, suggested actions, and who should be involved. (PDF)

Building Science: All Decked Out With Proper Balconies
Building Science report All Decked Out says we are adding balconies to everything and people are forgetting that balconies are more than decoration but also have to function. And when we get it wrong it can be catastrophic. It focuses on wood balconies due to their popularity and because they tend to get done wrong more often than concrete and steel balconies.

Building Science: Decks Are Roofs You Can Walk On
Building Science describes how a deck is pretty much an unvented roof that you walk on. We drain and drain again, provide drainage gaps, slope to drains and add insulation on the top. If we can't add insulation on the top, we insulate from underneath. When we insulate from underneath, we follow the International Residential Code (IRC) provisions for unvented roofs. Open cell, closed cell, vapor retarders, air impermeable. It is all there. (PDF)

CWC: Prescriptive Residential Exterior Wood Deck Span Guide
Canadian Wood Council online Prescriptive Residential Exterior Wood Deck Span Guide includes span tables for incised or not incised deck joists and built up beams based on the CSA O86 and the National Building Code of Canada. (PDF)

Decks.com: Design Considerations When Designing A Deck
Decks.com provides 10 Tips For Designing A Great Deck which includes some tips and items to consider for creating a deck that serves the owners needs.

Decks: Online Calculator For Deck Floor Materials
Decks site provides online deck-board estimating tool for calculating material requirements.

Ecohome: 10 Tips For Building Better Decks
Ecohome offers 10 tips for material choices and construction techniques for decks that will last longer.

Fine Homebuilding: Deck Design Elements
Fine Homebuilding describes some essential factors to consider when designing a new deck so it fits the site and meets your needs.

Fine Homebuilding: Deck Footings Done Right
Fine Homebuilding says a proper footing hole is smooth, straight, and flat-bottomed; includes a footing form; and avoids these pitfalls. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: Framing A Deck With A Radius
Fine Homebuilding online video describes how to you make pressure-treated framing conform to a radius for a curved deck.

Fine Homebuilding: Guide to Deck Framing
Fine Homebuilding presents 11 Articles and Videos that show you how to build a deck that is safe, solid, and secure.

Fine Homebuilding: How To Build Deck & Shed Foundations
Fine Homebuilding online videos describe how to build deck and shed foundations.

Fine Homebuilding: Laying Out & Installing Joists
Fine Homebuilding article, with pictures, explains how to lay out and install joists, as well as including information on sizing and cantilevering, along with some pro tips. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: Top 10 Deck-Building Mistakes
Fine Homebuilding describes the top 10 deck-building mistakes and how to avoid them for a longer-lasting, safer deck.

GBA: How to Fix a Dangerous Deck
Green Building Advisor describes some serious reservations about an attached deck built over a steep embankment.

JLC: Installing Craftsman Porch Columns
Journal of Light Construction describes how to trim out a front porch using modern techniques to achieve an old-school aesthetic of craftsman columns.

JLC: Lumber Choices For Porch Floor
Journal of Light Construction describes lumber choices for porch floors.

JLC: Renewing Old Decking
Journal of Light Construction offers four pro tips on getting a new finish that your customers will love.

JLC: Rot-Resistant Deck Details
Journal of Light Construction describes construction details that can prolong a deck's useful life.

Morrison Hershfield: Point Supported Balconies
Morrison Hershfield shows how to reduce thermal bridging of balconies by more than 75% for your low carbon, zero energy and passive house projects.

NADRA: 2019 National Deck Competition Award Winners
North American Deck and Railing Association list their 2019 Industry Awards winners, that recognize and promote excellence in the outdoor living & decking industry.

Referwork: Deck Maintenance
Referwork describes how to perform manual deck maintenance, by surface type, and lists the supplies needed.

Wood Shop: Deck Designs For West Coast
West Coast deck builder Joe Wood's website offers ideas and inspiration for deck builders, including asian style designs using natural materials, a little traditional joinery, and western style construction techniques.

Woodworks: Building Enclosure Detailing for Balconies
Woodworks online slide show presentation describes issues and considerations for building enclosure detailing of balconies. (PDF)

YouTube: How To Build Deck Foundation
YouTube online video provides a detailed description of a post saddle installation for a deck.

YouTube: Online Video On Framing A Deck
YouTube online video demonstrates steps for framing a deck, and offers tips for quick assembly.
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