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Basics & Theory

Hancock Joist: Glossary Of Joist & Structural Terms
Hancock Joist, a US manufacturer of steel joists, provides an alphabetical glossary of joist and structural terms.

US HUD: Rehab Guide Volume 5: Partitions, Ceilings, Floors, and Stairs
US Department Of Housing & Urban Development online guide covers new products and practices for floors & ceilings, sheathing & subflooring, underlayments, finished floors, and finish materials for walls and ceilings. 1999 (PDF)
Education & Training

Xactware: Purchasable Online Course On Floor Framing & Beams
Xactware industry education site offers online ILX Construction Training course on framing and beams includes sections on main floor support systems, connectors, beam terminology, and beam support: $35 USD
Information Sources

Fine Homebuilding: Free & Purchasable Articles On Floors & Coverings
Fine Homebuilding has free and purchasable articles on floors and coverings.

JLC: Free & Paid Articles On Framing Floors
Journal of Light Construction offers free and purchasable articles on floor framing, cantilevers, floor trusses, and sills, plus discussion forums and questions & answers.
Issues & Performance

APA: Acoustic Performance of All-Wood Floor Systems
Engineered Wood Association online Acoustic Performance of All-Wood Floor Systems describes the results of a series of acoustic tests that APA conducted for code compliance of all-wood floor systems based on sound transmission (STC) and impact insulation class (ICC) ratings. Free site registration required.

APA: Causes & Solutions For Floor Squeaks
Engineered Wood Associations technical bulletin outlines 12 different possible causes of floor squeaks, and suggests methods for solution and prevention of each. Free registration required (PDF)

APA: Steps To Constructing Squeak Free Floor System
Engineered Wood Association tips sheet describes steps to constructing a solid, squeak free floor system. (PDF)

AWC: Links To Reports On Floor Vibration
American Wood Council provides links to reports on floor vibration.

BKL: Use Of Resilient Channel & Two Layers Gypsum
BKL Consultants technical bulletin discusses the acceptable use of resilient channel in floor assemblies with two layers of gypsum wallboard. 2004 (PDF)

BSSC: Seismic Considerations For Floor Construction
US Building Seismic Safety Council provides online guide to wood-framed and slab-on-grade floor construction with seismic considerations. (PDF)

CMHC: Optimizing Impact Sound Insulation In Steel Framed Floors
CMHC report discusses improvement of impact sound insulation in residential buildings for steel-frame floors with different floating concrete slabs and ceiling types. 2000 (PDF)

CSG Network: Sound Attenuation Estimator
CSG Network provides online calculator to estimate the sound insulation performance of different floor systems.

Fine Homebuilding: 6 Ways To Stiffen A Bouncy Floor
Fine Homebuilding describes the six methods to reduce the bounce in floors. (PDF)

Fine Homebuilding: Squeak-Free Subfloor Installation
Fine Homebuilding says use the right adhesives, fasteners, and techniques to ensure that finished floors are quiet and solid.

IRC: Causes & Solutions To Floor Vibration
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction digest covers nature of floor vibrations, how they affect people and structural safety, guidelines for design and for correcting unsatisfactory floors, and vibrations of footbridges. (PDF)

IRC: Control Of Floor Vibrations
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction report describes causes and solutions to dealing with excessive floor vibrations.

IRC: Controlling Impact Sound Through Floors In Multi Family
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction presents guidelines to describe how to control transmission of impact sound through concrete-slab and wood-joist floor systems in multi-family. (PDF)

IRC: Fire Resistance Of Floor Assemblies In Multi-Family
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction technical bulletin describes how various factors affect the fire resistance of floors in multi-family dwellings. (PDF)

IRC: Fire Resistance Of Lightweight Construction Walls
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction paper covers effects of design parameters on the fire resistance of assemblies including: gypsum board options, insulation, resilient channels, studs & framing, and load. 2004 (PDF)

IRC: Fire Resistance Of Wood Joists Floor Assemblies
Canadian Institute for Research in Construction paper presents factors that affect fire resistance performance of lightweight, wood-frame, unrestrained floor assemblies protected with Type X gypsum board ceiling finishes. Fire resistance experiments were conducted on 22 full-scale, load-bearing, wood joist floor assemblies. Parameters investigated included: gypsum board screw spacing from board edges, insulation type and installation, joist spacing and depth, resilient channel installation and spacing, sub-floor topping, number of sub-floor layers, and load magnitude. (PDF)

JLC: Dealing With Creaky Subflooring
Journal of Light Construction describes soundproofing techniques that might help if re-fastening the subflooring isn't feasible.

