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Basics & Theory

APA: Overview Of APA Performance Rated I-Joists
Engineered Wood Association bulletin includes information on span ratings, installation details, cantilever designs, architectural specifications and engineering design properties for APA performance rated I-Joists. Free registration required.

JLC: Engineered Floor Rim Joists, Squash Blocks, Web Stiffeners
Journal of Light Construction online video explains rim joists, squash block precision, and web stiffeners.

JLC: Plywood vs OSB I-Joists
Journal of Light Construction article by wood technologist Paul Fisette explains that most I-joist manufacturers use OSB webbing because it provides superior structural performance.

Massachusetts Univ: Evolution Of Engineered Wood I-Joists
Massachusetts University article by Paul Fisette describes the evolution of engineered wood I-Joists including innovation, market data, performance, products, standardization, costs, and manufacturer contact information.

Remodeling TV: Overview Of I-Joist Engineered Floor Systems
Remodeling TV online video on engineered floor systems discusses I-joists and demonstrates what you need to remember when choosing engineered lumber for projects.
Industry Sectors

WIJMA: Wood I-Joist Manufacturers Association
Wood I-Joist Manufacturers Association is a North American non-profit organization representing manufacturers of prefabricated wood I-joists and structural composite lumber.
Information Sources

APA: Resource Site On I-Joists
Engineered Wood Association provides information on APA Performance Rated I-Joists, publications, product reports, and links to manufacturers. Free registration required to download documents.

WIJMA: Resource Site On Wood I-Joists
Wood I-Joist Manufacturers Association provides information on wood I-joist benefits, policies, publications, fire safety, events, design details, manufacturers, and links to more resources.

WIJMA: Technical Documents On Wood I-Joists
Wood I-Joist Manufacturers Association provides a number of design guidelines, policy positions, details, bulletins, links to more information, plus info on benefits and fire safety.
Issues & Performance

APA: Fire Protection Of Wood I-Joists Floors
Engineered Wood Association system report Fire Protection of Floors Constructed with Prefabricated Wood I-Joists provides several practical systems for design and construction of fire-resistant floor assemblies built with prefabricated wood I-joists.

APA: Builder Tips On I-Joist Blocking
Engineered Wood Association bulletin explains why I-joists benefit from being installed with blocking, blocking material composition, and installation details. Free site registration required.

APA: Construction Details For I-Joist Floors & Roofs
Engineered Wood Association online guide includes complete construction details for performance rated wood I-joists in floor and roof applications. 2004 (PDF)

APA: I-Joist Installation & Construction Details
Engineered Wood Association installation guide includes recommended construction details for I-joists in floor and roof applications, as well as details for cantilevers and web holes. Free site registration required.

APA: Wood I-Joist Floors & Radiant Heat Systems
Engineered Wood Association offers a free bulletin on APA Engineered Wood I-Joist Floors and Radiant Heat Systems. Free site registration required.

Builder Magazine: Run HVAC Duct Through Composite Lumber Beams
Builder Magazine says a leading engineered lumber manufacturer has come up with a solution that safely allows round beam holes of up to 10-1/2 inches in diameter for a 16-inch deep beam. Thatís more than five times the size of the standard 2-inch hole typically advised by manufacturers.

Construction Canada: Design Considerations in Engineered Wood Floor Systems
Construction Canada describes design considerations in engineered wood floor systems.

Fine Homebuilding: Floor-Framing Design
Fine Homebuilding describes how to design wooden I-joists to provide a good balance of strength, cost and ease of installation for floors.

JLC: Framing Floors With I-Joists
Journal of Light Construction article covers plan review, ordering, getting squeaks out, hangers, rim boards, cutting & handling, installation, and drilling & modifying. (PDF) Free Registration Required

JLC: Offsetting Bearing Walls With I-Joists
Journal of Light Construction article explains limits to offsetting a bearing wall from the first story bearing wall below, with wood I-joists.

JLC: Squash Blocks & Web Stiffeners For I-Joists
Journal of Light Construction explains the difference between squash blocks and web stiffeners, two reinforcing elements used in the load path of wood I-joist floor framing. (PDF) Free site registration required.

Pro Trade Craft: Designing & Framing Engineered Wood Floors
Pro Trade Craft online video describes best practices for designing and framing engineered wood floor systems.

Tools Of The Trade: Tips For Floor Framing With I-joists & LVL
Tools Of The Trade site provides tips for floor framing with I-joists and LVL, including beams & rim joists, storage & handling, cutting, blocking, stiffeners, safety, and more.

Weyerhaeuser: Kitchen Island Design Considerations
Weyerhaeuser describes how kitchen islands are a common source of homeowner frustration with respect to floor performance.
Product Supply

WIJMA: Members & Listing On Manufacturers Of Wood I-Joists
Wood I-Joist Manufacturers Association provides a listing, with contact information, on manufacturers of wood I-joists.
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