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Basics & Theory

APA: Overview Of APA Performance Rated I-Joists
Engineered Wood Association bulletin includes information on span ratings, installation details, cantilever designs, architectural specifications and engineering design properties for APA performance rated I-Joists. Free registration required.

JLC: Engineered Floor Rim Joists, Squash Blocks, Web Stiffeners
Journal of Light Construction online video explains rim joists, squash block precision, and web stiffeners.

JLC: Plywood vs OSB I-Joists
Journal of Light Construction article by wood technologist Paul Fisette explains that most I-joist manufacturers use OSB webbing because it provides superior structural performance.

Massachusetts Univ: Evolution Of Engineered Wood I-Joists
Massachusetts University article by Paul Fisette describes the evolution of engineered wood I-Joists including innovation, market data, performance, products, standardization, costs, and manufacturer contact information.

Remodeling TV: Overview Of I-Joist Engineered Floor Systems
Remodeling TV online video on engineered floor systems discusses I-joists and demonstrates what you need to remember when choosing engineered lumber for projects.
Industry Sectors

WIJMA: Wood I-Joist Manufacturers Association
Wood I-Joist Manufacturers Association is a North American non-profit organization representing manufacturers of prefabricated wood I-joists and structural composite lumber.
Information Sources

APA: Resource Site On I-Joists
Engineered Wood Association provides information on APA Performance Rated I-Joists, publications, product reports, and links to manufacturers. Free registration required to download documents.

WIJMA: Resource Site On Wood I-Joists
Wood I-Joist Manufacturers Association provides information on wood I-joist benefits, policies, publications, fire safety, events, design details, manufacturers, and links to more resources.

WIJMA: Technical Documents On Wood I-Joists
Wood I-Joist Manufacturers Association provides a number of design guidelines, policy positions, details, bulletins, links to more information, plus info on benefits and fire safety.
Issues & Performance

APA: Fire Protection Of Wood I-Joists Floors
Engineered Wood Association system report Fire Protection of Floors Constructed with Prefabricated Wood I-Joists provides several practical systems for design and construction of fire-resistant floor assemblies built with prefabricated wood I-joists.

CCMC: Fire Protection Options for Alternative Floor Joists in Houses
Canadian Construction Materials Centre bulletin describes revisions to CCMC evaluation reports to present information about fire protection options to Authorities Having Jurisdiction. (PDF)

APA: Builder Tips On I-Joist Blocking
Engineered Wood Association bulletin explains why I-joists benefit from being installed with blocking, blocking material composition, and installation details. Free site registration required.

APA: Construction Details For I-Joist Floors & Roofs
Engineered Wood Association online guide includes complete construction details for performance rated wood I-joists in floor and roof applications. 2004 (PDF)

APA: I-Joist Installation & Construction Details
Engineered Wood Association installation guide includes recommended construction details for I-joists in floor and roof applications, as well as details for cantilevers and web holes. Free site registration required.

APA: Wood I-Joist Floors & Radiant Heat Systems
Engineered Wood Association offers a free bulletin on APA Engineered Wood I-Joist Floors and Radiant Heat Systems. Free site registration required.

Builder Magazine: Run HVAC Duct Through Composite Lumber Beams
Builder Magazine says a leading engineered lumber manufacturer has come up with a solution that safely allows round beam holes of up to 10-1/2 inches in diameter for a 16-inch deep beam. Thatís more than five times the size of the standard 2-inch hole typically advised by manufacturers.

Construction Canada: Design Considerations in Engineered Wood Floor Systems
Construction Canada describes design considerations in engineered wood floor systems.

Fine Homebuilding: Floor-Framing Design
Fine Homebuilding describes how to design wooden I-joists to provide a good balance of strength, cost and ease of installation for floors.

JLC: Framing Floors With I-Joists
Journal of Light Construction article covers plan review, ordering, getting squeaks out, hangers, rim boards, cutting & handling, installation, and drilling & modifying. (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: Offsetting Bearing Walls With I-Joists
Journal of Light Construction article explains limits to offsetting a bearing wall from the first story bearing wall below, with wood I-joists.

JLC: Squash Blocks & Web Stiffeners For I-Joists
Journal of Light Construction explains the difference between squash blocks and web stiffeners, two reinforcing elements used in the load path of wood I-joist floor framing. (PDF) Free site registration required.

Pro Trade Craft: Designing & Framing Engineered Wood Floors
Pro Trade Craft online video describes best practices for designing and framing engineered wood floor systems.

Tools Of The Trade: Tips For Floor Framing With I-joists & LVL
Tools Of The Trade site provides tips for floor framing with I-joists and LVL, including beams & rim joists, storage & handling, cutting, blocking, stiffeners, safety, and more.

Weyerhaeuser: Kitchen Island Design Considerations
Weyerhaeuser describes how kitchen islands are a common source of homeowner frustration with respect to floor performance.
Product Supply

WIJMA: Members & Listing On Manufacturers Of Wood I-Joists
Wood I-Joist Manufacturers Association provides a listing, with contact information, on manufacturers of wood I-joists.
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