JLC: Fix Floor Squeaks Without Removing Carpet
Journal of Light Construction Q & A describes how to fix a squeaky floor without taking up the rug to get to the subfloor.

WoodWorks: Methods For Checking Floor Vibration
WoodWorks describes some methods for checking floor vibration of light-frame wood structures.

Ainsworth: Solid Subfloors & Tips To Reduce Callbacks
Ainsworth Engineered provides eight back-to-basics subflooring strategies to ensure durability, strength and fewer callbacks.

APA: Engineered Wood Floor Systems for Canada
Engineered Wood Association bulletin Engineered Wood Floor Systems for Canada provides specification recommendations for plywood and OSB floor systems, the APA Glued Floor System, and installation recommendations for panel subflooring and underlayment. Free site registration required.

AWC: Online Span Calculator For Joists & Rafters
American Wood Council provides an online calculator for spans of joists and rafters, based on wood species, size, grade, member type, deflection limit, spacing, exterior exposure, live load, and dead load.

Builder Magazine: 9 Common Sub-Floor Installation Mistakes
Builder Magazine says from tight spacing to improper fasteners, simple sub-floor errors can lead to callbacks. Here�s a best-practice refresher.

Building Science: Insulating Floors Above Crawlspaces
Building Science insight describes problems with simply installing batt insulation in floor joists above crawlspaces, and recommends several methods that work well. (PDF)

Building Science: Warm Floors & Thermal Performance
Building Science discusses issues and considerations for constructing warm floors over unheated spaces.

CI: Insulating & Airsealing Floor Above Garage With Spray Foam
Construction Instruction online video shows how to insulate and air seal a floor above a garage with spray foam.

Construction Canada: Design Considerations in Engineered Wood Floor Systems
Construction Canada describes design considerations in engineered wood floor systems.

CWTA: Spans For Decking Joists Beams & Trusses
Canadian Wood Truss Association provides a listing of typical span capabilities for decking, joists, beams, and trusses, along with some design considerations and info on structural design standards.

Energy Vanguard: 3 Problems With Fiberglass Batt Insulation In Floors
Energy Vanguard describes three problems with fiberglass batt insulation in floors, including batts falling down, batts not in contact with subfloor, and batts compressed.

Fine Homebuilding: Fixing Broken Floor Joist
Fine Homebuilding article gives tips on how to fix a broken floor joist.

Fine Homebuilding: Framing Floors
Fine Homebuilding online video takes you through the floor framing process, showing you practical ways to organize tasks, streamline procedures, and handle tools and materials efficiently.

Fine Homebuilding: How To Repair Butchered Floor Joist
Fine Homebuilding describes how to repair a butchered floor joist.

Fine Homebuilding: The Perfect Floor Next to Kitchen Islands
Fine Homebuilding says kitchen islands are a common source of homeowner frustration with respect to floor performance. Since many countertops are stone, it is often assumed the supporting floor joist system was not designed properly to account for the heavy counter surface. However, this may not be the case.

GBA: Insulating An Exposed Floor
Green Building Advisor describes issues and options for insulating exposed floors.

JLC: Beefing Up Attic Joists For Living Space
Journal of Light Construction explains how to achieve the strength and stiffness you want when doubling up the floor joists in an existing attic, without disturbing the occupied space below.

JLC: Calculating Live Loads
Journal of Light Construction describes the best way to calculate live loads for floor framing in a house.

JLC: Correcting Sagging Joists
Journal of Light Construction describes how to straighten out and support a sagging floor joist.

JLC: Floor Framing Trouble Spots
Journal of Light Construction says when you're laying out floor framing, you need good support for all spans and all bearing walls. But if you're also careful with changes in load, spans, and direction, you can avoid a lot of headaches.

JLC: Framing Floors Above A Garage
Journal of Light Construction describes four options for framing the floors for rooms above the garage.

LSU: Insulating Raised Floors & Open Crawlspaces
Louisiana University describes how to insulate and air seal pier and open crawlspace foundation systems. (PDF)

Mike Holmes: Foam Insulation In Floor Of Cold Bonus Room Above Garage
Mike Holmes online video describes how and why to install spray foam in the floor over an unheated garage.

SFPA: Floor Framing & Connections
US Southern Forest Products Association site on raised floor living with crawlspaces provides an overview of floor framing and connections, including fasteners & connections, sill plates, sill beams, beams & girders, floor joists, notching & boring of joists, subflooring, floor openings, support of partitions, and framing details.

TTMAC: Floor Assembly Testing To ASTM Standards
Terrazzo Tile & Marble Association of Canada has a Universal Type Floor Tester for carrying out test for an ASTM C-627 designation to verify suitability of a flooring system for a particular type of installation.
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